Busy Times

Pictures: It is busy times high and low in Havasu, AZ. The area that my friend(Rick) and I were parked in was very busy over the Black Friday/Holiday weekend.

The sky was busy with Jets coming and going …


The Boon-docking area was busy with RVs coming and going too 🙂


Moved: This morning my friend(Rick) and I come back down south to a area near Parker. Things here are not so busy and the peace and quiet is much better. On the other side of things the only big store in the area is a Walmart but that is enough I think 🙂

Night Folks


Pictures: Yet more pictures from Cloudcroft, NM. Man that was a great birding place.
Another Western Bluebird.
Western Bluebird 20d_7998

Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Yellow-rumped Warbler 20d_8003

Parker : Took a trip to Parker,AZ today (nearest Walmart) and did some shopping for things at the big store. About 50 miles one way so it took most of my day to go, shop and return. Shouldn’t have to do that again for a while now.

Exercise: Just barely squeeze in 2 miles. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.56mi, time: 01:04:59, pace: 18:16min/mi, speed: 3.29mi/h.

Night folks

Turn in the weather

As expected! Last night the wind blew like mad and rock my RV a good bit, nothing new, but it has been a while since I felt the wind that hard. Unfortunately it brought the cold weather right in with it 😦   and it is still windy today too. I guess tonight will bring the really nippy cold air. The weatherman says in the 30s for tonight and maybe below freezing the next couple nights, not my kind of RVing weather, I’ll just fire up the heater and wait it out. Most all RVs have furnaces built-in but us boon-dockers don’t get to use them because they are such power hogs. Most dedicated boon-dockers have either a blue flame heater or one of the Catalytic heaters, I have the
Wave 8 Catalytic heater
and it will keep me pretty toasty during the cool snaps. Update 5:30 pm; The heater is running and it feels mighty good, I can see I will be burning a lot of propane over the next few days.

When using an open flame heater in a RV one must be sure to keep good air circulation in the RV because the area inside a RV is small and the air can deplete quickly, so a vent or a window must be partially open while the heater runs.

This morning I took a little trip over to Parker to do a little lot of shopping at Walmart. I am stocked up pretty good now and should not need another big store trip for a while now. Sure hope not after all the money I spent this morning! The cost of living is wearing me out 😦 as it is everyone.

Exercise has not happen today, the knee says “take it ease old dude!” So I am listen. Yes, yes, my body parts talk to me, LOL!  I did sneak in a little stretching today, nothing special but I am slowly starting back. Not sure how these colder days are going to go for my exercising, the cold don’t encourage me to get outside, but I am sure I will be out some. I like being out some each day and even more on other days, being out is good.

Tonight I am debating as to rather I will run heat all night or get the place nice and warm and then go off to bed with the heat off and pull on the cover. The latter is fine till it is time to get up, brrr! So I can see me now, jumping up in the morning and lighting the heater and jumping back into bed till the place warms up, LOL! I can feel the temperatures outside dropping as the evening wears on.

Night folks

Little road trip

We went into Parker, AZ today to do a little shopping at Walmart and take care of a little laundry too, got to do the chores you know.

Think I will take the day off from exercise today, or at least keep it to easy.

The weather today is nice, a bit overcast but it does feel nice out doors. The clouds are messing with my solar but that is OK, I keep my batteries in good shape and the like of full day’s charging will not be a problem.

Time for a new bird of the week and this week it is a Wilson’s Phalarope, I think I took this picture somewhere in NM.
Wilson's Phalarope photo CG2.jpg

That is all for today.

Night folks

PS, My throat is a little better today.

Off to Parker

Today my friend and I took a trip to Parker, AZ. Stop in Walmart and resupply a few things. So Parker had Walmart, fast foods, hardware store, RV and boat store and a few other things. Best of all it was not as near crowded as Q!

RV Repair

My pressure relief value  has started to leak over the last two day so I will have to replace it, it will cost me $20.00 or so and 15 minutes of my time. So not bad. Tomorrow I will go into Q and see if I can find one.


Not hardly enough to count but I did ride about 5 miles on the bike. Not a good place to ride a bike.

Night folks