Late Post : I didn’t get my post done yesterday and only had it saved as a draft. I posted it just now so it will look like I didn’t post yesterday and posted twice today 😦

Studying Yesterday: Yesterday I was looking at Html and wondering about web publishing. When the internet was first getting started I build a couple of web site just for the fun of it and learn enough Html to play around a bit. So …. over the pass few days I have been looking over Html code again and man ………….. have things changed! LOL. I may do some more today.

Flickr/Yahoo Broken: I don’t know who made changes but something broke my Flickr/Yahoo. I was able to disable AdBlock Plus plug-in in Firefox to get things working again, So ……. either Flickr or AdBlock Plus one made changes and whichever one it was broke something. I am going to bet that it was something Yahoo did, but who knows?

Birds: My Humming Birds have slow down a little now, I guess they are heading south. They have been a ball to watch this summer. Anyways here are some more Hummers!

Female Rufous.
Rufous Female_1480

Black-Chinned Female.

Exercise: Today I have not did any hard stuff but I have rode around the park a few times.

Night folks


Length of Blog post

How long do you make a blog post? As anyone knows that reads my blog, my are a bit short and I guess I like them that way. Why you ask ……. Well as it turns out as a reader I tend not to read blog post that are too long 😦  , I like looking in on lots of blogs on the internet and spending a lot of time on one post is not what I want to do. About content, well I must admit my blog is kind of lean there, LOL to say the least! The truth be known I kind of write this blog for my own record, to be able to look back on now and again to see just what it is that I am doing out here in my RV life. Hopefully now-and-than I write something that others may find interesting, like ….. Yes, you can do a day trip down to the river and back in one day at the Grand Canyon, it might hurt like hell, but you can do it, if you do a fair amount of walking to start with or if you are young and in good shape, LOL. OK, I am getting a bit off subject here, but the point being, I guess even I don’t want to read long winded post of mine! I like people that speak/write short and to the point, so I try to be that way.

Since before I started RVing I have read George’s blog and he always kept his post short and wrote a little something everyday, and from seeing his blog the first time, I made my mind up that would be a good way to go. OK, there is a bit more to that …… The truth is I am not all that good at this writing stuff, so it is just easier 😉  Also it took me a few years to get to the point where I wrote everyday.

I took a trip to Lake Havasu City this morning, mainly to the post office after trying to call them for over an hour. When I got there I told them about trying to call and they informed me that they don’t take calls till 10am. Well I think, “maybe you could put that on the friggin answering machine, instead of having the phone give a busy signal?” I was nice and said nothing : shock:  Makes one wonder just what is happening in the minds of people that do things in odd ways like that.

Today is the first cloudy day for me in AZ, the other days have been so good I don’t mind a cloudy one! The weatherman says maybe 3 or 4 of these cloudy ones but that is OK, because I know that most of my winter days here in AZ will be sunny.

I decided to blow off exercise today and give the knees a rest, I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

OK, enough nonsense already, later.