Black-headed Grosbeak

Pictures: I took these shots over the last few year when I can find these birds.



Solar: I have sold some of the left over solar stuff that I had, mostly the parts that I had no way of carrying if I left, solar panels and the batteries. I also sold the Solar controler. Now only the big item is left, which will be harder to sell because it is high dollar item, solar wise that is, and that is the 3500 watt Inverter/charger.

I am loving my system with the 1000 watts of solar panels, it works better with the extra solar!

Night Folks


Mallard Ducks

Pictures: Mallard Ducks.



Solar: All panels mounted and working! I still have some touch-up and such to do, like sealing the mounts a bit better, cleaning up and storing wires away a little better, but everything is working πŸ˜€

Both my friend Barry(who has helped all alone) and I are beat!

Night Folks

Dove and Quail

Pictures: White-winged Dove/friends and a Gambel’s Quail.



Solar: Today I got out and tackled the solar replacement and I over did it a bit. My friend (Barry that hook me up with the solar panels) help and was beat down by the time we finish for the day. I was still feeling pretty good but now as the evening has set in, I too am feeling the beat down! Often my Friend Barry and I do job that old dudes like us should not be doing …. but hey they need done so we do them!
At any rate we took off my 4 130 watt panels and put on two 260 watt panels, so 520 watts off and 520 watts back on. Needless to say they are much different size panels so had to be mounted very different but we got it done for the most part, still some loose ends but the hard part done for the first two panels. Two more 260 watt panels to put on.

Night Folks

Bigger walk

Weight: This morning, 186 😦

Sunday’s Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 8.65mi, time: 03:09:32, pace: 21:55min/mi, speed: 2.74mi/h. Had a great walk this morning. I stopped over at a friend’s rig and visited for a spell (put the MapMyWalk app on pause while visiting) and then came back the longer way. I must confess, the 8.5 miles made me pretty tired 😯 I’m beat.

Weather: a bit overcast today but cooler, which feels nice (I’m not fussing about it being too hot either, better than being cold). The average temperature here in this area has been above normal most of the winter, which I like. I don’t guess I’m a winter person, my bones like the warm temperatures.

Solar: Tomorrow I will have to clean the solar panels because there was plenty of dust this weekend with all the 4-wheeler having fun. As a matter of fact I still hear the 4-wheelers out running around and it is well after dark.

Night folks


I will fill you in on yesterday events. I got on the road and decided to come over to Joshua Tree National Park and I am here (well almost) but I had a boo boo on the way. When I last put down my solar panels from being titled up to catch more sun light, I didn’t get the mounting bolts tight enough and the front mounts got lose and three of the panels flipped over on top of the RV. I was damn lucky they did not come off and end up on the interstate or worst yet stuck in someone’s windshield!

So the damage is …….. ! There are six places where the four solar panels mounted and four of those mounts where mess up, only the front two escaped damage . I have them made out of aluminum and it was bent up petty bad, I was able to straighten that out fairly well. When the panels flipped they tore two holes in the roof of the RV where the two center mounts are and this I have been able to patch. It busted one of the crank up vents in the bathroom and for this I will have to buy a new one, it needed replacing anyways. The holes in the roof where the worst of it, these will be patch over with half inch plywood (about a foot Square) then sealed and cover with roof sealant. For now, I have cover and seal them with some old plywood I found laying around the truck stop. I still need to bolt down the mounts, when this rain ever stops. After that I need to find something to temporarily cover the vent (for now it is duck tape) and I will be able to travel again. I will wait till I’m back in Quartzsite, in about two week, to get things back in shape/do the job right. In Quartzsite you can find anything you need for an RV.

Not a great day to work on the roof of the RV 😦 it is raining, very dark and overcast today, nothing good for either roof work or solar testing! Yesterday I did get the holes patched, so I am thankful for that much. I worry a little bit on it, because my fix is not for heavy rain and it appears to be setting in to stay for a while. Also the panels are not fix for the long term, and I’ll need to do a little more work to them before I can move on down the road. I will just have to wait out the weather here, again I am lucky because this is a place I can stay for a while. My like of attention to detail has caused me a lot of problems but it appears my luck is running pretty good, it could have been so much worst.

