Ten apps to help you blog on Android tablets

1.  WordPress; This one is great if you are a WordPress Blogger. Bloggers app, if you use Google blog.

2. Evernote; If your blog is neither of the above, Evernote could be very helpful. Evernote is a great app for other things too and comes with cloud storage. Great little note keeper.

3. Merriam Webster; Dictionary, there are many dictionary available. Just pick your favorite.

4. Easy Text to Speech; I use this one to read back what I have written, great for catching typos and other little grammar mistakes. (And you know I don’t catch them all, if you read my blog much 😯 )

5. IVONA Text to Speech; This is a much better voice than Google voice, and this is added to the app above for a better Text to Speech experience.

6. Clipper;  is a clipboard manager that I find very useful.

7. Swype keyboard; If you are on one of the latest Android versions you can swipe away on the Google Keyboard, if not I highly recommend one of the 3rd party keyboards that will allow you to swipe instead of typing.

8. Google maps; I often blog my location and Google maps is just the best for this, other bloggers will mention places that you may want to look up too, just a all-around handy little tool. There are other maps too.

9. Google translator; If you do much blogging sooner or later you going to want to read somebody’s blog that don’t write your language, Google translator will allow you to do this.

10. SwipePad; My latest app that I am enjoying, helps make multitasking on the Android much easier. There are a couple of other multitasking tools that will also help with android.

There you go, ten apps to help you blog with an Android tablet.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.37mi, time: 49:45, pace: 21:00min/mi, speed: 2.86mi/h.
Looks like I got near 3 miles today, maybe tomorrow will be a good walk 🙂 somewhere between 6 to 12 miles hopefully. I did top off my exercise with some stretching today.

Today’s weather for the most part looks like it will be near the same as yesterday but with little peaks of sun now and then. Feels a good bit warmer too with little to no wind today. Update 02:12pm: mostly sunny 🙂 I like that. My solar system has got the batteries completely charged, good deal.

Night folks

Walk and a app

Took me a walk this morning and I am waiting to see just how the knee feels about it all! Felt good to be out and about.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.63mi, time: 01:41:19, pace: 21:52min/mi, speed: 2.74mi/h.

There are some mountains about 2 miles away ……. I didn’t get to climb in them but I at least made it to the base of the mountain 🙂 Man I hope the knee don’t fuss too much.

The weather is tops today, sunny and warm, my kind of weather.

Just found me a great app! Another one of these things ” Google why ain’t this a default feature?” LOL. The app is
. This is one of those apps that make you wonder why it is not part of the android system to start with. If you are an android user and switch between apps a lot like I do, I recommend you give this one a try.

Going backwards on one thing that I try to accomplish most of the time and that is to run as least background apps as possible. Text to speech app , Avast security , Clipper clipboard, Adblock plus and now Siwpepad are all apps running in the background. One of these days I will figure out which way I am going!

Hey ……. I guess it is almost a new year, so a big Happy New Years to everyone, May all your Resolutions be yours to command 🙂

Night folks