Trip to Cortez

Pictures: More wild flowers … or weeds 🙂

Wild Flower 20d_2207

Wild Flower 20d_2191

City: Took me a ride into Cortez, CO today and I like the little city. I fill a propane tank and got some water for the RV and did a little shopping.

Exercise: I took me a long walk after getting back from the city, not sure how far but I’ll guess something over 5 miles. Didn’t go out with that size walk in mind, it just kind of happen :/

Night folks

Tree Monster

Pictures: A couple more from the walk last Sunday and these are just fun ones.

I call this one, Tree Monster 🙂
Tree monster _1728

I am not so sure about this petroglyph but our guide said it was 900 years old …… maybe.
Not sure .... _1732

Chores: Today is chores day, so off to city to do laundry, pick up propane and do some shopping.

Update; At about 2pm I have got all the chores done and now it is chill time 🙂

Night folks


Pictures: Saliva, I think…..
Salvia 20d _1205

Salvia _MG_6841

Workout Summary:

WEEK OF 02/08/2015 – 02/14/2015
Workouts 5
Hours 4.8
Distance 14.72
Calories 1642

Quartzsite: Took another trip into Q toady to get some propane and to have something to do. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to Blythe.

Night folks

Another move

Weather: It is cool this morning but not as bad as I thought it might be. It was about 50° in the RV this morning, cool but not cold. It was a fine night for sleeping last night with the cooler temperature. The night before I left Lake Havasu it was way too hot in the RV for a good night’s sleep, much better here.

Where to? : Not sure where I will go today. I had kind of planned to stop in Winslow, AZ at McHood park, but the place had a sign that said no overnight camping. Another good one shut down to overnight RVing. Well maybe it will come to me where to go to as the day goes on, I’m in no hurry. We’ll see.

Propane: One thing I intend to do today is get a propane tank filled and the valve changed on it. There is a propane place here in Gallup that is very reasonably price so I’ll stop by there at some point today.

Update: Before leaving Gallup this morning I did get my new valve installed and the tank fill with propane.

Here: The Walmart here in Gallup is a very convenient place to overnight with many near by stores, there is a Home Depot, Dollar tree, sports store, fast food places and others near by. I’ll look around a bit before leaving today.

Moved: I have moved to one of my favorite areas here in NM, near El Malpais National Monument . I have done my major move of the spring, and will not move this far again till the fall. From here to my volunteer job for the summer is not to far, about another 200 miles, and I’ll make that move sometimes in April.

Night folks

Short Subjects

Weight 185: Hanging at the same place, and that is better than going up but not as good as going down. So … my glass is neither half-full or half-empty, it is just half 😉

Exercise: No not today, yesterdays ride will hold me for two days 😛

Chores: Took a trip into Lake Havasu today, did my laundry, shopping, filled my water containers and I got a can of propane filled.

Believe it or not, I didn’t even make it to Walmart, not like me to go to the city and not go to Walmart 😯

Weather: Wind and warm, pretty much describes the day.

Bird:  Another Tufted Titmouse Shot, Same as yesterday, picture taken a long time ago in KY. For a little bigger image click on this picture to go to my Flickr page.
Tufted Titmouse_7770

Wow, my subjects have been short and to the point today, nothing more than a line a two at a time. Hey, a direct reflection of my attention span! LOL

Night folks

Out and about

Shopping today in Blythe, CA ,  picked up a few things I needed food wise, a can of propane and some water for the RV. I also picked up my mail today, out of 10 pieces of mail only two was of use. A lot of trees are sure wasted for advertisement/promotion mail, a true shame.

My friend Max came by and visited for a little while, always good to see friends.

Took a little walk this afternoon, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.15mi, time: 40:25, pace: 18:50min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.
Kind of a wimpy walk but a little something for exercise at least. The stretching was kind of wimpy too, but I did a little. When I exercise in the afternoon, I don’t seem to get as much into it as I do when exercising in the morning.

I some times get a little behind on my following up of comments and such but this evening I took a little time to get back to everyone, I hope I didn’t miss any of you 🙂

Night folks


Apps and battery power

Either the weather is a tad warmer or I am getting use to the cooler weather, either way it feels better today 🙂  It is warmer.

Tomorrow the host (Elaine) and I, have decided to take a walk and we are just going to wing it. It will more than likely be a nice long walk.

I hope that it is as nice tomorrow as today because I am loving the weather today. Haven’t even had to put on my sweater today. When I get back to Quartzsite I think I will pick up an extra propane tank, the weather is going to cool off far more than I like and I’ll be needing some heat 😦  Having an extra tank of propane on hand will be reassuring.

This area has many boon-docking opportunities, there is BLM land all around, not to mention the area I am in is nice too. I kind of like it here where I am best though, because the truck stop is handy to have around for little things and it gives me a place to go visited  and people watch now and then, just for something to do.

