Getting that solar love

Sunshine: We are definitely getting some of that solar love this morning. I love a sunny day even if it is cooler. The weather man is predicting a few of these sunny days in a row and I look forward to that, after all the cloudy ones we had.

Exercise: Just another 2 mile walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.46mi, time: 46:07, pace: 18:47min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.

Tablet: I’m still liking my new Samsung Tablet, and I find that I use it a lot more than I was thinking I would. It is begaining to be the most use computer type device in the RV, the laptop is getting lonely. While in the boondocks battery life is a big deal and the tablet is doing pretty good, much better than the laptop with it’s 4 year old battery 😆

For this next job I do have to fire up the computer, photo editing. I can post pictures that I already have done but I can’t see trying to edit on a tablet, not yet anyways.

Pictures: Took a little nature walk today(I need to do more of these) and snaped a couple of shots. I’ll have two more shots of these guys tomorrow. Click for bigger images.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.
Gantcater Black-tailed TomWells 7D_1598

ButterFly TomWells 7D_1605

Night folks


Busy: I am busy getting ready for my move, after setting all summer things are all out of place o_O I think I have near got things in order.

I am so ready to go, but as it is every time I leave a place after being there for a few months I feel the excitement of moving on but also I feel a little sadness of leaving a great place and new friends. I have had a great summer. Thanks to a great staff (Steve, Mike, Mannuel, George, Mario and Amanda ). Wishing all the best to the bunch of you 🙂 Bueno mis amigos.

Also I had a few campers (now friends 🙂 ) that returned to my area of the camp ground all summer and they too made my stay great, ( Jeanne, Barbara, Nancy and others) thanks ladies!

Exercise: I had a nice 2 mile walk this morning with my friend Jeanne ( Thanks Jeanne 🙂 ). Added a little stretching in the afternoon.

Pictures: Good Bye Storrie Lake State Park.




Desktop: It is time ….. to shut down the desktop computer and it may be a while before I fire it back up because I don’t use the desktop in the boon-docks, I only use the laptop and tablet. If I fire up the desktop in the boon-docks it is to update it. I will miss my big screen 😦

Night Folks

Lonely Tablet

Tablet: My tablet has not gotten much use since I’ve been hooked-up to electric. The desktop has gotten all the action over the pass few days, so this morning I’m using the tablet to start my post. It is kind of nice to pick it up, push the button and be ready to go. Of course, I can turn on the computers in the morning and just leave them on all day, and they wake fast from sleep stage.

Hooked-up: Even though I do fine without being hooked-up to electric, water and sewer, I do miss having all the electric and water I want to use. I guess we get a little spoiled with the things we take for granted in life. I grew up with none of these things, so I truly do appreciate them.

Chili: No not the cold kind, the Wendy’s kind 🙂 My friend and I took a little ride out today and I had me some Wendy’s chili, a little treat that I have from time to time.

Walk: Morning walk, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi, time: 44:47, pace: 19:32min/mi, speed: 3.07mi/h. Link to walk I think that while walking around doing my work today, I’ve added another two miles.

Night folks

New Bird

Exercise: I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.76mi, time: 49:39, pace: 4:37min/mi, speed: 13.00mi/h.  Good ride.

Workout Summary :
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 03/17/2014 – 03/23/2014
6 workouts
5 routes
41.8 miles, Bike riding about 30 miles of the total
6.9 hours
3,063 kCal burned

Bird of the week: I’m slipping again by not getting the bird of the week updated on time. Better late then never? This weeks bird is the Gray Catbird.

Gray Catbird_7202
Gray Catbird

Laptop: I have the Laptop fired-up today for a change of pace. I have gotten so I can go days now without using any kind of computing device other than the tablet. That is kind of handy.

Lunch: That will be a Pork chop, a small salad and a small amount of peanuts. It is cooking now 🙂
hmmmm hmmmm was good 🙂

Night folks

Tools for Android

I have been using my tablet (Nexus 7) about 80% of the time anymore for my blogging and internet surfing and as I go along I gather more and more little tools to help out. Of course my favorite tool/app is the WordPress app ❗ Next are the tools that help me write, if you have read my blog much you know that writing is not my strong suit! The first tool is build in to all the mobile devices and that is speech recognition which would be hard for me to live without. I am the world’s worst speller and if I can’t spell it, I can pronounce it, sometimes pronounce it, if my heavy Southern drawl accent don’t get in the way, speech recognition is very helpful. As you see from reading my blog I don’t use big words but still I come across words I can’t spell and then, I will try to speak them and sometimes the tablet just don’t get my Southern drawl and will not recognize what it is that I am saying. Oh boy, when this happens it makes me angry after about ten tries and I will sometimes slip up and give it a good cursing, which of course the dang thing will recognize right off the bat and print it up on my screen! And then I will kind of look at it in surprise and wonder if I threw it hard enough if it would go through the window and outside! LOL! Thank goodness I have not give it a good pitch yet, and so those times turn into little breaks 🙂

