New Bird

I have not taking any picture of late but I have a lot of them on Photobucket and here is one I took 5 years ago down in Why, AZ  this bird is a Phainopepla (Male). On the right, the bird of the week. Maybe one day I will get back to Why, AZ, I remember that I enjoyed my visit there.

Exercise and stretching; I got back to the program today. Feels good, but the knees where just a bit fussy this morning. It is what I get for giving them a break! LOL. They do feel better if I do a little moving around everyday, a totally off day like my Sundays are probably not completely good. I guess the est case would be to work in some kind of other exercise 2 or 3 times a week. One day I will stop talking about it and do it! LOL.

Computers;   I have started to gather my files and backup things, getting ready for Windows 8. I have files everywhere on the computer such as; I have cursors in the Windows Cursor folder and background picture in the Windows background folders, I do this so I pick them like I would any cursor or background. I also have my own sound files that I put in the sounds folder, so all these I am gathering together and backing up.