Thinking on it

Pictures: Old pictures or something new? I don’t have any new shots for today yet but it is only noon, so maybe …..

Okay new, just a couple of things around the RV.

Cactus Bloom.
Castus 6-7D2-220616

Painted Brush.
Painted Brush 8-7D2-220616

Action: Well I kind of miss all the goings with my friend but I am enjoying the slower pace too. Not many people in the Area (RV wise, 3 total, 4 with me) and I have met and talk with them all. The nearest Rig to me is a good 500 feet, much better than the RV park 😉 I even kind of wish that I was little closer to one or two for security reason, like if I leave for a while there would be some folks around. I feel like I could leave and not worry about anything but safe is better than sorry.

Thinking: Thinking on how long I will stay here. Although my RV is set up, my truck is still connected …. so we’ll see.

Night folks


Painted Brush

Pictures: A couple shots of the wild flower Painted Brush.

Painted Brush 20d_2308

Back-lite Ponated Brush 20d_2310

Night folks

Another slow day around the park

Bird: Pictures from a birding walk this morning. Here is yet another Canada Goose.

I think this one is a Yellow-breasted Chat, it was a very long shot.

And lastly, I believe this one is a Spotted Sandpiper, again a long shot.

There, enough birds for today. This is a great birding place.

Wild Flower: Painted Brush.

Night folks