LOL, okay on with the tools! The next tool/app that I use is the Easy Text To Speech app on my Nexus 7 and on my computer I use Microsoft’s (SPA15 TTSAPP). The Easy Text To Speech app will speak what ever you copy to the clipboard. I use this to play back what I have written and that often helps me catch little mistakes (Not always). Another tool that is build into most devices now-a-days is the swiping keyboards, they work very well once you practice for a while. On my computer I use a clipboard manager (Ditto) to same my clips which comes in very handy. Today I installed a clipboard manager for the tablet called (Clipper) and I am going to give it a try, so far so good. One last tool that is build in to all the devices is the spell checker, I surely could not live without this.

If you are like me and simple ain’t no writer, but want/need to write something anyways, the above apps will help, I recommend them for all non-writers, that are going to try writing anyways.

It is turkey day one of 2013, so happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating the day.
 photo turkey2.jpg
 photo arg-turkey-strut-url.gif

Exercise; I took a pretty fair walk today with the park host (Elaine) (maybe 3 miles round trip)  and we plan to have one more big walk, maybe up the same canyon, It is definitely worth seeing more than once. It is nice to have a walking friend while here at Chiriaco. I am glad that I ended up staying here at Chiriaco and not at the Cottonwood exit. I got someone to walk with, the truck stop is handy for little things, I have a place to get water for the RV and there is plenty of places to walk very near by. All these little things are making my stay more pleasant.

Okay it is time for the weather …… 🙂   didn’t think you was going to escape that did you? It is cool, the new slimmer me don’t much like this cooler temperature but there is not much to be done about it. It is surprising how much a 100 pound weight loss can change your weather preference 😯 It is really not all that bad, but I like trying to live without heat and it is just not working out here, the evenings get a bit cool so I fire up the heater for 2 to 3 hours in the evening. The heater is turned off when it is bed time and once I am off to bed, I am good to go because I just pull on more cover if I get cold. The colder weather makes me sleep-in too, I just don’t much want to get out of bed when it is cold. I often peek through the window shade to see how high the sun is 😈 before getting up.

Night folks

Rain slowing down

Most of the morning has been pretty nice, now the afternoon is setting in with lots of clouds. Anyways, the morning’s weather give me time to get out for a good walk, something over 2 miles I would think. The weatherman says the afternoon will be cloudy and the rain will come late in the day, so maybe I’ll get out for another short walk, hope so. I have felt kind of stuck in the RV over the last few days. The weatherman says it will be getting better this week, and I do look forward to that! Ah shucks, here comes the rain 😦  l can not tell a lie ….. I am sick of this rain! Only takes about three or four lines to go from cloudy to rain, LOL.

Of late I have been using Evernote to do my blogging and the more I play with it, the more I like it. One,  when I use Evernote it will sync with all my computers and devices so I have my last work no matter what computer or device I am on and two, it has this neat little set location button that will use my device ( tablet) to mark the location of where I wrote the text/note. Not sure how I might use that, but nice to know it is there. Evernote is like I lot of software I have, I only use a small part of what it will do.

Speaking of my tablet, I can not say enough good things about it. One, I have used it much more than my computer through all this bad weather because it uses so little battery power, two, it works really well with my kind of bogging and net cruising. I pick it up for a couple of minutes and put a line or two on my blog, put it down and then pick it back up in a few minutes and look something up on the net. I use my tablet like this about every day. With my MiFi device almost always on I am on the net as soon as I turn the tablet on, so handy. When I got a 7 inch tablet I was a little worry about the size of it vs a 10 inch tablet but the 7 inch tablet has work out fine. Typing/ getting the text in, is another thing I worry about but to tell you the truth with the swiping keyboards it has turn out to be a none issue. I got so I half way like this swiping thing, LOL.

Rain report …… (See what happens when you read an old man’s blog, you get a weather report! ) Came a good rain for a little over an hour and we now have sunshine, whoopee! Well at least, the sun pokes it’s head out now and then. Good to see any sun!


Cloudy day

The day has started out very cloudy, it could possibly rain again today. It is much needed here as it is in all of NM. I wonder if there is much rain happening down south in NM? I will have to call down and talk with my friend later on today, I know that the southern part of the state really needs the rain bad.

