Pictures: Just a couple more sunsets, it’s all I got …. for now 🙂



Internet: My internet is acting up a bit now that all the visitors are coming in packs now. The Wireless towers take a pretty good lick every year about this time. Quartzsite, AZ is a town of about 2000 people but it can have as many as a million people visit in a years time with most of those folks coming in Jan and Feb, in their RV’s. Read more about Quartzsite, AZ here. At any rate it puts a load on the wireless towers and I can tell by the the way my MiFi device and phone behaves. Well, maybe that is right …… I am about 12 miles or so from Quartzsite and maybe I am on different towers but no matter, same effect because this area is busy too.

Exercise: Just my usual 2 miles.

Night folks

Long Break

Pictures: Couple of House Finches, some of the last I took while in Yuma.

House Finch 4_7D2_240116

House Finch 1_7D2_240116

Still in a slump: Not sure when I’ll get back at blogging everyday or if I will. I have not been doing much of nothing with any thing, computers, photographing or blogging. I just in one of those places where all I want to do is to chill out!!!

Moved: I have moved a couple of time since I last posted. I stayed one night in Quartzsite AZ and then moved west of Quartzsite a ways and will likely stay here for a while. The Yuma area was getting really crowded and I like a little more space. I had an RV move to within 20 feet from me in Yuma and that is a little closer then I like my neighbors. The area I’m in now is much better with the nearest RV being about 300 feet from me. And … I was a bit tired of Yuma and it was time to find a new front yard 😉 This area is a little bit away from things, stores and such, and I sometimes like being out away from things a bit. Mind you, I’m only 10 or 12 miles to a small city, ( Blythe, CA ) which has most of the things ones needs, about the only thing Blythe is missing is a Walmart. The nearest Walmart is about 60 miles or so away that is a good ways for me but for many western folks that is just down the road.

Night folks

Only a few more days

My stay here in Chiriaco, CA will soon be over and I think I will head back to Quartzsite, AZ for a while. I have very much enjoyed my stay here, even though it started off kind of bad with my solar panel accident. It was kind of bad luck leading into good luck, if you believe in all that luck kind of thing.

Today has been slow for me. I am not taking a walk today because I am thinking I’ll rest up a bit for a bigger walk. I’ll take that bigger walk tomorrow or Sunday, not sure just yet.

Yep, slow day. Today I have stayed close to the RV, I usually get out a little and talk to one or two of the neighbors but not today. I have those days where I just want to do nothing, not very often but now and then. Maybe you could call them non-social days? I am fine, no blues or nothing just want to stay to myself a little. I think everyone has a day like that yes?

Here is a shot from my walk yesterday and if you go to the set the last 9 are new pictures. Oh, this guy was 3 or 4 inches long, best guess.


Night folks

Quartzsite 2

This morning we got off to a good start with a 3.5 mile walk, good way to start a day. After returning from the walk I got busy doing a couple of things around the RV. I cleaned my solar panels and tilted them up in order to get a little more sun. I also checked my house batteries and added needed water.
ImageShields up! ………. err, I mean solar panels up 😯 That is my friend standing behind the RV, I think maybe he is texting one of his girlfriends, I’m not sure, looks like it, don’t you think?

I have a few pictures from around Quartzsite. All things are RV related around here and there are already so many venders and it is not even peak time yet. If you look at the streets now and then in January, they will swell up so much, the venders will be in ever possible hole there is and they are empty now compare to what will be later. Are you a rock-hound? If you are this is the place to come to, lots of rock related venders and shops. Here is a link to my Flickr pictures of Q. I will take some more pictures in the next few days.

Did I tell you I love the internet around here, LOL. 4G is my friend!

Hey, any of you folks out there gamers? If you are go here to Beer and Joysticks, all things game, can be found there. I am not a gamer myself but I like the gamers because they are usual computer geeks too, and can be very helpful. So if you like computer games at all, go give them a look see.

Night folks


We have move to the Quartzsite, AZ area, here is the location. If you do not know about Quartzsite, AZ you should Google it. Quartzsite is a little place that has maybe 3000 to 5000 people in it but in the winter about January to February it goes up to about 500,000 people and they all come in their RVs. This is probably the most poplar RV place in the world. It is very interesting to say the least. There are many RV parks around but the desert around Quartzsite gets a lot of boon-dockers, there are many places you can park for two weeks, free. They all so have long-term visitors area(LTV) where you pay a one time fee of $180.00 for six months time (no hook-ups) just boon-docking.
HomeQ_0577Here is a shot of my home for the next week or so. I will take a few shots around Quartzsite in the next few days but it is not the busy place now that it will be in January. The best thing about the place compare to the last one (Gravel Pit, in Yuma) is that there is about no dust. Of course this is AZ and there is dust but nothing like in Yuma, this area is much better. My friend (Barry) who was having a really hard time with the dust, likes the place a lot, LOL.

On another good note I have 4G internet connection, very good phone service, and some good old TV 🙂

I think I will put out my Humming Feeder, just to see if any show up. There, the feeder is out.

OK, it is 5pm and time to get out for exercise, at least a little. Update about 6pm; I took a very small walk and I had walked a good bit earlier today looking around for a spot before parking, so the two together will count for some exercise.

Night Folks

Up Early

Yes I have gotten up early on this Sunday morning, about 5am. Why??? Beats me. Just one of them mornings that I happen to wake up and not get back to sleep. I went and did my laundry, seeing as I was up anyway.

The shift key on my laptop keyboard is sometime not working if I don’t hold it in just the right spot. Of course that spot is where I always reach for it.  I will just have to learn to reach for the center of the shift key and not the inner edge. They sure don’t make things to last any more do they? I will have to make do because I just can’t see one in the near future.

The weather is staying dry and dusty, it would be good to have a little rain to keep that dust down. Hey I am in the desert, so it should be dusty, I guess.

The folks are coming and going here in the boondocks. One left this morning and moved into town. He ask me to help him back in to a tight spot by a house and I did, we did very well with only one small pull forward and adjust. Two more came in to take his place and one of those got stuck in the loose sand. A neighbor came over with his 4 wheel drive and they got it the rig unstuck. Pretty lucky because if you call a toll truck they stick it to you around here.

Exercise is pretty much off today with it being Sunday but I did take a short walk. No stretching either, the back still smart a bit.

The show much be over in Quartzsite, AZ. I have seen maybe 10 RV come into the area over the past two days. 4 this afternoon. If you don’t know about the show in Quartzsite, AZ you should look it up on the net, it is a very interesting thing. Almost 1,000,000 people in RVs converge on Q (Quartzsite) every year and it is not a big town.