Couple Sunsets

Pictures: Here is two sunset from two different days over the last week or so.



The Weather is Beautiful!

Slide Floor: About 10 years ago I had to repair the floor of the Slide in the RV and I replaced it with a much heavier floor and that is causing me a few problems and I am having to add some supports under the slide. I needed to build them which I have done and now I need to put them in. My friend Barry who is a very good hand at such things is helping me, thankfully. Only a few years ago I would have done this in a day or two but I am now taking my time and it is taking a week or two. Old RV are like old cars, they need working on from time to time.

Night Folks


Changing Weather

Pictures: Had such nice days and then this ….


Here is a sunset from a nicer day.

Not done yet : I hit the publish button by accident 😀 ! I am sure there must be another line or two in me!

Socializing Online and understand one’s Limitations: I must not be very good at this online thing ….. I see folks that have so much going on with their blogs and I have no ideal were they get the time to do as much with them as they do. The main reason I turned off my “likes” was that I just could not find the time to go to each blog and take the time to read them and return the “like”. Even when I did this only a couple times a week it was trying for me to read the 50 or 60 blogs. Very time-consuming!!

So I have tried to slow it down a bit … by only allowing comments. This way I can find the time to go to the blogs that comment and give them a fair read and spend a fair amount of time with them enjoying photos, recipes, paintings, poems and other fun things.

Now of the aforementioned things, I have only a pretty fair understanding of the photos. When it comes to recipes I might not fully understand how all that comes together but I can often tell that would be a plate I could enjoy! As for the poems … I am even more lost, but I think of them like race cars, I might not know how to fine tune one but I can tell that one is fine tuned by how well it goes around the track! Also with poems I like to dream of being able to write so fine of words in such poetic fashion, but if you read my blog ….. we both know that is never-never and I mean never going to happen!!! LOL. As for paintings … well they are very much like the poems for me! It is all well and good, in the end …. I’ll take a fine photo of it 😀

There you go, my talking post of the quarter, I promise I won’t do it again for months 😏

I think I’ll call this post to an end early today!

Night Folks

Rainbow and Sunset

Pictures: I seen this piece of Rainbow peeking out of the sky the other day so this is my version of bring it to life and here is another nice sunset at the RV park.



Weather: It one of them lazy days for sure, overcast and cooler than most days.

Night Folks


Tired: I login to WordPress yesterday evening but I just set there looking at the page, I was just to beat to post. So as I reopen the blog this morning all I had on it was the title “Tired” LOL.
A good night rest has worked wonders 🙂

Pictures: Here is a Sunset here in the RV park where I am.


Solar: Yesterday’s work on the two panels was all about completing the mounting/attaching panels to the roof and now all that is left is to add a little more sealant. Then … there is two more panels! I knew it was going to be a big job for me but doubling my charging power is well worth the effect.

Weather: The nights have been a little cool but the days have been good working weather. Today was beautiful.

Solar : Nothing going on today with solar, had other things going on. Tomorrow the weatherman says it will be windy so I am not likely to get anything done but a couple of days rest is always a good thing!

Night Folks

Another of the Sunset

Pictures: This is just another shot of the sunset from yesterday’s photo and it is a little closer shot, maybe you can see the bird in this one 🙂 Also one more of the Gambel’s Quail.Sunset-4-7D1-042318


Apps: I have run across a app that I like. I am one that hates all the permission that apps ask for so when I see a poplar kind of app that has few or no permission I jump on it. One of the kind of apps that abuse permission is weather apps and I found this one (Klara Weather), it has much less permission than the others, so I’m giving it a try, so far I like it.

I guess accuracy is important so comparing forecast … comparing highs for today and tomorrow Klara = 82/86, AccuWeather =84/86, Under Ground weather, 84/88. So maybe Klara runs a little cool but nothing I can’t live with.

Exercise: I walked 2 miles this morning.

Night Folks