Sunset and Sunrise

Pictures: One of each today 🙂



Exercise: I walked 2 miles yesterday and today.

Night Folks

Clouds and Rain

Pictures: Here today it is very cloudy and raining so I look back a bit and here are couple shots from Parker, one sunrise and one sunset.

Sunrise over Parker, AZ.

Sunset Parker, Az. This is another from one of a favorite evenings.

Exercise: I walk only about a mile today … The rain.

Weather: Cloudy, cold and rainy, the heat wave is over!

Night folks

Sunrise this morning

Pictures: I woke this morning to see a beautiful sunrise happening. I was near too late getting up to get the shots but still it was fairly nice.



Exercise: There is a small canyon behind the area where I am camped and this morning I took a little walk in it and I am kicking myself for not taking the camera. I walked upon a immature Red Tail Hawk and It was setting beside a creek and I think maybe it was trying it’s fishing skills. I sat for fifteen minutes just watching it from about 50 feet away, it didn’t seem to mind. It would jump from rock to rock and look around for bit each time. When leaving I walked within 20 feet of it and it just sat there watching me 🙂 I also seen two Great Blue Herons, lots of Cliff Swallows and other smaller birds too. Needless to say I think it was a fine walk!

Weather: We got rain, a hard one at that!

Night folks


Pictures: A Yucca, nice evening shot and a sunrise shot.

The Yucca are in full swing here.
Yucca 7D1_3818

Evening view with the Florida Mountains in the background.
Ranch 7D1_3816

Ranch 7D1_3815

Internet: I have had no internet for a couple of days 😦

This is late afternoon two days later from the time I wrote this post so

Afternoon Folks 😮