It’s a Sunday

Yes a lazy Sunday is upon us, one last day off for me. I think I will do a little shopping today and later on maybe a bike ride.

This morning I was playing around in Windows and realized that I had installed Skype the app instead of the desktop version of Skype. I changed this right away. Man, the apps are just desktop hogs, when it comes to using space on the screen. If you want to talk to someone on Skype and use another program while chatting it would not work out to well with the app Skype. You know, thinking on this ………… if Microsoft really wanted to make in roads in the mobile area, one the things that I would like to see changed is the ability to see as many apps on a tablet or phone as I like with screens that could be sized as I like. In other words make the app world like the desktop world and not the other way around. I think this would be a good selling point for me. Yes, I like the ideal of re-sizable apps! There are a few apps that do this now and I have one called, Stick It, and it is a video app that I use to play podcast, needless to say it is one of my favorites.

I could not get an encryption software to work on all my devices, it is possible but it is not happening for me, I am missing something. I guess the big thing is I don’t know much about Linux. No matter, I took the long road and I am using two pieces of software, one to sync from Windows to Linux (Truecryt) and one to sync from Windows to Android (BoxCryptor) and I use Bropbox for the cloud in both cases. Both these pieces of software make a Drive on your computer so when I update a file that I want everywhere, I then  just drop that file in both Drives and then everything is synced with Bropbox.

Today is another nice cool day here in Deming, it is great that we are having these days of cooler weather, but it is sure not to last long, with it being near mid May already.

Time for a new bird and this week it is a Northern Cardinal on a rainy day in KY around 6 years ago. I would think that this is a summer rain and I was sating on the pouch with my camera on a tripod and just enjoying myself, I miss those days sometimes but not enough that I want to go back. No, I am never going back, it is just a part of my pass.

Enough for today, later.


Lazy Sunday

It is lazy Sunday but I still may do some kind of exercise today. Man it was cool this morning (for here) and it is making my old bones ache. Stop that, mother nature! Without leaving the country don’t know of a warmer place than here, so I will make do, seeing as it is so much better than most other choices.

Bird of the week; I am updating my bird (top right of blog) and this is a Gold Finch and the picture was taken in KY, at least 6 years ago. Looks like this bird is saying “WHAT THE …….”  I wish a had lots of money so I could get around much more and see all my bird friend everywhere. That is OK, there are lots of birds wherever one goes.

Time to eat (12:20pm) and I think I will have ham, a vegetable stir fry …….. and my second glass of tea 🙂      45 minutes later, there I am feed and enjoying my tea, mmmm good.

OK it has come around to about 2 pm and the warmer part of the day so I think I will get out of my big old chair and check the outdoors conditions out and maybe do something to living up the body a little. Back in a bit.

I am back and no exercise to speak of but I did do my stretching. Took a short walk with the camera but no pictures worth keeping.

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