A good old bad day is a coming

Brr, the mornings are starting to cool off a bit now and I will miss the warm mornings. Mind you, in a couple of hours the temperature will be right where I like it, but it sure is nice to get up to a day and put on your shorts and t-shirt and be set for the day. In the summer I seldom ware long pants or long sleeve shirts, but often in the winter I can’t get by with it, just too cool. OK enough old man weather talk πŸ˜‰

Soon it will be moving time, not sure where we’ll go to, but it won’t be far. My friend and I are kicking ideals around, and we think we got a plan, but with the two of us …………. you never know.

My friend’s inverter stopped working and we had to figure out what was up with it. Took us a try or two but I think we got it going. We’ll know in a day or two for sure.

Had a decent bike ride today, it was slow and easy but it was on an old sandy road and kind of had to be that way, but still it a nice ride. I got a Google “My Tracks” of it and I’ll post that if I can remember how.

Well shoot, Google tracks made a mess out of my tracks. I will put the link in, but it has too many lines, if you remove the two straight lines from the start/end point, you will pretty much have my tracks. Google, what are you doing? Here is the link, for what mess it is 😦  The next time I ride my bike, I will use an Android app called MapMyRide and see if it does any better.

One thing I would like to mention, tomorrow is my day to be bad bad bad on my diet! Once a month I have what I call a bad day and just damn well eat what I want and tomorrow will be that day for me πŸ™‚Β Β  I look forward to my bad day each month and I never have more than one bad day a month. I will have some biscuit and gravy to start, then some donuts, then there will be pizza and bread-sticks and lastly maybe I will top that off with some strawberry shortcake with lots of whip cream …………….Β  or we may just run into other bad food and just eat what we see! I have me a big time on my bad day! LOL. I often start these days with such plans but after a couple of treats, I call it good, but we’ll see because tomorrow is my bad day πŸ™‚

OK, this is the end of my day, so a good night to you folks.


Recovery Day

I am back to behaving myself, no bad foods today. Yesterday my total was; one big doughnut, one small order of fries, one small pizza, an order of cinnamon sticks and several small diet sodas. Wow, after a year of very little carbs, no sugar, and 2 months with no caffeine, yesterday’s bad eating frenzy had the blood sugar jumping around like a chicken that just had its head removed (might have to be a bit country, to understand the chicken thing), made me dizzy, hyper, exhausted, bloated feeling, hungry feeling all within a few hours of the day. I did not like the feeling my body went through, I did enjoy the taste of all the foods but surprisingly not the soda. I had one helluva sugar crash about noon, after the doughnut and soda and before the pizza, LOL.

OK, I had my bad day, now it is back to normal, today I will eat only meats/eggs (protein), no carbs today.

Exercise was a 11 miles on the bike this morning, at a slow pace and I may add a little walk later on. Update; I did do a mile or so walking, had to have a peep at the Owls.

Weather today is a bit cooler with overcast skies and that kind of feels nice, but I will miss my solar power. The weather man says a couple of these old cloudy days are to be. Could be a good day to run the generator for a little bit, not that I need the power, but I should exercise the generator and it would give me a chance to run the vacuΓΌm and maybe the desktop for a while.

Update; I did run the generator for an hour or two, did some cleaning and updated the desktop. I’ll add my stretching to the exercise side of things and be set for today on fitness. Also the sun is out, and it is now mostly sunny instead of mostly cloudy now.

Bad, Bad John

LOL, today I am being a very bad me. As you all know, I have been on the Atkins diet for a year now and today I am letting go ………. at least for today. I have had me a big old sweet sugar-coated doughnut and a small order of french fries, already. The doughnut is the first one that I have had in over a year now and the french fries are the first full order I have had since about 18 months ago. (I would steal one from a friend now and again when out eating, but only one, but today was a full order) Also today I am drinking soda pop, for today. The doughnut was about the best thing I ever tasted and the fries where good, but the pop not so much, I could have done without it I think. The day is young and it is anything goes day, as far food goes. I wonder how hard it will be tomorrow ❗  ❓  We’ll see πŸ˜•

Tomorrow I will go back to being good, I promise.

On the exercise front, I am kind of off for today on that too, somewhat anyway. I did ride my bike out this morning to do my bad eating and ended up with about 6 miles on it, and if I go out again it will be the bike that I take and not the truck. So exercise by default? One of the things I have thought about, on the bad food front, is a pizza ………… so maybe I will ride down to get me one later on. After all, I only get this one day. I don’t think I will have any more pop, the caffeine has about blown the top of my head off, I am jumping around like a frog! 2:30 pm, Update on food/exercise; I rode down to get me a pizza, the good, a total on the bike 10 miles, the bad ………. that pizza sure was good! Diet shot to hell for today.

Hey! Did I tell you how good my doughnut was this morning ROTFLMAO! OK,OK, no more food talk, I will be too busy eating πŸ˜€

I feel so stuffed, later 😯