I am a Big Bird!

Pictures: Chipmunk gets told off!

“Hey look here at me, do you see how huge a bird I am?”

“And these are my seed, Chipmunk!”

Moved into the heat: Well I have gotten moved, I am out of the cooler area and in the hot weather now …., however I am hooked up to electric and the AC is going. I have not run it in the last two or three years and it is not as strong as I hope it would be but on the other hand I have just started it and I let it get pretty warm in the RV before I started. The next few days will be mid 90s so just a little warm for me. I am hoping that after two or three weeks it will cool enough to go back to boon-docking.

I am now near Truth or Consequences. Last night I stopped in Datil Well campground and stay over night. I can get internet in Datil but I need to set up my Internet antenna and did not think I wanted to just for one night, plus I started out late yesterday and it was late afternoon when I pull in. I visit with other campers for a while and then hit the bed early.

Just for the record this is a new spot for me although near others(within 10 or 12 miles maybe) that I have stayed at. The Truth or Consequences area has 4 State Park Campgrounds you can stay at all within 15 or so miles from Truth or Consequences.

Night Folks

Just another day

Another day: Another day come and gone and each one comes and goes by faster it feels. The first half of life you are always wishing for things to hurry up and happen …. the second half of life you are always wishing things would slow down and happen later ❗

Exercise: Another walk this morning. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.21mi, time: 50:25, pace: 22:48min/mi, speed: 2.63mi/h.

Pictures: Nuthatcher, Red-breasted
Nuthatcher Red-breasted photo RBN9.jpg

Nuthatcher, White-breasted
Nuthatcher White-breasted photo WhitebreastedNuthatcher.jpg

Night folks