Pictures: A mixed set.

On my bike ride yesterday I came across this pond, even though it is the rainy season here the pond isn’t much more than a mud hole.


Near the pond was this rough looking plant that had nice white blooms on it.


A sunset from a couple days ago, that lit the bottom of the clouds in red.


For tomorrow’s post I have a sunset from last night that I found to be very unique.

Weather: We got a little rain last night and maybe it was the clouds that made for the great sunset I enjoyed last night.

Mail: Today I went to the local post office to see if they would except general delivery and they had me fill out a card that ask for old and new address ….. well if I had a new address I wouldn’t need general delivery would I????? I felt like saying “here is your sign” but I was nice and explain that I was out in my RV enjoying the Nation Forest. Still, they wanted to know where I was in the RV so I give them a I-40 Exit #. Government rules, nuts!

Night folks