More Petrified Forest

Pictures: Here is two more shots of the Petrified Forest area.
Petified Forest 20d 2_0361

Petrified Forest 20 d 2_0331

Exercise/Workout Summary: Here is my Summary for the month and today I only walk a mile 😦 Rain is keeping me in. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.03mi, time: 19:58, pace: 19:18min/mi, speed: 3.11mi/h.

Steps 130476
Workouts 20
Hours 18.79
Distance 58.99 miles
Calories 6573 Man, that is not many calories for that much walking 😦

Night folks

Lake Havasu

Pictures: I wanted to post a couple of shots this morning while I had time. This is an area they call the painted desert.
Painted Desert 20_1359

Logs laying around_415

Log2 20_1424

New Location: We took a pretty good ride today and made it to the BLM land just north of Lake Havasu, AZ. North of Lake Havasu, AZ

Exercise: I took me a walk after getting settle into my new location, about two miles. My Walk.

Weather : It is looking good here and the forecast is looking good too ❗ I love AZ in the winter 🙂

Night Folks

Ready set, gone

Wind and Cold: Getting up this morning I find the wind blowing and the cold reaching with its cold fingers. What a fine day to leave Grants 🙂 The only bad thing is driving in the wind. However if I want to get to the warm weather I will have to drive far …. at least to somewhere on highway 95 in AZ and I am not sure I want to go that far that fast. Maybe I’ll put up with a little cold for a day or two. We’ll see, when I talk with Barry this morning (who is in a RV park with his RV) we’ll make a plan …. of somewhat …. neither of us are big planner so no telling what we’ll do.

Note; My favorite weather app has become Bing Weather for the computer.

Them little Walmarts: This morning I got up about 6am and after cleaning up a bit I headed for Walmart door just to find it don’t open till 7am. I am not used to that. There are not many non-super Walmarts left that don’t stay open all night any more.

New Location: Petrified Forest gift shop. We came off I-40 and headed south on Petrified Forest Rd though the Petrified National Park and stop at all the major stopping places and we are now just outside the National Park at the private owned gift shops, south of the National Forest. There is a free place to park your RV for 3 or 4 days at the gift shop and it is surrounded by petrified tree parts, there is one just outside my door, no more than 10 feet away. Big pieces too.

Most likely we’ll just stay one night here, and then ….

Pictures: Bird of the week and story 🙂 My friend Barry was feeding this begging Raven pair in one of the stopping areas of the Petrified Forest and I was taken pictures when he said “hey if you birds act right you can be Bird of the Week” so … here are the Ravens that my friend Barry was feeding. The new birds of the week 😉
Raven pair_1382

So you will have an ideal of the size of some of the stuff we are seeing, here Barry is setting on a Petrified Log that is at least 50 feet long I would guess, and maybe 3 feet in diameter. That is a big Petrified tree ❗

Big Petrified log_1420

More pictures later on.

Night Folks


Some pictures: Here is what I call a hard-back chair ….. It is Petrifly o_O I took this shot at the gift shop of the Petrify Forrest in AZ. It was cool trying it out 🙂
Rock chair_0448

Here are some ruins at Chaco Canyon. This is a great place to see if you get near by.

Ever seen a Marmot up close? If not, all you have to do is walk up the the highest point in NM, which is Wheeler Peak these little guys are very friendly 🙂

Exercise: I rode the bike both today and yesterday, short rides but enough to call exercise.

Yesterday, I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 6.84mi, time: 36:40, pace: 5:22min/mi, speed: 11.19mi/h.

Today, I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 8.68mi, time: 40:37, pace: 4:41min/mi, speed: 12.82mi/h.

Night folks


Knocked some of the dust from my truck and RV today. I go get a load of water (about 25 gallons) and use it to wash things down now and then. Everything gets dusty out here in the desert, specially when the winds blow a lot and then there is a little bit of rain after, and that happens often out here in the desert. Mind you, I would not call either the truck or the RV clean but they are just a bit cleaner.

The area that I am parked in is starting to fill up a bit. I had read online that it could get kind of full here and it is. I talked with a few of the folks that have come in of late and I guess some stay here for much longer than the 14 day limit. It is a handy place to stay, near town and all but I would not like it to be over crowded, I don’t like an area too tight with people. Well, I had not plan to stay very long so all is well. It is always good to know where these places are just in case one needs a good place to stop into for a while. I have enjoyed my stay here and would stay again need be.

Petrified Forest, I did not post many pictures of the place when I went through seeing as I only stayed one night, so here are three shots I took inside and outside the gift shop where I spent the night. The table was maybe 4 feet across and just beautiful, the chair was full size and sat rather nice for a rock. Outside where lots and lots of petrified logs. I was told that these where some of the most colorful petrified logs there is. I know they really like their logs because they where asking many 1000s for just one! Things like the chair and table would be $30,000 +, wow!

Rock table_0439Rock chair_0448Rock logs_0451

Think I will get outside for a bit.

I did do just a little walking but not much on the exercise side of things, seeing as I took my camera and ended up watching birds more than anything else. It at least got me out of the RV, and that is good.

Man, the place has gotten busy today with half dozen RVs coming in. Kind of like “poof” and there they are. Hey, this is the southwest and it is Oct already, so this is to be expected.

Ok , enough nonsense for one day, later.

Moving slowly

I am at the south end of the Petrified Forest near Holbrook, AZ. I am at a gift shop just before the south entrance to the park. I will put up here for tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see.

I spent most of the day driving through the park and enjoyed looking at all the (now rock) trees. I stopped at most of the stops along the way and took my time.

I am glad that most of the day was spent driving slowly while looking at things, because it has been a very windy day, not good for traveling.

I took pictures and will post tomorrow.

I’m beat, Night.