Black and Blue Birds

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Red-wing Blackbird and a Western Bluebird.

The Red-Wing Blackbird was a very long shot.

Bluebird resting on a DO NOT ENTER sign.

Night Folks

They are Watching

Pictures: A couple long shots of a squirrel and a Red-wing Blackbird.



Moving: I am on the move today but I am not going far. Into Grants to do laundry and shop (overnight at Walmart) and then off to a little park south of Grants a little ways.

Night Folks


Pictures: Red-Wing Blackbird, both very long shots, the first a heavy corp and the second one just long. Both of these are old pictures.

Redwing Black Bird 20d_2041

Redwing Blackbird 20d_3699

Painting : I was painting again today. The last two day have been very busy in the campground, being pretty much full the last two night. Seems like the campground is always busy on my days off and I still need to do the hosting thing, so I’m staying busy.

Night folks

Fair walking week

Exercise: Short but nice walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.27mi, time: 45:58, pace: 20:16min/mi, speed: 2.96mi/h.

WEEK OF 12/07/2014 – 12/13/2014
Workouts       6
Hours             6.86
Distance        20.15
Calories         2289

Pictures: Another Red Tail Hawk.
Red Tail Hawk photo IMG_9443.jpg

Red Wing Black Bird.
Red Wing Black Brid photo Red-Wing_9607_zps6a4cfbe4.jpg

Night folks