Red Crossbill

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of a Red Crossbill that drop by for a few seeds. This one is a female, the male would be red with black wings.



Exercise: I walked for 3 miles today.

Night Folks


That good solar love

Sunny and Cool : It is a beautiful day and just a little chilly for here, but far better than most other places I might could be. Today the sun is giving me the solar love that I so crave …… and it feels good 🌞

Exercise: Another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.06mi, time: 38:47, pace: 18:52min/mi, speed: 3.18mi/h.

Pictures: Red Crossbill
Crossbill Red photo RedCrossbill.jpg

Coot photo cootw.jpg

Night folks