Wild Flower and Sunset

Pictures: It is as the title says.



Exercise : I walked a couple of miles this morning.

Night Folks


Sunset Parking

Pictures: Here is a sunset shot and a shot of me enjoying it 🙂


This is my kind of parking!

Exercise: I got back to it this morning after being very lazy yesterday.

Night Folks

Another of the Sunset

Pictures: This is just another shot of the sunset from yesterday’s photo and it is a little closer shot, maybe you can see the bird in this one 🙂 Also one more of the Gambel’s Quail.Sunset-4-7D1-042318


Apps: I have run across a app that I like. I am one that hates all the permission that apps ask for so when I see a poplar kind of app that has few or no permission I jump on it. One of the kind of apps that abuse permission is weather apps and I found this one (Klara Weather), it has much less permission than the others, so I’m giving it a try, so far I like it.

I guess accuracy is important so comparing forecast … comparing highs for today and tomorrow Klara = 82/86, AccuWeather =84/86, Under Ground weather, 84/88. So maybe Klara runs a little cool but nothing I can’t live with.

Exercise: I walked 2 miles this morning.

Night Folks


Pictures: Sunset on a cloudy day and there is a bird in there too, can you see it?
Doctors: Yesterday I seen the doctors for the last time this round. Concerns ……. Blood sugar levels 5.7 right on the border (Got to give up the donuts 😦 )! Blood Pressure, high and I knew that and the docs are adjusting the medicine to take care of that. They give me one medicine about three weeks back and I didn’t react too well to that (side affects, still having them) so I am trying a second one.
The cause to all the above, weight that I gain over the last 2 years 😦 ( Bad Donuts! )

I walked a couple miles today.

Night Folks

Caballo Mountain and Percha Dam

Pictures: I can’t help myself, when the sun sets, this mountain just calls out to me to have its picture taken 🙂


My friend (Bruce) and I drove through Percha Dam State Park and took I took this shot of the Dam.

Flickr: Well Flickr has been sold again! Reading over in the Flickr Forum there seem to be a more positive attitude for the most part because it is a Photo related business that has bought Flickr this time, and not someone like the giant Verizon and there is going to be a better User Agreement it seems. We’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure!
Oh the new owners …. Smugmug! Would love to hear what some of you folks think about the new deal if you have read up on it.

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Two of the Same

Pictures: Yesterday I posted two pictures pretty much the same except one had the shadows pull out a bit more than the other. That was not my intent 😦 . I like to post two of the same sunset but one a lot wilder than the other and I processes images to do that but uploaded the wrong one on the second upload. Today I’ll give you a wide view of the sunset 🙂

A wilder view.Sunset-Rockhound-12-7D1-031418

My friend and I in the evening sunset.Rockhound-sunset-4-7D1-031618

Night Folks