Robin and Nuthatcher

Pictures: Here is a Robin and a White-breasted Nuthatcher.

Robin with a snack 🙂


This Nuthatcher was enjoying some suet from my suet feeder, which some critter stole in the night time ….. maybe a raccoon or something like that, all I know is that one morning it was gone, feeder and all 🙂


Got up to rain this morning so no exercise.

Night Folks

Robin having a bath

Pictures: This Robin likes to come by for a bath now and again, seem to enjoy itself 🙂

“The water is just right”


“Now I feel better 🙂 ”


Weather: the Weather has been good here in Pie town. Some days have been near 90 but I keep the RV door and window open and there is a little breeze most of the time so it is not to bad.

Exercise: I have not done much more than two miles a day but I am at least keeping that up.

Night folks

Chickadees and Robin

Pictures: Mountain Chickadee on my homemade Suet Feeder 🙂 I put feeder up like this and them put out some limbs and branches for the birds to land on to get my photos.
I picked up a Thistle Feeder today while in town, now if I can just get the Goldfinches to understand how it works!




City Chores: Wow, long day driving into the city and back, but I should be well supplied for a week or two now. On of the fellow camping here in the area went with me so that made the day go better and the long ride not so boring.

Exercise: A day off 🙂

Night folks

Still one visitor

Pictures: Still only one visitor and that the Robin 🙂 I am seeing more in the distance but they know not what it is it that they are seeing yet. Others I seen today, Mountain and Western Bluebirds and a Mountain Chickadee.

Update ; Still no picture but I have Gold Finches coming in for water now.

You can click on the images for a bigger pictures.
Robin 4-7D2-260616

Robin 1-7D2-260616

Weather: Still very good temperatures and we got just a little rain today.

Exercise: Today I walk a little maybe a mile and rode the bike for about 3, so a pretty lite day.

Night folks

Birds a coming

Pictures: I put up some feeders and even build a platform feeder out of some old wood laying around. While out and about and around the RV I have seen Tanager (Best guess Hepatic), Nuthatches(White-Breasted), a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, lots of Ravens and others I have not IDed. If I stay long, I think it will be a good birding area.

Feeder 7D1_3834

First customer was a Robin.
Robin 7D2_1565

Weather: It is gets better every day. The temperature are staying in the low 80s 🙂 Hey we even got a little rain last night but it has dry out fast today.

Night folks

Acorn Woodpecker and a Robin

Pictures: Frist thing I did when I got here was to go see if the Acorn Woodpecker were still occupying the tree they were in the fall when I stop here and was about to think that maybe they were not and was walking away when I look up and seen a head poking out 🙂

As always, click the images for the bigger pictures.
Peeping out.
Acorn Woodpecker 5-7D2-100516

Robin a2-7D2-100516

Moved: Today I moved north to a place near Flastaff, AZ. It will be colder here because the elevation is higher, about 6700 feet.

Night folks