Pictures: I am sure that I have posted this shot back a couple of years ago or so but I like the colors(yellow, orange and blue) and the fire, so I will give it life again.
Hot air balloons are interesting, light weight material that looks like a cigarette burn would destroy it but they shoot a large steam of fire up inside it and it works beautifully. Mind you I know that the balloons are likely made of material that can deal with the heat and fire that it encounters, but just looking at it makes me wonder, LOL.


Exercise: Back to the short walk today, too much wind this morning for the bike ride.

Ride: My friend Barry wanted to take a ride to Las Cruces to pick up something for his RV so I went with. Something to do. We ended up going a little farther to Camping World so a round trip of somewhere near 150 miles, give or take.
Back east I could go to about any kind of store I wanted and not be gone much more than a couple of hours, not so out here in the west!

Night Folks

Getting out for a bit

Pictures: Today I have lizard pictures.

Lizard 2 7d_1979

Lizard 7d_1989

Friends : My friend (Barry) will be dropping by today and we’re going for ride south a little, maybe Pie Town. It’ll be good to be out of the park for a while.

Update; Had a great outing this morning with my old friend (Barry) and spent most of the afternoon with some new friends (Lee and Pia) here in the camp ground. A fine day 🙂

Night folks

Long ride today

Blog: I don’t do a lot on the blog and when I drop pictures I just about don’t have a blog of late. I’m not a big talker even in person so just chatting about stuff is not my best thing. I don’t do a lot of exciting things at this time of my life so there is no big events to speak of. That pretty much leaves the little everyday things of life to blog about and being an older dude, that is not a lot! I guess the fact is that I have not been writing much of late (not that I ever did write a lot) but I use to write a little here and there. Maybe I am just getting lazier?

I kind of got out of putting as much time into the blog when I started my Volunteering last summer so I guess that has a bit to do with it to. Now I am hanging out with my friend Barry, and Barry is a goer and I go with, so we are always running the roads and that takes a good bit of time to, fun but time consuming. As a matter of fact I am off to do that now! Later

Ride: Wow, we rode till we where both wore out today. We rode to Bouse and then on to Quartzsite to goof off a while and then back, I’m beat. I pick up a couple of things for the RV while in Q and look at all the junk they have for RVs, made for a great day. Going down highway 95 is a nice drive form Havasu to Parker, some neat site seeing. I had never been to Bouse so it was neat to see that area too.

Next Location: I am starting to think on it. My friend is going to be taking his RV in for some repairs and it will be time for me to move. My friend and I will probably meet up again after he gets his RV fixed somewhere along the line. My next move could be just to the south of Lake Havasu, as far down as Quartzsite or somewhere in between, we’ll see.

Weather: Man, it is good! Enough said 🙂

Night folks

Casamero Pueble

Exercise: I did maybe an hours work this morning so I’ll call that exercise.

Riding: This afternoon I went out riding around (on patrol checking out other BLM Area) and that was fun. Below I have some pictures of where I went.

Pictures: Casamero Pueble, A neat little area of some ruins with a great sandstone backdrop. As always click for the bigger picture.

Casamero Pueble_1280

Ruins in the foreground.
Casamero Pueble_1282
More pictures of the area tomorrow.

Here is another shot of the Canyon Towhee.
Canyon Towhee_4093

Night folks

New pictures

M9_0646Today I run the roads a bit and post process a few photos. I have added more shots of Joshua Tree and of the Patton museum just in front of where I am staying. Here is old Patton himself, and a link to the set with many pictures added. As for the running the roads part, I took a ride into Indio (30 miles or so) and did a little shopping.


That is about all for today, night folks.

Another running the roads day

My friend likes riding around and I enjoy going with. So for the last three days there has been lots of riding.

I did get Windows 8.1 updated in the desktop computer today. It may be a  long time before I get around to getting all the rough edges off the desktop install. I simply can’t run it on solar and so I don’t often run the desktop, so there is really no hurry. All the basic stuff seems to be working, good enough for now.

LOL, I got me a surprise when I turn the laptop back on this evening, many of my settings had sync across the two PCs, such as backgrounds and such. I have turned off many of the settings because I don’t want all my files syncing on my bandwidth. I will have to get back on the desktop and turn off some more syncing option, it takes a while to get things set up.(Well wait, if it is syncing it should see the settings that I have set on the laptop and make them to the desktop, mmmmm?) maybe?

Microsoft like all the other OS’s (Apple, Android) want you completely depended on them and if they can get us there them they can charge us a service. If and when that happens, is when I will be giving up computers, I will not pay a bunch of services and I think there are many others like me, it is just going to take the OS’s a while to see this. Or maybe they will just have to wait till all us old farts die off!

If you are setting up a Windows 8.1 machine be careful with it, because many of the syncing things are set to on by default. Especially if you are an RVer (or anyone) with limit bandwidth.

The syncing thing could be very handy for devices, such as phones and tablets and should I ever get one or both, then it may be good to have more syncing on. I could see wanting all my files on a tablet or a phone on all devices and computers, however I don’t see me wanting all my computer files on a tablet or a phone. I don’t have any Windows devices so I don’t know how all that works and don’t need to worry with it for now.

