Rainbow in Soft Sunlight

Pictures: I took this shot a couple of years back and I can’t remember where but it looks like a nice place. I found this one deep in my files and I really like the light.


Weather: Well as I sit here today the wind is bring colder weather and the temperatures is going down today and the weekend looks like its is going to be chilly but Monday will start a warm up and next week looks nice. I just topped off my propane tanks so I’m ready for the cooler weekend!

Update: About 4 pm it started snowing here in Deming, it don’t do that a lot here but it is today. No problem, I’m burning the propane and I am toasty!

Night Folks


Rainbow and Sunset

Pictures: I seen this piece of Rainbow peeking out of the sky the other day so this is my version of bring it to life and here is another nice sunset at the RV park.



Weather: It one of them lazy days for sure, overcast and cooler than most days.

Night Folks

Wild Flowers 2

Pictures: Just couple more wild flowers.

The crops on these next two are so heavy that you can’t click and make them bigger.



Rainbow from yesterday evening, this is 10 shots stitched together and it has flaws! About 1/3 the way over from the right it bent my rainbow a bit, I had to try and clone in the upper right comer of the image and the left side is a bit darker than the right. I need to buy me a wide angle lens. At any rate it was a beautiful full double rainbow.


Exercise: I walked 3 miles today.
Update: After getting back from my walk this morning my friend (Barry) ask if I wanted to join him in a trip to Walnut Canyon National Park (Just east of Flagstaff, AZ), so we went, which added another 1.7 miles to my walking today. (Pictures later on)

Night Folks

Part of a Rainbow

Pictures: A little bit of a Rainbow, after the rain.


Weather: It has been fairly warm for this area and I thinking about moving higher but maybe it’ll cool off. We have not had any rain for a spell either.

Update; The afternoon has brought a good rain shower, which is good, except the area I am in is a muddy one when it rains. Lucky for me it will dry fast once the rain stops. Maybe the rain and the clouds will bring a nice sunset 🙂

Exercise: I rode for 10 miles on the bike today.

Night Folks

Rainbow and river

Pictures: Okay now that wild life park is done …… back to the plain Jane pictures? A rainbow and the Verda River.

Rainbow 15_7d1__020516

Verda River 25_7d1__050516

Weather: We had a little rain over the last two days and I am surprise we are getting as much rain as we are but it is a good thing for the area. I am wanting to move north a bit but I am not looking forward to cooler temperatures. Speaking of rain it is just now starting again, wow, lots of water in this area of the desert over the last week or so.

Night folks

Little move

Pictures: A rainbow from the rainy days last week and last night’s sunset.

Rainbow _20d_101015

Last nights sunset.
Sunset 12_20d_091015

Move: I moved about 15 or 20 miles today, just to a different area of the forest. On the good side of things this area is a cleaner area because it is not beside the interstate ( the last one was). Interstate exit seem to catch a lot of trash. Another good thing is I seem to have a few more TV station.

Night folks