Pictures: Saliva, I think…..
Salvia 20d _1205

Salvia _MG_6841

Workout Summary:

WEEK OF 02/08/2015 – 02/14/2015
Workouts 5
Hours 4.8
Distance 14.72
Calories 1642

Quartzsite: Took another trip into Q toady to get some propane and to have something to do. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to Blythe.

Night folks

Blog, my and others

Pictures: Today I have more Woodpeckers but today’s Woodpeckers are Downy Woodpeckers.
Downy Woodpecker 20d_9379

This one was enjoying one of my home made feeders with suet in it.
Downy Woodpecker 20d_9462

Exercise: Another good walk today but my knees are starting to act up a bit and I may have to have a day(or two) off. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.39mi, time: 57:37, pace: 17:00min/mi, speed: 3.53mi/h.

Blogs: This winter I have made far more effort to be more active in the blogging community, as in other people’s blogs vs my own blog. I’m spending far more time in my blog reader than in my blog editor and that is a good thing I would think. I hope this is something I can continue to do this summer but I’ll be quite busy with my volunteering job. The first few years I blogged I never use the reader but I’m enjoying it greatly now. As I have wrote before I do like shorter post and I love photo blogs, but I do find exceptions.
Over the winter I’ve seen a good many followers come on broad with my blog and I thank and welcome everyone ☺

They’re here: Yep, all the RVers are here and Quartzsite is packed (I know because my neighbor goes in and he tells me) and from my past experience. Also the cell towers are taking a beating and I can tell from my internet connection that is not doing so well. It’ll be like this for the next two or three weeks and than things will slow down a bit and get back to normal.

Night folks

Long ride today

Blog: I don’t do a lot on the blog and when I drop pictures I just about don’t have a blog of late. I’m not a big talker even in person so just chatting about stuff is not my best thing. I don’t do a lot of exciting things at this time of my life so there is no big events to speak of. That pretty much leaves the little everyday things of life to blog about and being an older dude, that is not a lot! I guess the fact is that I have not been writing much of late (not that I ever did write a lot) but I use to write a little here and there. Maybe I am just getting lazier?

I kind of got out of putting as much time into the blog when I started my Volunteering last summer so I guess that has a bit to do with it to. Now I am hanging out with my friend Barry, and Barry is a goer and I go with, so we are always running the roads and that takes a good bit of time to, fun but time consuming. As a matter of fact I am off to do that now! Later

Ride: Wow, we rode till we where both wore out today. We rode to Bouse and then on to Quartzsite to goof off a while and then back, I’m beat. I pick up a couple of things for the RV while in Q and look at all the junk they have for RVs, made for a great day. Going down highway 95 is a nice drive form Havasu to Parker, some neat site seeing. I had never been to Bouse so it was neat to see that area too.

Next Location: I am starting to think on it. My friend is going to be taking his RV in for some repairs and it will be time for me to move. My friend and I will probably meet up again after he gets his RV fixed somewhere along the line. My next move could be just to the south of Lake Havasu, as far down as Quartzsite or somewhere in between, we’ll see.

Weather: Man, it is good! Enough said 🙂

Night folks

The Big Tent Event

As it gets nearer the time for the ” The Big Tent Event” in Quartzsite, this area (only 10 miles away) is picking up more RVs. The event is the last two weeks of January. For those of you who don’t know, the Big Tent Event is where they sat up a very large tent and then hundreds of RV vendors of all sorts set up inside (and outside) and sale their goods. About anything RV related can be found, and lots of other things too. At any rate all the RVers are starting to show up. This area is much less crowded than the Quartzsite area, but this one does get some spillover.

The knee …….. feels fine today 🙂 🙂 No matter, it did such a fine job yesterday, that I will be giving it a break today. Mind you, sometimes the second day after a hard walk is when the knee fusses the most but so far today it is doing well, considering I pushed the knee pretty hard on the walk I took yesterday.

Evernote (a app that I use a lot) took a fit on me and would not do a paste from the clipboard on my tablet. After a bit of reading on it and not finding others that had the same problem, I decided it was just me and my Evernote so I uninstalled and reinstalled …. problem fixed! I think sometimes you just need to scare the software into thinking you’re going to get rid of it, LOL! Seriously, I do think it’s a good idea to uninstall and reinstall software/apps after about 5 or 6 updates, and the most popular apps seem to get a lot of updates.

Night folks

Android 4.4.2 breaking my apps

Playing with the Nexus 7 this morning, still messing around with the Text To Speech thing. I never could get back the feature that I lost but I did add a new speech engine and voice that I like better. I added the Ivona text to speech app and the Ivona Kendra tts voice. I like the new voice better.

