Weeee, Internet Withdraws

Yes, it was Internet Withdraws!! My air card was down yesterday and my internet withdraws where bad LOL! Must have been the local tower was down because all is well today. But ………..  when I got back on-line this morning I did a software/firmware check for updates just to be sure, and all was in order. Oddly enough even while my air-card was out I still had my data connection on the smart phone, so I was not completely deprived LOL. When talking with the Verizon support person she said that when in a 3g area the data on the air-card and the data on the smart-phone where two different steams but if in a 4g/LTE area they where the same. I would not have guess that and don’t know if that is right or not.

I have not got into anything yet today, only been to Jack and Box and back and I forgot to stop at he store to pick up a couple of things I needed so I will head back out here in a bit. I need potatoes, a lemon(for my tea) and maybe a good steak.



Full day off

Ya, a full day off, time to chill out. Calling a few friends this morning, always good to talk with friends.


I am plying around with the speed test thing again this morning and even with setting Verizon Manager to only 3G connection, this is the best I can get. Speed test  Slow,slow and slow! At the end of the week when they have LTE turn on will be interesting. We’ll see ………..!

Things to do

Today I will do a little shopping at some point. Need a few things, food things. That is about all I have to do, I could wash the truck, it sure needs it.

I have loafed all day, it has been a fine day.