As it turns out my panels all look to be OK and the damage is just to my mounting system and the RV. Of course, I won’t know for sure about the panels till I get a nice sunny day. I can fix all the RV boo boo’s myself with materials that I already have, except the vent.

Looking over the forecast for the area, today does not look like it will be getting any better but tomorrow should only be cloudy and then Sunday will maybe get us back to some sunshine, and I sure hope so!

Although I am in pretty fair shape for my age all the climbing has left me a bit sore, ouch! I have to take a little break because of the rain anyways, so it will be such as it is. It is now noon and the rain is still coming down slowly but steady. Update; 3pm the rain is still going off and on. Last update; it was raining when dark set on 😦

About the place I am in …… It is kind of neat. A privately owned area with boondocking allow, don’t know the limits but I read on the net about someone saying they stayed for three weeks, I will not stay that long, but it good to know I don’t have to rush. There is a truck stop here with water for the RV and foods for eating out (Fosters Freeze, and a sat down Cafe), a military museum with a Memorial to soldiers from several wars, several old Tanks sitting around that you can explore, some other old weapons and a ton of desert to walk in. The Joshua Tree National Park fence is only quarter mile or so away so if you want to walk in the park you can. I will write more about this place later, and maybe take some pictures.

Oops my times are an hour off, I cross a time zone yesterday. Don’t guess it matters what time it is when you are having fun, right? I won’t be changing any clocks because I don’t plan on being in this time zone long.

Rain ……. It did just that all day long! Am I in the desert or what? Maybe I took a wrong turn and ended up in some rainy place! Is there a rule when something goes wrong with your roof, that it must rain all day? You know I am beginning to not like rain much 😦 When I lived back east for all those years I don’t remember rain being such a pain, and there was much more of it back east, what’s the we deal? LOL. Rain & #$+&)$ and “that’s all I got to say about that!”

Hope tomorrow is dryer ………
Night folks

New Location

62500 Chiriaco Rd
Indio, CA 92201
My new Location

I did some damage to my solar panels today but hopefully it is not too bad. Some of my mounting bolts got loose on the way over to my new location.( my fault, I didn’t tighten them tight enough) I have been the fixing the damage most of the afternoon. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Lucky for me it is nothing I can’t fix. Hopeful that is so anyways, I will do some testing tomorrow. Also I will be adding some safety features to the panels.

That is what I get for letting myself get distracted. Got to get my head on right!

I’ll need a couple days to get back on track with the blog and catching up with you folks. Thanks to everyone for keeping up with me πŸ™‚ I have seen my comments and I’ll get back to you guys soon.

This stop was not planned ……. Shoot, this move was not planned! Needless I am here, LOL. All is good, this is as good a place to be as anywhere else.

OK, I am going to keep it short tonight, so good night to you folks.

Quartzsite 2

This morning we got off to a good start with a 3.5 mile walk, good way to start a day. After returning from the walk I got busy doing a couple of things around the RV. I cleaned my solar panels and tilted them up in order to get a little more sun. I also checked my house batteries and added needed water.
ImageShields up! ………. err, I mean solar panels up 😯 That is my friend standing behind the RV, I think maybe he is texting one of his girlfriends, I’m not sure, looks like it, don’t you think?

I have a few pictures from around Quartzsite. All things are RV related around here and there are already so many venders and it is not even peak time yet. If you look at the streets now and then in January, they will swell up so much, the venders will be in ever possible hole there is and they are empty now compare to what will be later. Are you a rock-hound? If you are this is the place to come to, lots of rock related venders and shops. Here is a link to my Flickr pictures of Q. I will take some more pictures in the next few days.

Did I tell you I love the internet around here, LOL. 4G is my friend!

