I will fill you in on yesterday events. I got on the road and decided to come over to Joshua Tree National Park and I am here (well almost) but I had a boo boo on the way. When I last put down my solar panels from being titled up to catch more sun light, I didn’t get the mounting bolts tight enough and the front mounts got lose and three of the panels flipped over on top of the RV. I was damn lucky they did not come off and end up on the interstate or worst yet stuck in someone’s windshield!

So the damage is …….. ! There are six places where the four solar panels mounted and four of those mounts where mess up, only the front two escaped damage . I have them made out of aluminum and it was bent up petty bad, I was able to straighten that out fairly well. When the panels flipped they tore two holes in the roof of the RV where the two center mounts are and this I have been able to patch. It busted one of the crank up vents in the bathroom and for this I will have to buy a new one, it needed replacing anyways. The holes in the roof where the worst of it, these will be patch over with half inch plywood (about a foot Square) then sealed and cover with roof sealant. For now, I have cover and seal them with some old plywood I found laying around the truck stop. I still need to bolt down the mounts, when this rain ever stops. After that I need to find something to temporarily cover the vent (for now it is duck tape) and I will be able to travel again. I will wait till I’m back in Quartzsite, in about two week, to get things back in shape/do the job right. In Quartzsite you can find anything you need for an RV.

Not a great day to work on the roof of the RV 😦 it is raining, very dark and overcast today, nothing good for either roof work or solar testing! Yesterday I did get the holes patched, so I am thankful for that much. I worry a little bit on it, because my fix is not for heavy rain and it appears to be setting in to stay for a while. Also the panels are not fix for the long term, and I’ll need to do a little more work to them before I can move on down the road. I will just have to wait out the weather here, again I am lucky because this is a place I can stay for a while. My like of attention to detail has caused me a lot of problems but it appears my luck is running pretty good, it could have been so much worst.

As it turns out my panels all look to be OK and the damage is just to my mounting system and the RV. Of course, I won’t know for sure about the panels till I get a nice sunny day. I can fix all the RV boo boo’s myself with materials that I already have, except the vent.

Looking over the forecast for the area, today does not look like it will be getting any better but tomorrow should only be cloudy and then Sunday will maybe get us back to some sunshine, and I sure hope so!

Although I am in pretty fair shape for my age all the climbing has left me a bit sore, ouch! I have to take a little break because of the rain anyways, so it will be such as it is. It is now noon and the rain is still coming down slowly but steady. Update; 3pm the rain is still going off and on. Last update; it was raining when dark set on 😦

About the place I am in …… It is kind of neat. A privately owned area with boondocking allow, don’t know the limits but I read on the net about someone saying they stayed for three weeks, I will not stay that long, but it good to know I don’t have to rush. There is a truck stop here with water for the RV and foods for eating out (Fosters Freeze, and a sat down Cafe), a military museum with a Memorial to soldiers from several wars, several old Tanks sitting around that you can explore, some other old weapons and a ton of desert to walk in. The Joshua Tree National Park fence is only quarter mile or so away so if you want to walk in the park you can. I will write more about this place later, and maybe take some pictures.

Oops my times are an hour off, I cross a time zone yesterday. Don’t guess it matters what time it is when you are having fun, right? I won’t be changing any clocks because I don’t plan on being in this time zone long.

Rain ……. It did just that all day long! Am I in the desert or what? Maybe I took a wrong turn and ended up in some rainy place! Is there a rule when something goes wrong with your roof, that it must rain all day? You know I am beginning to not like rain much 😦 When I lived back east for all those years I don’t remember rain being such a pain, and there was much more of it back east, what’s the we deal? LOL. Rain & #$+&)$ and “that’s all I got to say about that!”

Hope tomorrow is dryer ………
Night folks



Good walk today. My friend went with me today and we walked for a good ways, something over 2 miles for sure. I know we left about 10:30 and got back around noon and we walked pretty study.