No exercise today.


P.S. Bird update. This picture was taken at Heron Lake in NM
Magpie black-billed photo magpieBlackbill_9375_zps2fc92548.jpg

Riding today

My friend went for a long ride today and I rode along. We went to Silver City, and a ways through the mountains, a good ride.

This morning I took a short walk of about two miles and that has been about it so far. Maybe later today I will walk some more. I did do a little stretching.

Weight;  As my readers may know I am on the Atkins Diet (Low Cab diet).  I have hit a milestone in my weight loss! Yes I have made the less than 200 lb mark and holding, for 4 days in a roll. Now if I can just hold on and continue down. But for now ………………..
PhotobucketIt has taken me near 3 months to drop the last 10 lbs. I had slacked up a little on the diet but still on it but just too far ahead of where I should have been in the stages of it. There are 4 stages to the diet and they are the Induction stage, OWL( On Going Weight loss), Pre-Maintenance and Maintenance.

Here is kind of the  ideal of the stages, one; the Induction stage get things going by adjust your body and losing water weight and starts you burning fat instill of carbs, this stag drops weight fast. Two; is the n Going Weight loss and helps you pick a spot where you eat just a little more cards but still lose a fair amount of weight as you go alone. Three; is Pre-Maintenance, this stage and is where you are still losing weight but slower and are near your goal. in this stag you eat more carbs to a point where as you are still losing but very slowly till reaching your goal. Four; Maintenance, this is where you are at the weight you want to be and holding! My problem was I got to testing things a little too hard, so I had to just cut back on some foods (ones that have more carbs). So for now I am still kind of in the induction stage but not fully, doing just a little OWL.

Goal; I have not put my goal in writing yet  …………. but today is the day I do that. I want to be 180 lbs or less. Today I weight in at 197 lbs. About 20 lbs to go. I started my dieting at 280 lbs in summer of 2011 by cutting out breads and potatoes and started the Adkins part in April of 2012. I keep on trying 🙂  .

New bird of the week posted.


About all I have done today is take a ride back one of the rock roads and it went on forever and got smaller as it went and I finally decide my truck was as far as I need to go. I sometime wish I had a dirt bike to ride the trails up here on this mountain, but that would be yet another cost, not going to happen.

You know I feel like I am living on he edge of financial  disaster and all I hear on the news is how prices are going to go up. I fear that my money is going to end before my needs are anymore, and the rich keep getting richer ………… OK, I won’t get started on it. LOL. Man I could go on here for hours. Oh wait …….. thinking about it, one much have some money to have a financial  disaster, so I guess that lets me out! On the serious side of things I think many low-end fixed incomes folks are in trouble. You hear a lot of talk about middle class but what you are not hearing is about the very poor, hard hit is an understatement for these folks. I think we are beginning  to see a third class citizen.

Me? I guess I live with more than the basic needs of life but I am starting to feel the pressure to get headed in the basic needs direction. You know, things like food and roof. As my father use to say, “damn the non-sense boy, put the food on the table and the rest be damn”

I have not gotten out to do any exercise today and I am not sure I will and if I do it will be short and sweet. My feet took a beaten yesterday on that long walk, ouch. In the end I may at least take a short one.

This afternoon I have fire up the generator and my desktop computer. I cannot believe all the updates that needed to be done, I am still doing them and I started at least 3 hours ago. That is nuts. Windows, Evernote, both Firefox and Thunderbird, Itumes  and the windows update needed 4 restarts, just nuts I tell you. Itunes is still going but I think I will stop it (don’t need that out here no way) and do it when I am somewhere with a faster connection to the internet.

Night folks.


We are getting us some rain. A good thing for sure. It is cool here on the mountain today with the rain. I should have put on long pants today brrrrr. I am so glad to be up here in the cooler weather. I bet it is hot down in the lower desert. Oh, looks like we are getting a little hell too, but not to big so far. The rain sounds good on the roof, hey, it may be time to take a nice nap. The rain is coming down really hard now, this is the hardest rain I have been in for a long time. Maybe it will wash all the dust off my RV. 🙂

With all the rain and weather, I may not be able to get on the internet today at all, but we will wait and see. Writing in a word processes for now.

My neighbor and I took a long ride in his truck and he show me around the country side a bit (he use to live in the area) and it was kind of nice to see where things are. Not a lot around here but lots of places to pull a RV off the road for a spell. All of these places are even farther out than this one(where I am now) with no phone or internet service at all, but it sure would be a lot of peace and quiet.

Well I got me a slow connection to the net at least. A little luck and the rain is slow down too. I may go to Cloudcroft and do my laundry later if the weather don’t get any better, nothing else to do.

In the big city of Cloudcroft (doing my laundry, since the rain was keeping me from doing anything else )and I now have a faster connection to the internet and I will do a few updates to the computer while I am here. Downloading LibreOffice now, it is a free open source office suite and seen to work pretty good. It is what I use to blog if I can’t post right away(when there is no internet connection). I have Microsoft office on my desktop but I only have freeware on the laptop, which I am using now.