Hey, any of you folks out there gamers? If you are go here to Beer and Joysticks, all things game, can be found there. I am not a gamer myself but I like the gamers because they are usual computer geeks too, and can be very helpful. So if you like computer games at all, go give them a look see.

Night folks

Bike Ride

I took a short (7.5 miles) but hard bike ride (lots of hills and wind) today. The wind was not blowing hard just yet but it was blowing pretty hard for bike riding. I am betting the wind this afternoon will be a little harder but not as bad as yesterday.Β  The temperature has taken a little turn downward but only a little. I think today and tomorrow will be only in the 60s.

Added a little fresh water to the RV today (20 gallons maybe), went up on top of the RV and wipe the solar panels down, and checked my batteries out and added water to them. Them chores, just got to be doneΒ  ❗

My Nexus 7 should be here tomorrow according to FedEx, I’ll be happy to have it back. It was in for repairs for those of you that don’t know. I did not have all my stuff backed up at Google so I will have to do all the setting up of things again. That is OK, I like that kind of stuff. I do think this time I will use the Google backup though. I will have a ton of apps to download and a few of the apps need some setting done. All in good fun.

I still have not gotten a good picture of the Scaled Quail but here is a shot I took this morning (harsh sun light).

Click for a large image.

Folks, have a nice day.

Late to post

I am often late getting started on my blog, I seem to do better if I post the first thing in the morning, but I usually have other things I want to do first. I am a better writer in the morning, mind you not good, but better than other times 😯

I took my bike out for a ride early this morning and did about 11 miles. When I got back I fired up my slow cooker and threw in some chicken breast(boneless skinless), should be good about 3pm (it is already 2pm). I am looking forward to see how it comes out.

Had a great time and a good meal with my friends yesterday at Golden Corral. There was a little food left when I left 😯 LOL. I eat heartily.

This morning I seen two baby Great Horn Owl chicks in the Owl nest. Hopefully I can get some good pictures in a day or two. I took a few shots today but the sun was near directly behind the nest from where I had to stand to take the shots, so they did not do very well. I will try again tomorrow maybe, so I willΒ  need to go earlier to beat the sun . Too many things I like doing first in the morning.

Mid 90s today , not looking forward to that, but I think it is still too early to leave just yet. In light of that I will tough out the hot spell. I had rather be a little too hot than a little too cold.

I have not done any stretching as of yet today and I am thinking maybe today I will use some of the yoga exercise to stretch. I do this when my back gets a little fussy, and it is doing just that today, being a little fussy. Now if I can remember how to do them ………. ❓  I will come up with something.Β  πŸ™‚

My solar is doing very well today, the panels are laying flat on the roof (no tilt) and both the computer and slow cooker are running wide open ……… and the batteries are fully charged. I love my solar system, free power is sweet!


Pinal County

Yes I am back at one of my favorite boon-docking spots, West park in Pinal County. I have been here many times and still find it to be a great little place to stop. By the way all my Location links are up to date now. Location of past stops, My Location now, (both links on the right)Β  and of course I have just give it to you here.

Always charging batteries when I am in the boon-docks, LOL. I am charging my electric razor and my laptop now. This morning I raised my solar panels, tilted to the south in order to catch more sun light and they are doing their job. While I was up on the roof I give the panels a good cleaning and man, they did need it.

I will decide later whether I will walk for exercise or take a ride on the bike. Update 11:45 am – I took me a walk.

Weather here looks like it will be warm for the next two days and cool off this weekend. I am glad I left Deming it looks like they will deep into the freezing weather this weekend.

WordPress “Likes” are making me nuts ….. I can’t get them to work on any blog that don’t have WordPress in the URL %$*(I$@Β  Even when they are WordPress blogs they just won’t work, they ask that I sign into WordPress even if I am already signed in, even if I sign in again, still the like button don’t work for me. I can see where many others have liked the post but I can’t. Nuts!!!! On those blogs I can’t get the comments to work either, odd! On comments it lets me do everything but post the comment. I am sure it is something on my computer but I am not sure what.