Ocotillo Cactus

Pictures: Ocotillo Cactus about to bloom.

Cactus Ocotillo 5_7D2_210316

Cactus 3_7D2_210316

WordPress Likes: The “like’s”still don’t like me. When using my WordPress reader I still can’t get it to show all my likes on a post, it’ll show the first 10 or 12 but that is it. I have always used my WordPress app to Reciprocate with my likes from my post and now I can’t see them now 😠 I use Firefox on the computer and the WordPress site editor, but I have it lock down so tight with plugins that I don’t use it to Explore my likes, beside it takes far too many clicks in Firefox to get to my friends sites when I’m looking at a bunch. So …… For now I’m just using the reader to do likes by looking at all my follows, post and it takes more time to do that and I may miss folks that have dropped by and give me a like 😦

Hopefully, WordPress will fix it or I’ll figure it out!

Night folks