Resting Today

Resting : Both my friend and I are older dudes and after fighting with the mounting of the tire carrier under the RV yesterday we are both dog out today, LOL. Age …. it is a bit of a challenge!!!

Pictures: Plainopepla and a Northern Flicker.



Weather: It is a rainy day today but it is not as cold as it has been over the past week.

All the above was for yesterday. 1/6/19
Ha shoot, I forgot to hit the Publish button yesterday, so I guess this will be yesterday’s and today’s post.

All the the below is for today. 1/7/19

Today My friend and I took the solar off the roof of his RV and it is sitting outside my rig waiting patiently to be put on my roof 🙂 There is 4 large panels(little over 1000 watts) that will go my rig and a 160 watt panel that I will sale. I also removed a small and large solar controller and breaker box today today. Tomorrow will be the 4 batteries and 3500 watt inverter/charger(100 amp) alone with its breakers. (at least I think that is is a 100 amp charger, I will have to look it up to see for sure)

Night Folks


Took a trip to Las Cruces today

Las Cruces: Today my friend had some appointments in Las Cruces(about 60 miles away) so I went with him and enjoyed a day of riding around and looking around the stores.

Pictures: Red tail Hawk and a Plainopepla.



Catching up: Folks it is going to take a while for me to catch up. Plus I will be very busy with other things.
My friend has sold me his very nice RV solar system and it all has to be taken off his rig and the solar panels will be put on my rig and the other components will be sold. A good bit of work to be done.

Night Folks

More Plainopepla

Pictures: A couple more shots of the Plainopepla.

Plainopepla 25_7D2_210316

Plainopepla 21_7D2_210316

Weather/Moving: I am starting to think about moving now and the weather is a big part of that, for sure. I will more than likely move north a little ways, not sure to where just yet. It is in the thinking bin!

Night folks

Bright sunshiny day

Bright sunshiny day it is here in Wellton,AZ ………. nice indeed. Last night it got very cool, with the high humidity we had going on, it made it seem even cooler. Lucky for me that is not the normal weather here. I like that I have gain 10° with my move west and not that bigger one either.

I have already gotten my first walk in my new location, maybe 3 miles. I may add some more later on, or maybe not.

Here is my new locations for those that would like a good boom-docking spot. I had better update the Locations of Pass Stops (top of page) and Where I am Now (on the right) link, before I forget.        La La La …………………… There, my blog is all updated! Good to get the chores done, LOL.

OK I think I will get out the Humming feeder and decide where I want to put it. Also time to get up and get some vitamin d going too!

Got my feeder out, took a short walk, did my stretching and got me some vitamin d, all and all a good way to close the day. On my walk today I watched for birds and I did see the Owls that I seem last year here but I did see a few other birds. I was happy to see the Phainopepla (both male and female), Mocking bird and Hummers. I will keep a watch and see what all is around.