More rain

Birds: More Robins 🙂
Robin photo Robin_1108_zps0a6284e5-1.jpg
What are you doing with that clicking thing?!?!?
Robin photo Robina.jpg

Exercise: Great Bike ride this morning, rode back and forth in the park.
I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 12.13mi, time: 52:14, pace: 4:18min/mi, speed: 13.94mi/h.

Weather: Yes, we have more rain today. A good hard rain has just set in, I hope it holds for a while. We are getting a lot of rain this year here in NM. Nice.

Night folks


Bird: Here is yet two more Carolina Chickadees
Carolina ChickadeeFri_2715
The good life.
 photo MENMYSEED.jpg
Flower and Bee
 photo IMG_3232.jpg

Exercise: I have not been doing anything dedicated directly at exercising but each day I will ride the bike at least 6 miles(two miles at a time) and I don’t know how much I walk. The bike riding is to get out to stretch and rest the eyes a bit when I spend too much time on the computer, so I just take a trip through the park, which is two miles and I do that at least three times a day.

Stretching, I have been doing about 4 times a week.

Weekend: The weekend is here and the weekend folks are here too, but it don’t seem as busy as it has been the past few weekends. Of course it is still early, just Friday.

Night folks

Rain, very nice

Chores: Today is Chores Wednesday( A good name for it, you think?) for me, laundry, pick up some water and do Walmart, all done before 8 am 🙂

Windows update day: Today is the second Wednesday of the month so it is Microsoft time to do it’s updates. One can count on about 100 MB of updates each second Wednesday of the month.

Bird: Okay, let us see what I got.
Carolina Chickadee_2550
I cut off his tail in this shot 😦 , but still I kind of like it.
Carolina _8348

Exercise: I did do a bike ride today, but only 6 miles and as always of late I have been doing my stretching.

Weather: I have slipped up on my old dude duties by not doing much blogging about the weather so ……. We are getting us a little rain and it is about time. Being in the west all the time has made me enjoy the rain when we get it, I hope it don’t just tease us a little and then stop, would love to see a good rain.

Night folks

Little busy today

Bird: Another Carolina Chickadee.
Carolina Chikadee_9142
Carolina Chickadee_2514

Wild Flower and weed.

Exercise: Not a lot today but some. A short slow walk with the ladies this morning, a short bike ride and little walking around the camp ground. I have kept up my stretching too.

Busy: As it turns out it was just a little busy today and that surprised me. A few leaving and a few coming in.

Night folks

Wind, lots of wind

Walk: I enjoyed my walk this morning, the weather was just right for it. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.55mi, time: 01:18:05, pace: 22:01min/mi, speed: 2.72mi/h.
I have been keeping up with my stretching, not gaining or losing any flexibility, which will do for now.

Friend: Jim the fellow I met on the south side of Lake Havasu moved to this area too, and wants me to go with him on another boat ride and I may go. It is kind of neat to ride up and down the river.

Wind: The wind has been very persistent as expected this time of year here in the southwest. Huffing and puffing is what it is doing and a very good job of it too 😦

Bird of the week: This is a Williamson’s Sapsucker and I took this picture in Cloudcroft, NM which is the one and only time I have ever seen this bird.
Williamson's Sapsucker_6935

Night folks

A move, not far

Moved: My new location is not that far from my old one, maybe 25 miles. I’m on the north side of Lake Havasu now at a spot I stayed at on the way down, back in Oct. Here is the new place. My next move will be in no more than two weeks and I’m not sure where I’ll end up but it will be a big move to the east, well compare to this move anyways 😛

Exercise/stretching: No exercise for a couple of days, the knees 😦 I’ll give the knees a break. I did a little stretching yesterday and we’ll see about today.

Rain in the desert! : Yes, we got just a little rain, hopefully it will settle the dust some. Later update, not enough to settle the dust, LOL.

Wild flower: Took this shot the other day, just goofing around.

Weather: It is very cool here for April, which is okay, seeing as it could be really hot by now. I bet one day soon it will be too hot for my taste here in Havasu, probably one day next week.

Night folks

The evils of one bad meal

Weight 187 /Diet: 😦  That is what I get for having just one bad meal. This is the bad thing about a low carb diet, you simply can’t do any high carb days. When starting a low carb diet you lose 10 to 20 pounds within the first couple of weeks, unfortunately I am near sure it would go the other way too, if you decided to change to another way of eating, you would gain that much back in only two weeks. Gaining 10 to 20 pounds is enough to stop me from ever wanting to change diets! The truth is this diet works pretty dang good for me even if I am over my target weight by 7 pounds. Most important is that I like eating this way for the most part, I don’t have to go around feeling hungry. Yes I do like a bad meal sometimes but not often.
My diet before had me over by 100 pounds, so you can see the big picture here. Of course, my diet before was the (see-food diet, I see food and I eat it) LOL. So in the big picture, I have to keep reminding myself 7 or 8 pounds is not a disaster. However, after being able to lose a 100 pounds it is aggravating that I can’t control the bottom ten pounds of my weight. You would think that after being able to get a grip on losing that much weight, that controlling the bottom ten pounds would be child’s play, but it don’t work that way, does it?

Exercise: I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.84mi, time: 55:34, pace: 5:08min/mi, speed: 11.71mi/h.

Stretching: I did a little stretching today and it felt pretty good considering I have not done any stretching for three days. I guess I’m getting to some stretching about three or four times a week.

City: This afternoon I took a trip into Lake Havasu, just for something to do mostly. I did enjoy just running the roads with nothing much to accomplish.

Night Folks