The sun is kind of coming and going today so it is a bit thin on power today, so maybe I’ll run the generator for a while later on. Oh, the tough life us boon-dockers live, LOL.

Afternoon update; The old clouds went away this afternoon and we got lots of sun, and that is why so many of us RVers come to the southwest 🙂

Yesterday I ordered a few more things off the internet, while I am here in Yuma and have my friend’s house to have items shipped to. For the first time I have ordered some stuff off Ebay and I hope all goes well with that. I made two orders and both sellers have a great rating, so maybe all will be well. We’ll see in a few days. Us old dudes learn new tricks everyday, yes? LOL. Here’s to hoping we don’t get tricked!

It is about 8pm in the evening now and I hear the crop-duster plane taking off for its evenings work. The area is full of vegetable crops seeing as the Colorado River runs through the area and makes for good irrigation. So about every night one hears the plane flying around doing its job. It takes off about dust and is done by around 10pm or so and oddly enough it only works at night. I am sure there is a good reason for it but I don’t know what that reason is.

OK, I am calling it a day, so good night folks..

Day two of work

Today should be my last day of work for a while, hopefully. I would love 6 days off, it would give me time to get a few things done on the RV. Like check the air pressure in the tires and do a little greasing. Both are must do things before I hit the road. Also I still need to do some sealing on the side of the RV, the hot sun this summer took a toll on the sealing. I need to flush my fresh water tank too. Would not hurt to take a look at the roof and maybe do some touch up sealing on it.


I stayed busy yesterday afternoon here in the office and it made the day go by pretty fast, a good thing. I still hate the long 9 hour days. Almost 3 pm now and not much going on today.

It has gotten hot today, hotter than it should be. I understand a cold front is coming and so it looks like we will have a 20° change in temperature. Fun………. not. Oh no, I just look at the weather and it is even worst than I was thinking. Today is around 93° and by Wednesday the weather man is given 68° high and a low  34° . Man it is time to fly the coop! LOL

Long ride

This morning I took a slow but long ride on the bike, a little over 15 miles. Sunday mornings the traffic is low and it makes for safe riding. I have gotten into a bad habit on my morning rides ………… I have stopped at McDonald’s for a bacon egg biscuit, I got to stop that! I do enjoy them. I use to eat the Big Breakfast plate, so at least I have cut way back and I think it is OK to eat the bacon egg biscuit now and then but not all the time, or every ride LOL!


Yesterday I finally got around to checking my RV batteries and they where fine, only needed to add just a little water. It has been really hot and it is a wonder they didn’t need a lot of water. I have a heat sensor on the battery charge and it cuts the charge back pretty good (about 13 volts at float ) during hot weather.


Last of the four work days so I will get at least get one day off tomorrow. I can just chill out for a while and that will be good. I will more than likely work extra days this week too, because it is still just boss and I holding the fort. I don’t mind doing the extra work.

Time for that work now, later.


Well looks like my first day out will start with the day being a little overcast, not great for solar but my batteries seen to be in great shape so it makes no matter and I always have the Honda 2000 Generator to fall back on if needed.

Not a lot of people here in the park and looks like there don’t have a host this year. I may spend a couple of weeks here, we’ll see.


The forecast sure looks to be a bit warmer here in the nights and that is what I was looking for. Click below to see ….

Hot Water/ Water supply

When I boon dock I only heat my water twice a day, one in the morning to give me hot water all day and once in the evening for my shower. That works out very well for me. I use between 4 and 8 gal a day as best as I can figure and that is not bad. I have a 7 gal can that I use to get water when I go out anywhere. When I boon-dock I just keep it in the truck and if like now I am a few miles from the city I will put back my gal water jugs that I drink up and add maybe 5 or 6 of those and then I have water for some times from one load. I don’t mind these things so much.


I heat with a Wave 8 Catalytic heater and it does a good job in this weather. As a matter of fact I had turn it off last night because I was to warm. I am running it this morning to warm the place up a bit but it will be off soon.

