Pictures: Here is a couple of shots of a Dark-eyed Junco (Red-back) with a solid white tail, most just have white on the edge of the tail feathers.



Exercise: I walked about 3 miles this morning.

Weather: We had a big rain last night but it is drying out quickly and today it is beautiful 🙂

Night Folks


Wild Flowers

Pictures: More Wild Flowers.



Exercise: I walked 3 miles this morning. I dressed in sweatpants, sweatshirt and half can of OFF! That dress was surely a little warm for the walk this morning but it helped to keep the mosquitoes off.

Weather : The monsoons are still active and I can see and hear the thunder and lighting coming this way, so rain is likely.
We had a good rain, the mosquitoes are out!

Night Folks


Pictures: Wild Flowers.



Exercise : I walked 3 miles this morning.

Weather: I know it is a good thing to have all the rain this area can get but ….. I am a bit sick of all this rain! The mosquitoes are as thick as can be ….. and biting 🙁 !!!

Night Folks

Taking a Bath

Pictures: Couple of shots of the Mountain Chickadee taking a bath.

Splish-splash Mountain Chickadee taking a bath!


All Clean!


Exercise: I walked with Jeanne this morning and ended up with 4.2 miles.

Weather: We are getting rain almost everyday since about 10th of this month, good hard rains in this area too. The rain keeps it a bit muddy but given a day without rain or a day that it rains in the late afternoon, it will dry up.
Update to weather: It rain hard and long today, there is a lot of mud.

Night Folks