Pictures: Been running the roads today so I had to go digging in the old folders for something to process and post today and that give us Song Sparrows.

Song Sparrow 20d_5339

Song Sparrow 20d_5250

Road running: I took a trip to Prescott, AZ today, had to do a little shopping and it was a good long trip and took a lot of the day.

Night folks

Busy yet again

Busy: Another busy day. The busy days make the time go by fast, but I miss my time 😦 a little. That is okay …. I am about to have 6 months with little to do 🙂

Weather: The weather is running the same. I guess it is a good thing that I am not in AZ just yet I hear they are having some really hot days, in the upper 90s. Hotter than I like, so I guess the cool nights are okay for now.

Fox Sparrow.
Sparrow Fox photo BDFOXWEB.jpg

Song Sparrow.
Sparrow Song photo webss2.jpg

Night folks