Steller’s Jay

Pictures: A couple of shot of Seller’s Jay I took this summer. I may have posted these before … can’t remember.



Exercise: I rode the bike for 6 miles today.

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Steller’s Jay

Pictures: Couple shots of the Steller’s Jay.

As always click the images twice for the bigger pictures.



Exercise: Jeanne and I walked 3 miles this morning.

Holiday: I hope everyone is having a great holiday. Here in the National Forest it is busy with lots of folks out from the city enjoying the break.

Weather: It is a beautiful weekend, near prefect 🙂

Night Folks

Flicker and Jay

Pictures: My feeder has slowly been picking up new birds from the area but sadly it will be time to move soon. Here is a Northern Flicker and Staller’s Jay. I started putting out un-shelled peanuts and the Jays have figure out that they likes them 🙂 They also like the suet I put out.

As always click the images twice for the larger size pictures.
Northern Flicker.


Steller’s Jay.


Exercise: All the good walks have finally caught up with me and the knees have spoken …. time for a break.

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