A little about the The Easy Text To Speech app. It will speak everything that is copied to the clipboard, which is handy for me when writing. It helps me catch misspelled words and typos. So this is great while at home because I am the only one that hears this, however I take my tablet out with me sometimes and I don’t really want everybody hearing everything I clip spoken out loud. Yes I can turn this off but I forget sometimes and then I have to do 3 or 4 clicks to get it off and by then everyone is looking at me and wondering what it is that I am doing. If you think about some of the things you cut and paste, you can see this might get interesting out in public, LOL. So the feature that I lost was a little icon that set in the notification bar that will let you stop the speech by quickly sliding down the notification bar and tapping the app’s (“ongoing notification” as it is called) nice, easy and fast. I miss that little feature 😦 Over all the Easy Text to Speech app is still one of my favorite tools on my tablet. I did email the developer and was responded to, they are looking into it.

I found another app broken by Android 4.4.2 😦  This one is App Ops Starter man I hope these apps get a fix. This app is not partly broken, it is down for the count!

More vendors are starting to set up around Quartzite now, still not the madness of January yet but it is starting. I will be here till the 21st of Dec and then I go somewhere for about 3 weeks or so before coming back for one last time this year. At the end of January I will go north a town or two for all of February and maybe a little of March, tentatively.

Today has been a much nicer day than the last couple and I do want to go for a walk ……… But I will not, the knee still needs time 😦 Hopefully the weather and knee will play nice together one day soon.

Night folks


It is cold this morning, as expected. This kind of weather makes me think about going to Mexico for the winter. The day is bright with lots of sunshine so at least it has a nice look to it 🙂  even if it does feel a bit chilly. Mind you folks, I know in the big picture this is not cold at all, but for here it is chilly.

I took a little stroll this morning and took some pictures while I was out. I added 10 photos to the Quartzsite set. They will be the first ones in the set till I add more.

If you go to the set you will see these pictures or just click them here  // Fiber, there is a fiber cable running through the area and I wish I could connect to it 🙂   // In walk7 picture you can see my RV // walk6 picture is some rocks on top a small hill that have lots of color to them //walk 4 and walk5 just fun to look at // Quartzsite, you can see Quartzsite in the center of the picture, it is not very big // walk3, again you can see my RV // walk2 and the looking up shots are just more fun.  //  Here is one of the looking up shots 😉
looking up_0742

The Saguaro Cactus, like the one above and below, are here in this area but not too many of the big ones like you may see in other parts of the state. The one above is here and is maybe 20 feet, the one below was taken in Maricopa and it was at least 40 feet high. They are kind of a neat plant and can be really big, up to 40 to 60 feet. I have been around the Maricopa County, AZ area where they are huge. The Cactus Wren just love them. This picture is a few years old that I took in Maricopa.

Hey, I was looking up then too 🙂  I am a birder sometimes and I like looking up!

Night folks




Tour of Q

A good friend of my (Mr M) give me a nice tour of Q and it will help me a great deal. I am glad that I know a few people who are around here, it helps a great deal. This is a very neat little place with  population of over a million now LOL!

Q is different to say the least …………. when you come into town the traffic is thick and can be anything from a 45 foot motor home to bicycle, oh and watch out for the 4 wheelers because they are street legal here or at least the local turn their heads to it because they are everywhere. If you have one they are a good way to get around and much easier to park, which can be hard to come by(parking that is). When you ride the roads around Q every area has something to do with RVs, RV parks, LTVA (Long term visiter Area), 14 day areas and over night areas. Many of these areas are free or very low-cost. There is RVs just everywhere you look for miles and miles. Most are just parked out in the open desert (like me). Flea market type layout out and I have never seen a bigger one. If you like rocks you will think you have dead and gone to heaven! About anything RV is here too.


Day off, too windy to ride and I am not up to walking.

Think I will get out and look about a little, near by that is.

Took a very short ride on the bike and talk with a friend.

Later John

It is almost hot

Yes it was up to 80º+ today, wow! The nights have been around 50º and all I can say is, prefect!

Hanging out

Today I went into town and hung out with friends, Looked at RV for sale and went to Walmart. The day was completely gone by the time I got back to the RV. Another fun day in Yuma.  Oh while at my friend’s house I pick up more fresh water so I should have a full tank when I get done putting it in the tank.


Looks like I will take off Thursday for Quartzsite. I will go dump my tank that morning and head out. Look forward to the change. I think my stay in Q will be 2 weeks and than back to Yuma.

Did not get in any exercise today, my knees needed the rest anyways. So Tomorrow will have to do.

Have a great night


Another beautiful day

Here in Yuma it is yet again another beautiful day for sure. I am enjoying the nicer weather so much.


Today I may get out and do a little caulking on the RV. A few places need to be redone. These old RVs are always needing work.

5:30 pm wow the day is gone. Had friends stop by for a few minutes and then I did the repairs on the RV took a short 3 mile ride on my bike and walk just a little. The day sure got gone fast.

I walk up on a little hill that is near where my RV is parked and it had a really nice view, so I ended up setting there for maybe 30 minutes, just enjoying the scene.


If I am going to see the big to-do in Quartzsite I guess I will have to move sometimes this week. Never been there so it should be interesting for me. I always enjoy looking at anything that is RV so it will be fun other than the tons of people. I have been told if it is RV, you can find it in Q!!!!

Have a good night folks