Tired: I login to WordPress yesterday evening but I just set there looking at the page, I was just to beat to post. So as I reopen the blog this morning all I had on it was the title “Tired” LOL.
A good night rest has worked wonders 🙂

Pictures: Here is a Sunset here in the RV park where I am.


Solar: Yesterday’s work on the two panels was all about completing the mounting/attaching panels to the roof and now all that is left is to add a little more sealant. Then … there is two more panels! I knew it was going to be a big job for me but doubling my charging power is well worth the effect.

Weather: The nights have been a little cool but the days have been good working weather. Today was beautiful.

Solar : Nothing going on today with solar, had other things going on. Tomorrow the weatherman says it will be windy so I am not likely to get anything done but a couple of days rest is always a good thing!

Night Folks



Pictures: Pelican and a shot at Caballo Lake State Park.


Other Side.

Afternoons: The afternoons have been pretty nice weather of late but the night are still very chilly. It will be good weather to work on my solar panels change-over when I get started.

Night Folks

Solar Systems

Chilling: It is cool and overcast today so I am chilling for today. My friend(Barry) had to be talked into it, he is always ready to get after a job. As for me as I have gotten older ….. I’m not near as ambitions to get after jobs. I still need to remove the Inverter/Charger and the 4 batteries, it will only take about an hour or two, so not much left to remove the rest of the solar system from my friends RV, however it will be a real job to reinstall it on my rig!

I have a complete solar system install on my RV but this new one is a far better/bigger system, so I will be keeping parts of my and parts of the new one. I will have a left over Inverter/Charger and 2 Solar Chargers, at least one Solar Panel and other assorted parts.

Pictures: White Crown Sparrow and Sand Hill Cranes in the distance.



Bust of Energy: Well I decide to go ahead and remove the last of my friends solar system after all. Now it will be a matter of what to do with what.

Night Folks

Took a trip to Las Cruces today

Las Cruces: Today my friend had some appointments in Las Cruces(about 60 miles away) so I went with him and enjoyed a day of riding around and looking around the stores.

Pictures: Red tail Hawk and a Plainopepla.



Catching up: Folks it is going to take a while for me to catch up. Plus I will be very busy with other things.
My friend has sold me his very nice RV solar system and it all has to be taken off his rig and the solar panels will be put on my rig and the other components will be sold. A good bit of work to be done.

Night Folks


Pictures: Oh AZ, does have the nice Sunsets 🙂 Here are a couple.

Sunset 280915_20d_2628

Sunset 280915_20d_2640

Solar Controller: I finally got the new Solar Controller installed. It turned out to be a bit longer job than I thought it would be. It is a larger in both capacity and size than my older one was so it had to have bigger space,wire and breakers. I have to put together new cables with bigger wire, #6 to # 4 on the battery side with new connector ends, add a DC breaker box (the older controller just had breakers in line kind of like a fuse, the new breakers are better), move things around so there was room for the bigger controller and other small things that needed to be done. Now I got to do a lot more reading to figure out all the settings. I got the basic stuff down but need to dig deeper into things for the fine settings. One of the things it will do (with its Auxiliary out put) is operate a fan in the battery box and I could use that.

Night folks

Black Sheep

Pictures: Sheep came by today while I was busy working on my solar. I stay in the open range areas, and often see live stock and I kind of enjoy seeing them. I was raised in the country so it makes me feel at home.

Sheep 260915_20d_2615

I always look for the one black sheep 🙂
Black Sheep 260915_20d_2620

Last night’s sunset.
AZ Sunset 250915_20d_2612

Solar: I got a little work done on my solar today. I have an older RV and there is not all that much room for this newfangled stuff! Had to cut a few holes and make some room.

Night folks

Solar goodies

Pictures: New solar goodies! Needless to say I’m going to change my solar up a little bit.

New Breaker box and breakers.
Breaker Box 20D

New Solar Controller.
250915Out Back 20d_2600

City: I went into Flagstaff today and did laundry, picked up propane, went by Northern Arizona Sun and Wind and brought myself a new solar controller and a DC breaker box/breakers and stopped at Best Buy just to look around. That was just about a full day.

Night folks

Solar Electric

Another dollar: Back to work today, well as much as you can call what I do work 🙂  I do stay busy but I don’t work all that hard. I may work pretty hard for a couple of hours each day but that is about it as far as real work goes.

Electric : I have been testing my solar bank (the BLM solar) to see just how far I could push it. Everything in my rig runs on electric, refrigerator, hot water heater, other assorted small electrical things and last night I run a small electric heater all night. It finally shut down about 7:40 this morning, which I think was pretty good for running on batteries. No one should really expect to have electric heat when running on solar 👿 but hey, it did pretty good and kept me toasty last night! Now I kind of know just how much I can push it.
The sun will have me back going in a couple of hours I think.
Update; I went away to do some things and came back about 10:30am and the electric was back on.

Pictures: Here are a couple more Petroglyph shots.


Night Folks

Lining things up

Busy Visiting: I have been busy today trying to line up a job for next summer, lots of time talking with the ranger who seems like a great person. Anyways this will be another camp host position. The area I would be hosting has 10 sites and the host site. The host site has electric(from solar array) a waste hook up (dump), but no water, I will have to haul water from the ranger station if I get the gig, but if I get the gig there will be a truck I can use for that, meaning no fuel wasted from me driving my truck.

Pictures of the Host site: Here is where I would be spending my summer. If I get this gig I could be here for 6 months of next year April – October, so we’ll see.
BLM Grants_1138

I would still be on solar but I would be stepping up from my 4 panels to this 48 panel array. I think that I could live well off this much power 😀 The only thing I would need to worry about is if the Hosts before me have badly abuse the system and destroyed the batteries, trying to do things like run their AC all day and all night.

BLM Grants Solar_1141

The one bad point I see, is that the host site is in the lower part of the camp ground and internet or TV signal is not the best here, so maybe no TV and maybe only 3G for the internet 😦 Even in the higher part of the camp ground (where I am now) I get about 2 bars of 4G internet signal and only PBS for TV.

From everything I see, I would like to do this gig but I am sure there are others that would like to do it too, so we’ll see how things goes.

And that my friends, is what I have been up for today.

Exercise: Just a short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.28mi, time: 45:25, pace: 19:56min/mi, speed: 3.01mi/h. Added some stretching.

Night folks

New location

New Location: Feels good being on the road again 🙂 Here is my new parking spot for now. If you follow my blog you know it is a favorite spot of my, just a beautiful area. Great area to get out and do some walking and that will likely happen tomorrow.

The drive down was good, all went well. I got an early start this morning and took my time on the way down with many stops alone the way. I did hit a little traffic in Albuquerque because I hit the morning rush (about 8am or so) but it was not too bad. Still I was unhooked and set up by about noon, I got my favorite spot too :). There are 10 spot in the little area and there is only two of us here, nice! The weekend could bring in a few more folk, maybe.

Here I am all nested in 🙂

New spot_1129

nested in_1137

Broke Link: I had a broke link to my friends Blog(Nancy – Wish You Where Here) over on the right but it is working now give it a click and see what she is up to.

Solar: My solar is kicking, as things are charging up. I feel so much better with the new batteries that I put in last month vs the 7-year-old ones I had in before.

Night folks