Today has been nice and sunny and I am glad to see it. My solar is purring alone just fine and the batteries are putting away the power for the evening. Just the way it should work out here in the wild west 🙂 where there is lots of sunshine.

About battery power and apps on your device/devices …… If you use any app that measures battery consumption use of other apps, it will worry you some that your favorite apps are the power eaters, LOL. For me it is avast and Beautiful Widgets(which may be kind of dated) that are sucking down lots of my battery, about 30% total. Of course, also in the top 4 are android’s own system software, one the keyboard (I do a lot of swiping on it 🙂  ) and two, is the system ui  itself. I could take out both Beautiful Widgets and avast but I like them both whether I need them or not, and I get by with my battery good enough. It is interesting to know these things though. Anybody know of a weather/clock app that does well on power consumption?  I am sure there are tons of clock apps that don’t use much power but the weather apps may use more seeing as they got to check in more often. However I am looking. LOL, this is what I do when I get too much time on my hands.

Okay, night folks.

New Bird

Here is the new Bird of the week, a day late, but at least, here this week. This is a Red-bellied Woodpecker and I took this picture in KY 6 or 7 years ago. Click the image to get a larger picture.

Today has been chore day for me, I hit the laundry mat and took one of my Propane tanks to be filled. The propane prices here are very reasonable but the laundry mat was costly, and as always the laundry mat is very time-consuming.

Weather for today has been very cloudy with only a little sunshine getting in. Still it has been a comfortable day.

My battery on this laptop is about useless anymore, it last about 2 hours at the most, but it never was a long-lasting battery. I guess this laptop is just a power sucker. This is an old Gateway laptop (17 inch) and they don’t make them anymore, this one has been a very good one over the years, I hope the next one I get is as good and as long as this one is running as well as it is now I won’t be looking.

I did get in a short walk for today’s exercise, 30 minutes or so.

Have a nice day folks, later.

My Location@12:35pm,6/11

My Location@12:35pm,6/11
1241 W Apache St, Farmington, NM 87401         At Walmart for an over-night stay.

The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.

On the move today! This morning my friend Sandra and I hit the road for a little trip to Farmington, NM  where we will do some shopping and over night in the Walmart.  Mickey, my other friend that I am running around with, will go off to Wyoming where she will be visiting family, and then join back up with us next Monday. Tomorrow Sandra and I will meet up with another friend, Barry. We took our sweet time on the way over and had a good trip, we will do the same tomorrow. We have to stop for a couple of things tomorrow, fuel for us both and propane for my friends RV.

I had a great time at Blue Water lake, and would recommend it to most RVers. Nice place to stay. If anyone is interested, you can find it in my past stops.

Little worried about our next location, as far as internet goes. My friend (Barry) is there now and every time he calls his phone drops out. Not good! I have my amp and antenna so maybe I will be OK. We’ll see.

Farmington’s Elevation is 5,395 ft and it is pretty dang warm here today, mid 90s! The elevation of where we are going is about 7000 feet and that will help with the temperature. That should be a good hint to our next location 😉

OK, I think I will get off the computer and catch some news, later.

Cold days

It is into a cold spell here in the Wellton desert but it is the time of year for it. I run my heater a little last night and again this morning, enough to get the chill off anyways. I had to go have one of my propane tanks filled this morning so I am all set for the cool evenings to come. The cost of propane here in Wellton is $2.80 a gal, not bad. Cost me $19.00 to fill my 30 lb tank.

Likes; I got a “like” to one of my post the yesterday and as always I go take a look-see at the liker’s blog and today I run into blogger that likes to find what I call heart-tugging story, so if you like that kind of story you should go take a look at this blog , Morning story and Dilbert. If one of the story on this blog don’t get a tear out of you …………. you just ain’t right! LOL. I really enjoy all the different kinds of blogs out in blogosphere. So many creative people out there, I wish I could be as creative as many others are. Me ………. I am one of the monkey see, monkey do kind of guys when it come to all that creative type thing, LOL. Hey, I keep trying, one of these days I might write something good. Maybe, I might, it could happen, you never know, anything possible, luck happens sometimes, I could hit the wrong key and it turn out to be good ………….. OK, OK, I am not going to win the lottery either so what the hell!!!! By the way, I just checked my lottery ticket ……………  😦     LOL.

Life is but a bowl of cherries all you have to do is pick from it …….. but watch out for them sour grapes! 

No soda pop today  🙂   Breaking them bad habits.

OK time to move, so I will go out doors and see what happen today. Back later.

And I am back 🙂   Exercise was a short walk 1.5 miles, a short upper body workout and a little hamstring stretching. I feel pretty good and my only fuss is that my knee feels a little funky, it’s going to need some time.

Back to the card reader thing, it turns out that I do need a new one. On a close inspection I found a bend pin on it  😦   So I will pick one up Friday when I go into Yuma. I hope it has not damage my card, well it not a very big card so it would not matter much.