Weight 185.2: I should just get a big rock and weigh it everyday, would be the same as weighing me, always the same!  LOL. I’ll just keep at it.

Weather: This morning I am up early and there is a bit of a chill to the air and that is reminding me that I don’t want to get out of here too early in the year. I prefer it to be a too warm than too cold.

Keyboard for Android: I guess I have settled on the Swype Keyboard. The Google Keyboard has one feature that I miss and that is by touching the button for the numbers pad and sliding to the number or symbol it will put that number or symbol in the text box that you are using and then return the keyboard to the letters by itself. Note: The number/symbols show without releasing once you touch the key on the Google Keyboard. On the Swype Keyboard you have to touch and release the button for numbers and symbols and then touch the number or symbol you want and then once again touch the button to return to the letters. However the one thing that the Swype Keyboard has that the Google Keyboard don’t is the cut and paste feature that is kind of like Windows. To copy text, you must highlight it and then you can simply slide your finger from the ” Swype Key” to the ” c key”, No big deal. This however is a big deal to me, once the text is in the clipboard and I want to paste, I make sure the cruiser is where I want my paste to be and Swype from the ” Swype Key” to the ” c key” and bang I’ve just did my paste.
Okay these are the two trade offs that are important to me, and I do a lot of cut and paste, so the Swype keyboard is the one for me. Well, at least for now.

Windows Tablets: A friend of my just bought a Windows tablet and it got me to thinking about getting one. I have done a lot of reading on them and I have decided that the Windows tablets are still too far behind to get one just yet. Also Windows is like Apple they want everything done their way, by that I mean they do not allow much customizing of their tablets. Google’s Android is the leader if you ask me, they allow far more flexibility in their OS for customization which is important to me. If you don’t mind doing things the “set” way than Apple would be the one. Windows touch, I think is best on a full computer (like a laptop or desktop with a touch screen)  and just not ready for a tablet or phone. This is just my thinking on it, your miles may vary.

With the above in mind my next tablet will be a Android. There are rumors of a Nexus 8 that may come out this year at a very competitive price and if so maybe that will be my next tablet. If you want to know all the specs rumored, just do a Google search for Nexus 8.

Shopping/goofing off trip: I took a ride into Lake Havasu and goofed off for a bit. I looked up the bicycle shops and found a tire for my bike and got some water for the RV and drinking. I stopped by Walmart for a couple of items too.

Exercise: Not today.

Night folks

Ten apps to help you blog on Android tablets

1.  WordPress; This one is great if you are a WordPress Blogger. Bloggers app, if you use Google blog.

2. Evernote; If your blog is neither of the above, Evernote could be very helpful. Evernote is a great app for other things too and comes with cloud storage. Great little note keeper.

3. Merriam Webster; Dictionary, there are many dictionary available. Just pick your favorite.

4. Easy Text to Speech; I use this one to read back what I have written, great for catching typos and other little grammar mistakes. (And you know I don’t catch them all, if you read my blog much 😯 )

5. IVONA Text to Speech; This is a much better voice than Google voice, and this is added to the app above for a better Text to Speech experience.

6. Clipper;  is a clipboard manager that I find very useful.

7. Swype keyboard; If you are on one of the latest Android versions you can swipe away on the Google Keyboard, if not I highly recommend one of the 3rd party keyboards that will allow you to swipe instead of typing.

8. Google maps; I often blog my location and Google maps is just the best for this, other bloggers will mention places that you may want to look up too, just a all-around handy little tool. There are other maps too.

9. Google translator; If you do much blogging sooner or later you going to want to read somebody’s blog that don’t write your language, Google translator will allow you to do this.

10. SwipePad; My latest app that I am enjoying, helps make multitasking on the Android much easier. There are a couple of other multitasking tools that will also help with android.

There you go, ten apps to help you blog with an Android tablet.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.37mi, time: 49:45, pace: 21:00min/mi, speed: 2.86mi/h.
Looks like I got near 3 miles today, maybe tomorrow will be a good walk 🙂 somewhere between 6 to 12 miles hopefully. I did top off my exercise with some stretching today.

Today’s weather for the most part looks like it will be near the same as yesterday but with little peaks of sun now and then. Feels a good bit warmer too with little to no wind today. Update 02:12pm: mostly sunny 🙂 I like that. My solar system has got the batteries completely charged, good deal.

Night folks

My Workout

A little walk and a little stretch 🙂 I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.17mi, time: 43:11, pace: 19:54min/mi, speed: 3.02mi/h.
I will add a little more to the stretching later today. 2:30 pm update; added some good stretching.

This is not the best area I have been in for birding, but like all places there is always birds around somewhere. I took a little birding walk today(didn’t get close enough for pictures) and seen Gnatcatchers, Phainopepla and a Great Horned Owl(that I scared off of its roast before knowing it was there, sorry my feather friend 😦 ). When I next go into that area I’ll be watching closer.

Today I looked around for a clipboard managers that would work on both Android and Windows, but I had no luck on that one. For Windows I use Ditto and for Android I use Clipper. Both do a great job, but I wish I had one that would work on both and sync by cloud, that would be nice. Maybe one will come later.

When I started using tablets I thought that there would be no way I could use them to blog with but as it turns out, I can! A little practice goes a long way. I can Swipe just about as quick as I can type and I can certainly dictate even faster. The speech recognition on the android is pretty dang good when I use the android keyboard. When I use the Swype Keyboard its Dragon’s speech recognition that is built into the Swype keyboard. Both do pretty good.

Night folks

Walking again :)

And not hurting, very good indeed. I still feel it but it is more normal feeling now.  Exercise today was 3.3 miles at a slow pace but a good walk. Nice to have a fellow walker around to walk with, Max my friend likes to walk too.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.31mi, time: 01:20:03, pace: 24:13min/mi, speed: 2.48mi/h.

This morning was coolish as expected, but at 2pm it is nice out. I do like these nice warm days.

The accuracy of the Swype keyboard is bugging me a little, if it is going to learn it best be getting with it if I am to keep using it! There are some words that it don’t seen to like, for example the word ” you” gives me ” yippy, hooky, thou, you” so four tries, to get it. There are a couple more that do that, but I do like some of the extras that it has. We’ll play with it for a while longer and hopefully it will get better.

Night folks

Great walk

Now, I just hope the knees think it was a great walk too. I so enjoyed the walk today, made me feel good. Was not a very fast walk but still ….. I am happy with it. I did just a little stretching before and after the walk, so maybe that will help.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.59mi, time: 02:06:59, pace: 22:44min/mi, speed: 2.64mi/h.

For those of you that are not familiar with MayMyWalk, once the page loads and you see the map, click on the little 3D icon and you can walk with me on my walk. It is a lot faster than I 😉
/////////////// ///////////// ////// ///////////
The weather has been very good over the last few days, yet another plus ……. Now if maybe I could just win the lottery! LOL, guess I’ll just have to make do!

You know if I sound happier in my writing after some good exercise it is because I am, exercise just makes me feel happy.

Those of you that have read along on the blog know that I have recently switched to the Swype keyboard. Well just for an update on this, I am finding that the default android keyboard is more accurate but I have not used the Swype keyboard long, it supposedly learns as you go along and should get better, we’ll see. However out of the box I think the android keyboard is more accurate. The Swype keyboard does have a few nicer features, such as navigation and cut-and-paste kind of built in.

Catching up a little today on the blog with all my interaction with folks, I get a little behind sometimes.

Night folks