So many broke links

Pictures: Yesterday while looking back in my blog at post from last year I seen some with broken links due to Photobucket’s changes and greed. They put this big ugly sticker where you images use to be so I thought that I would re-post my images and make theirs look a little better.
Here is a link to that post from last year.

They take your image out and put this in.

Here is my version of their image πŸ™‚

What do you think? I think this image fits their image much better πŸ™‚ $400.00 a year to hotlink *%#*&#%^ !!!!!!

Here are the images I replaced.

Orange Sulphur.

Ranting : Okay I feel better now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Weather: In comparison of most of the winter here, today is kind of cool, windy and dusty. A good day to stay in and chill …. and maybe do a little ranting!

Night Folks


Injured Crow

Pictures: This crow came around a good bit at my last camp site and always looked at me from it’s right eye, when I looked at the photos later I could see that it had been injured on the left side of it’s head at some point and maybe the eye too.



Injured Crow.

Exercise: My friend Barry and I walked for 3.6 miles today.

Photobucket: If I didn’t say so in my post about Photobucket, I have been using Flickr for the last 4 years but I have 6 years of post before that with lots of link using Photobucket. Anyways, all my latest post should be fine.
Oh, just for the fun of it put “Photobucket Sucks” in a google search and see that many agree with me πŸ™‚

Night Folks


Bird: I will bore you with yet another Cardinal and this one is another female.
Cardinal photo CarFVA.jpg

Here is a Butterfly on a flower that I like. Both these shots took a long time ago
 photo BF_Flower.jpg

Friends: A couple of my friends showed yesterday evening and it is so good to have old friends around πŸ™‚ My friends, Mickey and Sandra, link to Mickey blog on the right side of my blog.

Diet/Weight: I am in the process of changing my diet up a littleΒ  and hoping to keep my weight the same (or lower πŸ˜‰ )Β  I have been on the Atkins diet for about two years now but it is time to see if I can get my diet more normal. I am doing this by slowly adding a lot more vegetable and fruits while removing some of the meats.Β  So far I am holding my weight down and not adding anything  photo crossfingers.gif !

I am still fighting my soda pop habit (maybe tomorrow will be the first day back off the soda). I am drinking water like a mad man, about 2 gallons a day.

Night Folks


Kicking up the pace

Weather: Almost every morning is pants and sweater weather here, and that is what I expected. Today is windy too, making it feel even cooler. Hey, it really is not all that bad but I do like the T-shirt and shorts weather, because I’m a bit spoiled. πŸ˜›

Walk: The wind is cutting today so it made me kick up my pace a little 😯 I’m holding to short walk still, the knees ask it of me! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.36mi, time: 43:39, pace: 18:31min/mi, speed: 3.24mi/h.
Little faster this morning

Blogging with Android: Blogging with the nexus 7 to be more precise, has gotten to be fun and ease. About the only thing I don’t do with the Nexus is post my pictures. Neither of my mobile browsers(Firefox or Dolphin) interact well with the photo sites(Flickr or Photobucket). I’m going to play with Chrome a little today to see how that works.

Bird: Well the test of posting with Chrome is not much better than the other two browser, the way I see it. I can do it but it has it’s problems too. The bird is a American Avocet and I took this picture just a day out two ago.
American Avocet2_1037

Night folks

Moving Change

About moving: I had planned to move today but now I think I will not. I will stay here for a few more days.

Weight: I forgot to do that this morning. I near always do the weight thing first thing out of bed, but this morning found me thinking on other things and I forgot the weight. That thinking thing, is just hard on me, LOL!

Walk: Another short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi, time: 43:36, pace: 19:03min/mi, speed: 3.15mi/h.

Stretching: Last summer I stopped stretching and did not start back until about four months ago. I’m just now getting back most of my flexibility in my hamstrings. I can now reach my toes and a little lower now, and I think that is pretty good for an over 60 something dude that has a good bit of arthritis. The best part is that I think I can still gain a little more flexibility in my hamstrings and I like that ideal. I’ll keep working at it.

Blogging with a Device: For the last three or four days I have not used the computer for any of my blogging. With all the practice I’ve had this winter, I’ve gotten better at using the Nexus 7 for near all my blogging. About the only thing I have trouble doing is linking pictures from Photobucket and Flickr. Those two sites are too messy to deal with, but I’m working on it. It is kind of neat, all the things you can do with mobile devices.

Another couple of thoughts on mobile devices.
1. I think the absolute best app that has came out for mobile devices is the Swype Keyboard (and other keyboards like it, pretty sure the Swype keyboard was first).
2. The divide between computer and mobile devices has really narrowed down in the last couple of years.
3. My biggest fuss with mobile devices is that the apps are so damn nosy.

Night folks


Photobucket, that site keeps making me nuts, they just keep changing things around. It takes me longer when they do that, but I do eventually get it figured out. Of course what all this means is that it is time for a new Bird of the week. This week’s bird is one that I only seen once and that was in Pie town, NM. The bird is a Green-tailed Towhee.

Β  Click for a larger image, I was lucky to see this one, I may not see this bird again.

Exercise for today was a nice long walk at a fair pace and I got my stretching done when I got back too. I find that if I do my stretching right away it is more likely to get done, so I have been trying to do that.

I need to catch up on my emails, I have let them get behind again.

Took a little trip into Deming today and visit with a friend at the Low-Hi ranch and then went by Walmart to pick up a couple of things.

In about a week I will be moving to City of the Rocks State Park, I have never stayed there but I have been to the park. I think I will like it OK, the only bad thing is that it is about 20 miles or so from anywhere, maybe more not sure which city will be closer, Deming or Silver City. On Google maps it looks about the same. I will be boon-docking again too.

The weather today is pretty nice but as always here this time of the year there is lots of wind and the weather man says it will continue for a few days, just power for the course here around Deming. If you don’t mind the wind it is still a very nice day. The wind don’t bother me much, unless it gets so high that it is full of dust, I sure don’t care for the dust.

Have a nice day folks.


I keep messing up the code for Photobucket when doing the HTML code in my blog. Seems like I got to test it every time I post and then I have to rework it. I always get it like I want in the end, but it takes more time than it should. I did not have so much trouble with Photobucket till they updated it. Sometimes improvements are a pain in the back sideΒ  ❗

I got up early this morning and took my camera down to the Owl’s nest but the chicks where staying warm up under Mon this morning, so still no good shots of the chicks. Maybe I will try again tomorrow. I sure hope to get a few good ones before I leave this year.

My exercise for today was a bike ride of 10 miles and the short walk to the Owl’s nest and back, maybe 1 mile. I will add a little stretching later on today.Β  Update 3pm; I took another small bike ride down to Jack in the Box so I am up to about 15 miles on the bike.

Man it is hot out here today on the desert. Over 90 in the RV and outside ………..
 photo summer-animated-animation-weather-smiley-emoticon-000399-large.gifI have gotten out a little fan that I have and it is blowing away. Helps just a little. We will have about a week of this from what the weather man says.

Lots of internet trouble today. Later.