Pictures: Been running the roads today so I had to go digging in the old folders for something to process and post today and that give us Song Sparrows.

Song Sparrow 20d_5339

Song Sparrow 20d_5250

Road running: I took a trip to Prescott, AZ today, had to do a little shopping and it was a good long trip and took a lot of the day.

Night folks

Road trips, coming soon

Road Trip, soon: Today is my Friday 🙂 I am off for two days now but still I will be busy. However my last day is Friday (real Friday) and than I will be off for about 6 months just to relax and chill out. Tomorrow will be my chores day and Wednesday I have an appointment with the VA in Albuquerque (little road trip), than back to work to close things out for this year. Than my friend and I will be off to parts unknown as of now, but we will be off, on a Big Road Trip!

Verizon: I finally got something from Verizon (message on my MiFi Device to give them a call) about my account and it looks like I will be able to keep my plan as is with only adding tax to it. So, it looks like my 20 gigs of data will be costing me about $100.00 a month for now. I am not sure how long that will last …. ? It will not be under contract so we will see. Good-bye Millenicom, it was a good run.

Pictures: Chipping Sparrow.
Chipping Sparrow photo Chip11.jpg
Mourning Dove.
Dove Mourning photo WebPD2.jpg

Night folks

Road trip coming

Weather: The mornings are certainly cooler now. The nights are starting to dip into the 30s now and that is cooler than I like but still tolerable. today the wind is blowing pretty good. Well I have just over a couple of weeks to go, so not much longer. I’ll leave here at the end of Oct and I’ll be looking for warmer places.

Road trip coming: I am starting to again think about my winter adventure that is about to start (got delay by couple of months o_O ) here in a couple of weeks. A friend and I are thinking about a direction to go (we know west overall but that is about it) maybe the Grand Canyon depending on the weather, or who knows?

Pictures: Birds it is, and here is a House Finch. The male House Finch usually only has red in his bright colors but now and then you will see one with some or all yellow in the brighter colors and this one has some yellow and red mixed.
Finch House photo olorfulHF2.jpg
This one is more the normal color but I think he is an old dude like me and is saying “Hee, what you say?”
Finch House photo WEBHFC.jpg

Night folks

New location

New Location: Feels good being on the road again 🙂 Here is my new parking spot for now. If you follow my blog you know it is a favorite spot of my, just a beautiful area. Great area to get out and do some walking and that will likely happen tomorrow.

The drive down was good, all went well. I got an early start this morning and took my time on the way down with many stops alone the way. I did hit a little traffic in Albuquerque because I hit the morning rush (about 8am or so) but it was not too bad. Still I was unhooked and set up by about noon, I got my favorite spot too :). There are 10 spot in the little area and there is only two of us here, nice! The weekend could bring in a few more folk, maybe.

Here I am all nested in 🙂

New spot_1129

nested in_1137

Broke Link: I had a broke link to my friends Blog(Nancy – Wish You Where Here) over on the right but it is working now give it a click and see what she is up to.

Solar: My solar is kicking, as things are charging up. I feel so much better with the new batteries that I put in last month vs the 7-year-old ones I had in before.

Night folks

Road trip

It is cool and windy today. My friend(Bruce) and I have plans to run the roads today, maybe up around the Parker area. It is not really cold but it is chilly, especially with the wind blowing as it is. Long pants and a sweater, for sure today.

Update 7pm: Big road trip for today, Parker and Lake Havasu, had a good time. I may have some pictures I will post in a day or so. We stop at the London Bridge which my friend had not seen and we stopped at the Parker Dan. More tomorrow.

No exercise today.

Night folks


I am back from SD and man I am tired! I drove straight up without staying over night anywhere and it took about 19 to 20 hours.  After I got there I stayed the night in a hotel slept for about 8 hours and then did what I had to do with driver license renewal and went to see the guys in the rocks (Mount Rushmore) and drove back in about 19 hours.  I am shot!

All went well the driver license thing took about 20 minutes and that was it. Getting there and back took about 2 full day with no sleep to speak of ………… well 8 hours maybe. I slept about 4 hours this morning and I am sure I will sleep like a dog tonight.

All so I had to call tech support this morning because my air-card is not working right. I have just now got it to stay connected for more than a minute or two. Maybe 5 to 10 in a roll now. The air-card is pissing me off.

Next week I will be busy getting things ready to go and working on the RV. No rest!! I am way too tried to do anything today. I will go to sleep tonight in a hurry I bet! Can’t miss two night sleep and not make up for it at my age. LOL

I will work this Saturday and Sunday be off 4 days and work Friday and Saturday and that should be the it, time to go …….. somewhere.

Just jumping around on subjects today! I have made two calls to the tech guys at Verizon and the last one told me that they have other people in the area fussing about the air-cards too(with same problem as I) , so maybe they will get something done!

Last long weekend, I hope

Well today I will pull my last day of the week. I am off Monday but I will have a lot to do. Tuesday I am on my way to SD. Once I am back I will work Saturday and Sunday of next weekend.

Not much time in the morning to blog. It will be that way for the next week I think, with the trip to SD and them two long work days. Tomorrow I will be busy to, and maybe working on the RV. It is always this way …….. everything always hits at once. A couple more weeks and I will be off doing something else.

The summer has passed  by and it is time for the winter RVing, soon off to Yuma. Maybe next year I will look at TX …… maybe. I would like to do some birding down that way. TX would end up being a lot more driving. Fuel cost is a killer, but who knows.


Well they did put the update out for the Thunderbolt but then they pull it back off the air! LOL these big companies are a joke anymore. I have it on my phone and it seem to be doing fine for me. It did have some bugs, one being the voice mail notification did not work which is not a bad thing for me seeing as I don’t get much voice mail. Not sure when they will get it done again and on the air. Tech is always interesting.

Time for work, later.

Busy day

I started out with a bike ride. When I got back I decided to check my transmission (standard) fluid level,but soon found out that I did have the right tool. So …….. I went to the shop next door and ask if they could check it and fill if needed (I had the fluid) and how much it would cost. They said $10.00 and I said OK. But as it turns out they neither had the right tool and mess around for an hour doing much of nothing and I finally told them I would just go find the tool I needed and do it myself and what did I own them? Well it was $10.00 for nothing! Service people way over rate themselves. You know I think I will go out and try to build some houses but only get to a lean-to and charge people for building the houses ……………… you think that will work????!!!

Anyway tomorrow morning I will try again. I will more than likely ride the bike again tomorrow too, because I work full days Saturday and Sunday, so I won’t have the time I usually do on Sunday to ride.

I will need to go shopping at Walmart later for the weekend food needs. My day is shot.


Next week is trip time. I will leave on Monday or Tuesday, not sure just yet. I hate to see the money go for the trip but look forward to doing something different. Hope all goes well …….. wish me luck.


Yes it is another day of chores. I have washed the truck and gotten a haircut, so at least I gotten something done. I need to do more but it can wait. Tomorrow I need to work on the truck a little, check and add oil to the transmission and rear end if needed.

Next week this time should find me somewhere way up the road, it will be road trip time. I am kicking in my mind as to rather I should go for staying one more day and see a thing or two while in SD.

Last night I got some good old gingerbread! (update the Android OS in my phone and the version of the update is named gingerbread) The update was a long time in coming.

I am tired today, so later.