Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Forgive the picture taken in the strong sunlight but I wanted to show you the type of camping I’m doing. I like to camp in the desert with a little space around me but not be total isolated and this area gives me room while not leaving me out by myself. Here are some of the campers around and the space they give each other.

Again, please forgive the picture they are just mid day snaps.


Location: My new location seems to be making for better habits for me, I am falling into a better day-to-day functioning pattern. Exercising more and running the roads less (and eating out less ), all better for me 🙂 I do like most everything about this spot with the exception of being far away from a large box store (Walmart). Mind you, there is a K-mart, couple good grocery stores, hardware store and many others as near as 10 miles away but still they are not Walmart. So, this means that I will make the 120 mile round trip to Walmart about once a month if I can plan my shopping good enough to get all the things that I need at once.

Exercise: A good 15 mile ride on the bike today on the 4-wheeler trails. Not sure I’ll be able to keep riding the 4-wheeler trails because the winter crowd is showing up now, with lots more 4-wheelers and toys, so the trails are being used a lot more and are becoming very loose and soft making riding the bike harder and harder.

Night folks

Another move

Weather: It is cool this morning but not as bad as I thought it might be. It was about 50° in the RV this morning, cool but not cold. It was a fine night for sleeping last night with the cooler temperature. The night before I left Lake Havasu it was way too hot in the RV for a good night’s sleep, much better here.

Where to? : Not sure where I will go today. I had kind of planned to stop in Winslow, AZ at McHood park, but the place had a sign that said no overnight camping. Another good one shut down to overnight RVing. Well maybe it will come to me where to go to as the day goes on, I’m in no hurry. We’ll see.

Propane: One thing I intend to do today is get a propane tank filled and the valve changed on it. There is a propane place here in Gallup that is very reasonably price so I’ll stop by there at some point today.

Update: Before leaving Gallup this morning I did get my new valve installed and the tank fill with propane.

Here: The Walmart here in Gallup is a very convenient place to overnight with many near by stores, there is a Home Depot, Dollar tree, sports store, fast food places and others near by. I’ll look around a bit before leaving today.

Moved: I have moved to one of my favorite areas here in NM, near El Malpais National Monument . I have done my major move of the spring, and will not move this far again till the fall. From here to my volunteer job for the summer is not to far, about another 200 miles, and I’ll make that move sometimes in April.

Night folks

Enjoying the day

Today I have been out and did a few chores, like laundry and a little shopping around the big city of Wellton. There are basically three stores in town one; IGA, two; Desol and three a Dollar store. With these three stores in Wellton I think I can get by on going to Yuma no more than 2 or 3 times a month if that is what I want and seeing as how my funds are low this year it may very well be what I need. I will just have to have a good list of all the things I need each time I go to Yuma and get it all done right each time I go.

I have enjoyed my day so far, as I rediscover the little town of Wellton.

Early this morning I tilt the solar panels up and buy 1 pm when I returned to the RV my batteries where in the float stage, meaning that there had set at a higher charging stage for a long time(3 hours i think). It is a good thing to have the batteries in such good stage of charge early in the day, it mean if I need to I can have a little extra power for other things if needed.

Not sure if I will exercise today or not, the knees are smarting just a little. Not sure if it is from all the riding or the stretching.