Acorn Woodpeckers

Pictures: Acorn Woodpeckers.



Weather: I am caught in a cool vs hot weather situation. I can stay here for a week more and have cooler temperatures mid 60 days and near 40 for some nights or go south a bit and have 90 days and 60 nights.

However, I am having trouble with my truck clutch again 😦 (hard to find good repair folks) and may have to move according to my repair needs.

Exercise: I got a walk(2 mile) in today the fist in three days. I went to the city one day and didn’t walk, the next day I didn’t walk because it rain all day and the the day before these two I just had a off day and only walked a mile, really slacked up 😦

Night folks


Day two of work

Today should be my last day of work for a while, hopefully. I would love 6 days off, it would give me time to get a few things done on the RV. Like check the air pressure in the tires and do a little greasing. Both are must do things before I hit the road. Also I still need to do some sealing on the side of the RV, the hot sun this summer took a toll on the sealing. I need to flush my fresh water tank too. Would not hurt to take a look at the roof and maybe do some touch up sealing on it.


I stayed busy yesterday afternoon here in the office and it made the day go by pretty fast, a good thing. I still hate the long 9 hour days. Almost 3 pm now and not much going on today.

It has gotten hot today, hotter than it should be. I understand a cold front is coming and so it looks like we will have a 20° change in temperature. Fun………. not. Oh no, I just look at the weather and it is even worst than I was thinking. Today is around 93° and by Wednesday the weather man is given 68° high and a low  34° . Man it is time to fly the coop! LOL