High in the Trees

Pictures: Here is a Starling and a Northern Flicker high up in the trees.



Solar: The wind is high today and so there is no solar work going on.

Night Folks


Chore’s day

Chores today: I need one day a week to get the chores done and that was today, laundry,shopping and such things. Always good to get them out-of-the-way. My friend and I took some time to just goof off a while too.

Exercise: I did get out for a little walk today near 3 miles. Link to walk

Pictures: A Brown Creeper.
 photo titt.jpg

An Acrobatic Starling.
 photo starling2.jpg

Night Folks


Blood work: It is time for me to have my blood work done again so I am off tomorrow to see the vampire 🙂 VA in Gallup, NM. I think this is being done again because I am signing up at the Albuquerque clinic. My blood work is not till 10am and it is a fasting test so I will be ready to eat a bear by the time I get out.

Pictures: Brown Thrasher.
Thrasher, Brown photo BrownThasher1.jpg
Starling photo Starting.jpg

Weather: As the evening sets in I feel a chill about the air. Looking over the weather forecast I am seeing some chilly nights ahead. I can’t fuss too much seeing as where I am at this time of year. I may run me a bit of heat this evening and make the place nice and toasty.

Campground: Well it has cleared out and I now only have two camper for the night. Maybe I’ll get another in later on.

Night folks