Cloudy with some sun peeking in

Wow, yet more cloudy days. OK, enough of this cloudy stuff, let’s get on with some nice weather! Actually, I’m probably in the best spot that I can be in, for my favorite taste of weather, this just happens to be the rainy time of the year, here in Las Vegas, NM. This morning it is heavy overcast and feeling very damp outside, makes my bones hurt : shock:

Thought about doing my exercise first thing this morning, but I think I’ll wait till it warms up just a little bit. Update 2:30pm, I only walked maybe a mile today, kind of giving it a rest.

Took a little trip to Walmart just for something to do, brought a $4.00 cap and a $7.00 shirt, big spender ain’t I? As I have lost weight over the last couple of years, I have been reluctant to buy many clothes, so now I am starting to buy a few things. I will not be going up in weight and I don’t think I will go much farther down if any, hopefully down but ………… I seem pretty lock in for now!

I took a ride out of the city a ways with a fellow RVer to look at an old building with history and to see some hot-springs that are near here. I don’t much care for hot-springs but I have friends that will be coming here in a about 3 weeks that do like going to them. Click Here for location of Hot-Springs . You can see the old college castle from here too.

Good news, I am getting an hour or two of sunshine this afternoon! Feels nice.

Have a nice evening folks.

Cool and overcast

It is a cloudy day out but the temperature is nice. I am enjoying the break from the heat, for the morning anyway, it is supposed to get to near 90 this afternoon.

It won’t be long before I need to check the RV over to see if it is ready to move on down the road. Mainly the air pressure in the tires, not to many other things. Of course it is near the end of the month and I need to check the batteries too, and I may do that today.

I am taking the day off from exercise. Maybe a short walk later on, but nothing one could really call exercise. Over the last little bit I have ridden the bike for two days and then off one day. Hopefully that will be enough off time for the knees. Every part of my body except the joints wants to do more exercise ……. but the weakest part always wins out 😦   I hate that ❗   I guess one just has to do what one can do. If I was around a gym, I could do weights ( for the upper body) but I am not and I find it harder to do out side of a gym. Some people do well with just a few weights but I do better if I have a lot more lifting choices. Well I say this, but the truth is I only went to a gym on a regular bases for maybe 6 years but I did so enjoy that time of my life. I think if I live near a gym that I would go. I really find it hard to do anything with the upper body without a gym, just not discipline enough.

Chores; I checked my batteries and I washed my truck. I have an old RV water pump, so I spend $11.00 on two brass hose connectors and used my two 7 gallon tanks as a source for water, and was able to get the truck somewhat clean. It needed wash pretty bad. At any rate, not the most efficient set up but it got the job done. I have thought about getting me a water tank to haul my water in (somewhere in the 25 to 35 gallon range) and I will use the pump to fill my fresh water tank when I get it set up. The tank is the only thing I need now. Of course I will have to figure out a way to carry it ………….! The thing about living in an RV full-time is that you must find a place for everything when you are driving your house down the road and when everything you own is with you it is sometimes hard to keep it organize. It is hard to decide just what you can not live without vs what you can be rid of. Over the years I have adjusted my wants and needs to fit me better and it is an on going job as things do change from time to time.


Little Windy

Today brings in a little cooler air along with some pretty strong winds. Nothing really bad but not the beautiful weather we are used to. In for a few days of cooler weather, but not really cold, thank goodness. The wind makes me not won’t to be outside for very long, but we have lots of sunshine today, so all is well.

Walking was the exercise of choice for today and it was a short one at that, just under 2 miles, enough for a cool day.

Weight; I am still hung on the 190 pound mark. I am beginning to worry with it, but still being at 190 is so much better than the 230 I was at last year at this time and 200% better than the 280 I was at 2 years ago. I have not given up yet with the ideal of going to at least 180. I am still working on things to help me have better eating habits. One of the big things I need to do is to learn to eat smaller amounts at each setting and to eat much slower, taking much more time with each meal. Will this help me eat less over time? I don’t know but I am going to find out. I have taken, the what I eat, as far as I care to go with it so now it is on to new tricks. Hope I can find some that work.

I keep looking at all the Canon cameras that are out but my budget says I should not and I know the budget will win. 😦  But hey, it is still fun to look at all the goodies. Lots of speculation that Canon will come out with lots of new gear this year. Maybe a new 70D, maybe a 7D mark II and a few new lens. All fun toys.


Short walk

Today I took only a short walk for exercise and I haven’t stretched any as of yet.

I have found that I really like the people here in this boon-docking area are friendlier than the one in Welton, they seems friendlier ………… maybe it is just me. Odd how that works from one place to the other. For those of you that don’t follow my blog I spent about 5 months boon-docking in Welton, AZ last year. I may spend a little time there this year too but not 5 months, that was too long for one place. Anyway the first year I RVed I came by this park and meet folks that I really liked, maybe some places just have good karma? I find that I have found some places that I like really well but don’t fit in with the people and others are just great places and have the nicest people. This park has been great this year.
Some pictures from around the park ………and here is a Mocking Bird.

Click for larger image.

Weather is one of the things that has also been great this year, with fall temperature about 10° above normal. Yes this has been a good start to the winter for sure.

My diet is going well but I do need to take the next step. I need to give up all my artificial sweeteners ……….. I ain’t much wanting to, but I need to, in order to move on. 😦   My weight has stay at the same place for over a month now so I have to change something and I think it is the sweeteners.

Added another short walk to my day. I enjoy walking around the little park, it is such a great place to boon-dock and just to be.

Cold and Warm

Cold and Warm is the weather, near freezing last night and I broke a sweat while walking just before noon. I have done a short walk already and will need to do more before the day is over. Maybe a short ride on the bike, we’ll see.

Had a good day yesterday with my new friends. Nice outing for the afternoon. You meet great folks while out in the boon-docks, friendly but not pushie about it.

Looks like I will have to make sugar-water today for the Humming birds. There are lots of them around, about everyone has a feeder out. The Hummers should be happy birds.

The day is zooming by. I think I may take another short walk instead of riding today.

2:30 Back from my second short walk, so tht will do for exercise today now I just need to get in some stretching and I’ll be set for this day. All healthy!

This year, the egg (the egg, is what I named the computer I build a couple of years back) is the laptop but all the same, Merry Christmas to everyone.

Egg 2