Time to get out and get things done, later today my friends! Getting a little sun now, nice!


I took a little 10 mile ride on the bike going was kind of down hill so coming back was a little up hill.


I did a little trouble shooting this morning and it seems that I am not getting the power from my truck for charging my RV battery. I have no ideal way but I can get by a while without it. Not sure I can fix it out right but I could easily put in  a wire to work around it.

Time to call it a night.

Night my friends


New location

I am now about 25 miles west of Casa Grande,AZ !!! I am boon-docking in Pinal County West park. Click the Location link,on the left to see where.

I had a pretty good trip over. One bad thing is that my truck charging system was not charging my RV battery and it should have been, hopefully that want be to big a thing to fix.

OK just a Hello and I will go now , it is already 6pm and I want to take a shower and rest a bit.

Night all


Cool this morning

I would so like to be out of the cooler weather. I don’t like the cold at all.


Today upgraded my Xmarks software and added Lastpass to try out. I think I will like it, I have tried a few pass word manager and have yet to find one I like and trust, maybe Lastpass will be it.

It is 1pm and all I have done is sat here on this computer, time to get out for a while.


11 miles on the bike.


I check the water level on my 4 batteries and all is well. I will need to check the air in the tires before getting on the road again, it is always best before a long trip.

Night everyone



Packing up day

Today I will pack things up for the little short move up the road tomorrow. I hope this job ain’t too bad. I will need to do a few things around the RV today. Mostly put things away.

I will miss the peaceful nights here and the time to myself. I look forward to better TV and having friends around.


One of the things that really bugged me on my iPod was that all my E-mail contacts where always duplicated and I think I finally figure out how to stop it. I sync with my yahoo mail account and it too was always duplicated ………… hopefully I will get two birds with one shot. I had set up accounts in iTunes and on the iPod and I think I only needed to set it up on one or the other. Well a few sync from now will tell.

Hey I got my iPod jailbroke again! I had a OE operator error LOL!


I guess it is time to do some!! OK I did get a few chores done so not a lot left to do for hookup tomorrow.

Night folks


Just a couple days

Just a couple of days and I’ll be off to my little 2 month work gig. I hope I am not goofing up. After this gig I think it will be time to look for working gigs farther away. I think I want to work a little farther up north in the summer months. I really just want to see more of the US I think.


Yet another goof up on my part ………….. I have a 4 battery (6v) system and I was redoing one of the cables a little and I knew when I build the system about all the wire sizes and such but as time has lapse I forgot that when you get into 1/0, 2/0 and 4/0 that the size of wire and the number both went up (bigger number bigger wire) instill of when you got 4 gauge, 6 gauge and 8 gauge wire the smaller the number the bigger the wire. In the end I had a wire made that was too small. 1/0 instill of 2/0, oh well. Lucky for me that is was only 3 feet so not out a lot of money on it.


I did not get to it today………. ! Went into town early this morning and this afternoon is just a bit windy to ride.


Still having problems with one program on my computer and that is Itunes. I reinstall Itunes so hopefully that will fix it.

Later John

Finishing up

Finishing up the work on the RV, yes I think I have done about all I am going to do for now. Maybe a little cleaning but that is about all. The outside of these RV are forever needing cleaned!


Just spent about an hour doing Microsoft updates, 19 on the desk top and about 13 on the laptop Plus had to update Microsoft Security Essentials on both computers. It kind of makes me nuts, all the updates that have to get done on computers. I bet I use at least a Gig of bandwidth each month on just updates and this month a lot more (well with the download of Photoshop CS 5 maybe 2 Gig) . Oh well I signed on farther enough back that I have unlimited bandwidth so I don’t have to worry about going over. It does take a lot of time ………. !


Where will I go next……………….? Well I have a place in mind but it can always change …….. if the notions hits, at any rate I am feeling the need to go!

loadingjust like the wind ………. loading Night John