Pictures: Flock of Pinyon Jays. I took this shot while up in Blue Water Lake State Park. I would have from 5 to 25 Pinyon Jays at a time, never seen one come alone.


Chores: Yep, they where getting behind, but I am caught up now 🙂

Night Folks


Pinyon Jay

Pictures: I had a batch of Pinyon Jays come by the other day and snapped a few shots and did not notice the my flash was not firing (dead Batteries) so I had no fill light to fight the harsh sunlight. So … the post processing was a bit of a challenge for me.



Social: I am going to turn off my likes for now …. I will keep my comments open. I will still be visiting, liking and commenting on other folks blogs.

Post of Yesterday: I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, I spend the day in the city getting work done on the truck. Still needs more work done … that dang truck is going to put me in the poor house!!!!

Exercise: I walked 2.8 miles today.

Night Folks

Cat tails and Pinyon Jay

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of some Cat tails I took along the creek while walking. The young Pinyon Jay was near my RV one rainy day.


Cat-tail 7-7D2-240716

During a rain the other day I seen this young Pinyon Jay looking for a bite to eat.

Pinyon Jay 1-7D2-250716

Lens: Since getting my Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens, I have not use my Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Lens or my Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens. I would love to trade the last two to a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens and a Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens. Anybody want to trade???

Exercise: Rode the bike for 10 miles today.

Night folks

Got moved

Pictures: Here is a couple of shots of a Pinyon Jay, but I couldn’t get a good background and not very close either. I ran the ISO up some so Noise Reduction was used and I loss a little detail in the doings.

Pinyon Jay 2-7D2-210616

Pinyon Jay 3-7D2-210616

Changes: Pie Town is a very isolated little spot along highway 60 with a little camping area that has let camper stay for as long as they like over the years and many folks have spent their summer here. There is a sign now that says limit three nights stay. Is it enforced? Well I’m not sure if it is or not. I don’t much like going against posted sign at any rate.
Want to read more about Pie Town, (click if you do)?

Note: I would like to also note that not far east of Pie Town is the Very_Large_Array and this is where they watch for the little green guys 🙂 Just kidding …… Maybe!

Weather: It is hot here (about 90) but I can do that for a few days and it is not too bad with the door and windows all open.

Night folks

Not much happening

Morning Walk, soon: The morning it’s warning up nicely and I think I may be able to do shorts and T-shirt for my morning walk. My walk today will probably be about two miles, so say the knees.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.13mi, time: 43:06, pace: 20:14min/mi, speed: 2.97mi/h.  My Morning Walk

Workout Summary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/14/2014 – 04/20/2014
6 workouts
5 routes
19.8 miles
8.0 hours
2,379 kCal burned

Birds: Western Bluebird and A Pinyon Jay.
Western Bluebird_0992

Western Bluebird_0992

Night folks


Went for a short walk this morning with the camera and shot at a few birds and I caught this Juniper Titmouse. Yesterday afternoon I shot at the old buzzard flying above the lake. Click for larger images.


Tomorrow will be moving day for me. I will go to Gallup do a few chores (laundry, get propane tank filled) and then hang out at Walmart for the night. Over the last couple of days I have checked the tires on the RV, added some water to my house batteries and today I will do a few things to get ready for the road before leaving tomorrow .

I have most enjoyed my electric hook-up for the last three days, It will probably be months before I get to have that luxury again (this is of course by choice). The best part has been the opportunity to run the computers just as hard as they would go for the whole day long. The water heater, refrigerator and the seldom used microwave was nice to have on electric too. You know I don’t miss having these things on electric much when I am out boon-docking, like I have all summer, but I sure remember how nice they are when I get them for a while. Of course the refrigerator runs fine on propane too, but if you are on electric you don’t worry about running out.

I am hoping the next few days will have some good weather for traveling as I move west for a ways. Speaking of weather, last night was cool but seeing as I was hooked-up, I turned on a small electric heater and stayed plum toasty.

4:30pm; I added a nice brisk walk of maybe two miles to my day, felt good and made me tired! The walks that I start late in the day are the ones that make me feel tired, I don’t feel near as tired after walking in the morning. But this morning I didn’t walk, I only took a stroll, while birding.

Took one last birding walk and spotted some Pinyon Jays. Click to see lager images.

Good night folks, see you on the road!