Purple Finch

Pictures: Took these shots the first year I started photographing with a DSLR back in 05.

Purple Finch_3522

Purple Finch Male_5271

The Day: It has been a pretty fair day. The wind has pick up a bit this afternoon but the morning was pretty nice. Looking at the forecast I see good weather a-coming!

Night Folks

Thank You

Pictures: Purple Finch.

Purple Finch 20d_3332

Purple Finch 20d_5283

Blogging, A Thank You: Everyone got their stats from WordPress in the last few days and I see a lot of folks posting them. They are basically about hits on your site and my is about 30 hits a day. I see lots of blogs that have far more and a few that have less and I think about it all. I could do things to up my hits but it involves getting more social with things like Facebook, doing groups(like the rewards things that are designed to give you more hits) and other such things but in the end I think I prefer to keep my blog simple. The best thing about that is if I get busy doing other things I can just let the blog float along, also there is only a certain amount of time I want to spend blogging and not a lot more. (Note: To my readers, I will always try to post a little something everyday, this is the one thing I am commented to about this blog.) So popularity is not the biggest thing on my list when blogging. Mind you, it feels good to see the hits,likes and comments but it is not the biggest thing in life. Overall I like to keep my blog in a manner that is still fun to me and that is what I will do and let popularity take care of itself. Besides I’ve never been the popular guy so I don’t think I would know what to do with it if I had it!

And now for what this is all about anyways …….. With all this in mind I would like to say thanks to all the folks that do visit and interact with my meek little blog and I.


Going less: When I get set into a place and time goes by I seem to go less and less. I think if I was to move into a isolated place I might become a hermit ❗ LOL. Kidding aside, I have been going a little less of late, one thing is it cost to go, two, it is very time consuming and sometimes I like being a homebody.

Solar: Getting lots of good sunshine and I like that, still a little chilly but sunny 🙂 Boon-docking is always good as long as you got sunshine, all the other things can be managed, such as water, and heat. Power is always the tough one. I have one neighbor here that has a wind generator and I have often thought of getting one but the wind is not as consistent as the sun but it might be nice in addition to solar.

Exercise: A short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.14mi, time: 40:55, pace: 19:08min/mi, speed: 3.14mi/h.

Night folks