Talking on Skype

Talking on Skype with my friend in Mexico. That went very well! I talk with my air-card connection first and then on the Wi-Fi here in the park. Skype did well on the air-card as long as I did not  cruse the net heavy.

Spent the morning chatting with friends on Skype ……… works pretty damn well. Considering putting it on the computers. My laptop has a camera but the desktop don’t but they are fairly low cost items.


Always gets me in trouble ………. I have now put Skype on my desktop and added a camera …………….!!! Silly me I like doing this type of thing better than using it. Making things work on a computer is fun. Anyway I am up and running  with video on Skype now LOL…………. so call me girls! loading

Eating out

I was invited out to eat tonight but as always my eating schedule was off loading . I will try to catch the next inviteloading!


I  need to get it done today because  missed yesterday. It is near 90 out but no matter got to do it! OK I am off to ride my bike.


See you in the morning!

Later John