LG Access rooted

Pictures: White wing Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove.

White-wing Dove 20d_8735

Eurasian Collared Dove 20d_1550

Email: It seems that my email has been particularly busy of late, ever have one of those time when it feels like your email is filling up way to fast? Most of it is stuff I want which is good, but sometimes I wonder if maybe I should opt out of a few things, LOL. I know that I should some of it because all I do is delete it anyways.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.63mi, time: 49:22, pace: 18:46min/mi, speed: 3.20mi/h.

Rooting : Yesterday I rooted my phone (the LG Access L31L) with the Towelroot app. It went well, the only thing about doing it this way that is bad is that the bootloader is still locked. Which is kind of bad because you can’t flash another rom or do a lot of other things that a custom recovery would let you do. Still I have root and that allows a lot to happen. For me the best thing is the “ops app” app which lets me control a good bit of what other apps do.

Night folks


About my new boon-docking spot, not the best but it’ll do for now. One, there are a few shady looking characters around; two, there is a good bit of trash lying around and three, the interstate is really close by. This morning I took a little ride and found what looks to me like a lot better spot, about 5 miles up the road. I may move there, but I may give this place a day or two to grow on me. Good points on this place is that it is near most things an RVer may need, water, dump, truck stop (truck stops have things that are handy) and a couple small stores. However 5 miles away is not to far away from such facilities, so the option of moving is at hand while still staying near where I want to be for now. For now I don’t know of much to see in the area. Bottom line, I would not recommend a stay here, unless you just need a place to stay, which I do till about the 15th of next month, however there are other options, which I may use.

Playing with new apps on the nexus 7 now that I am rooted. Greenify, ROM manager, ROM toolbox, Root Explorer and Titanium backup are some of my favorites. Mind you, this is not to say I know what I am doing with them, LOL, just playing :-). Another thing I have done is to regain my flash player, by side loading it. It was a hacked version, but it works πŸ˜‰ . Yep, if I was smart enough I would surely be a geek, LOL.

New bird. When I lived in a house I would put out bird feeders andΒ  the last place I lived the European Starlings would flock by the 1000s and if you had out a suet feeder they would clean it out in no time, so I would make these feeders where the bird had to hang upside down to eat and the birds I wanted to see where very good at it. Here is a Downy Woodpecker enjoying a meal.
 photo Dwood.jpg

I walked only a mile or so today and did a little stretching.

Night folks


I took the plunge and unlocked the Nexus 7, and I will root it later today. Just putting all my apps back on now and getting things set back up the way I like them. It seems to be running a little quicker now that everything has reinstall. Nothing like a factory reset for Android.

Update 30 minutes later; I am now rooted! Okay now back too getting things set up and adding some root apps πŸ™‚ .

I now have access to Google app ops, πŸ™‚ and a whole bunch of other goodies that being root allows. We’ll play more with the new stuff later. I have most everything back in place, such as apps and the like. Many things will just get done when I need to use whatever it is.
Took another small walk and I have an ice bag on the knee now.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.15mi, time: 42:14, pace: 19:40min/mi, speed: 3.05mi/h.
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Not sure how many these little walks I can take before the knee says no to them too. We’ll see. I did not do any stretching today been too busy playing with the tablet.

I put a few new pictures in my set at Flickr. Here is one of them and all the white rocks you see in the fore ground is common quartz. This evening had a nice red sunset.

Night folks

No (app ops starter)

Remember the other day when I spoke of my app (app ops starter)? Well don’t look like I will get that back without rooting. Here if a link about it. No app ops starter for me. I hope they bring it back, it is the one app that may cause me to root my tablet.

Took a short 2 mile walk, we’ll see how it goes on the knee. Had a little pain as I walked.
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.19mi, time: 49:56, pace: 22:48min/mi, speed: 2.63mi/h.
The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.

The day has slowly cooled off as the cooler temperatures are about to set in for the weekend. Boo, for colder weather 😦

Moving time is getting nearer, and I am still thinking I won’t go far. We’ll see. I may leave a day early, I am ready to go.

Night folks

Playing with the toys

Today I have read up on how to root my Nexus 7 and I may get it done later this evening. I have all the computer files and programs set up so all I like is a few things on the Nexus and I’ll be rooted. And I think all I need to do is to flash a new recovery software to the Nexus and add the superuser file and I’ll have it done.

The reason I decided to root it now is because when Google updated the other day it took out an app that I very much want (app ops start) and without being rooted I can’t get another program that does the same trick. After I get the Nexus rooted I will download another program, haven’t decided which one yet. You can look at the app on Google store if you want to see what it does, but basically what it does is to allow you to control the user permissions of your apps. For example a flash light app just has no need to use your contact list, and you can stop apps with silly permissions like that with control apps like mentioned above. In my mind this should have been a thing you could do from day one. Google on the other hand is about knowing more about you than your mother so it’s not a thing they would want us to have. Google is also okay with all their app makers knowing all things to. Lately there have been apps makers that have collected and sold info about their customers, just sad if you ask me 😦  . Such is …… the new electronic age!

Another reason to root now is that my Nexus is no longer under warranty so I can’t break the warranty by rooting it πŸ˜‰ I guess the bottom line here is I just like to play with my toys sometimes 😯 LOL.

The weather has been just the best today. The sunrise this morning was beautiful but I only watched from bed, to lazy to get up LOL.

No exercise for today, we will give the knee some more time ….

I did go out today and have my propane tank filled, the cost is running about $20.00 for a 30 pound tank here in Q.

I will have to leave here Saturday so I will have to get my fresh water tank topped off and get the laundry done before then. I don’t think I will go far but who knows?

Night folks