Pictures: A couple of sunset from two different places I have stayed this summer.

Sunset in the woods.


Sunsets across the open field.


Chores: I went off to town today and did my chores, laundry, shopping and water for the RV.

Weather: It rain hard yesterday evening but I think we are going to get a little break from the rain now for a few days.

Night Folks

Another old shot

Pictures: I found this one in my (ID later folder) I often put photos of birds I don’t know at the the time I took the shot and didn’t get a very good photo in that folder and it looks like I took this shot the first year I was out RVing, 2007.

I have decided that this bird is a Orange-crowned Warbler. I may have miss ID this bird so if you think it is something different, please let me know.


City: I took a trip into the city of Williams AZ today and did some laundry and a little shopping.

Night folks