I think I am going to really enjoy my stay here at Storrie Lake, everything is just too handy. I like it! The most liked thing without a doubt, is my internet connection at 4G speeds, yes I am addicted!

I was not sure how well I was going to like a MiFi device (4720L) vs my old air card, but I am taking to it like a duck to water. I find it every so handy to use vs the air card. I especially like it when I want to use my tablet for a bit, like now, to get my blog post started for the day. With the air card I would had to fire up the computer and Verizon Manager or have the air card plugged into a wireless router, now all I have to do is hit the button on the MiFi and in less than a minute I am doing my thing on the net.
You know, as I think about it, my method of internet use is really starting to change …… I have move from the desktop to the laptop and now I am really starting to use the tablet a lot more of late, even when the conditions are right to use the computers I often turn to the tablet. All this new small technology is starting to grow on me. Hey, maybe I will be texting before long, LOL, no I think not! You know, as I think about it, my method of internet use is really starting to change …… I have move from the desktop to the laptop and now I am really starting to use the tablet a lot more of late, even when the conditions are right to use the computers I often turn to the tablet. All this new small technology is starting to grow on me. Hey, maybe I will be texting before long, LOL, no I think not! There are still things that a computer is a, must use, for me though, such as doing my pictures and a few other things. But man oh man, I do love how quick I can get on the net, with my tablet using the MiFi.

Exercise; Yesterday I added an hours wroth of walking to my day and today I walked for maybe 45 minutes.

I still have not gotten out to take any pictures of the park, but I will get to that sooner or later. It is not a bad park at all but the thing I like most about it is the the convenience of it’s nearness to stores. This is most convenient State Park I have been  in yet. I don’t always have to be close to the city but after being really far away for a month it feels pretty nice to have everything near by.

Today I have most of my email caught up, just a few more to go. Later

Nice bike ride

Today a I rode 17.5 miles at a slower pace of about 11.5 miles an hour. After getting back, I did a little bit of stretching , so I’m all set for today.

Tomorrow my friend and I might go into town (Yuma) and mess around for while visiting friends, shopping, and whatnot.

I cooked up another port pot roast today and it was not too bad, I’ll have another round of it later today.

I am again using the tablet to post with today, and I am liking it better for this use each time I post with it. Between the swiping and the voice recognition it is getting easier to use all the time. I am slowly getting better at using it to post to the blog. I like the technology of the new kids, now if we can just get them to stop doing it while they are driving!

I enjoy it when my friend (Max) is hanging out with me, we both like talking tech stuff, not that either one of us is all that high-tech but we both enjoy the tech stuff. I guess all this high-tech stuff just fascinate us old dudes!

OK, I am back on the laptop now with a nice keyboard to type with. 🙂   The tablet is handy for adding one liners and then catching up to them later on the computer too. Good for making a fast voice entry.

I am going to get off this computer and join my friend outside, so later.

Borke spoke

Broke spoke on the bike. Yesterday after riding I notice that the wheel was wobbling more than it should so I got a tool to adjust the spokes and found one broke. I will have to find a bicycle shop to buy a spoke or a wheel or just have them fix it. If I had been smart I guess I would have kept a few spokes when I had the wheel replace last time. I need to start doing my owe work on the bike anyway. We’ll see. I will stop at the bicycle shop one day next week when I go into Casa Grande.

For exercise today I took a very short walk of 2 miles. I will probably walk tomorrow too, seeing as my bike is kind broke down. I don’t mind walking for a few days.

Windows 8 and metro apps, I am just not finding much need for metro apps on the computer. I have everything I need in desktop apps. I am sure one day I will find a metro app that I can not live without, but not just yet. I can see it being handy if one is totally used to getting their information this way but I am not, not just yet. I think as smaller device take over more and more of the jobs of computers the metro apps will become more center to our life’s. It is taking me a while to make the switch, but I do find myself reaching for the phone or the tablet a lot more lately, even when I am on the computer. Maps and information is just so fast on them as compare to the computer. For example, I pick up the tablet just a bit ago hit the “Google Talk” button and asked “Bicycle shop in Casa Grande, AZ”   and had a phone number and address in about 2 seconds. Shoot that’s better than a smart wife ………. and a lot cheaper  ❗     LOL. So maybe if Windows 8 starts to get that kind of apps on the desktop with the controls to turn speech recognition on and off as needed, maybe I can see using them.  As it is now it would take me a minute or two to get speak recognition going.  After writing this I had to try things out and it don’t work near as well on the computer. LOL , not yet.

Geetting ready for the day

I am up and getting ready for my work day. Next week I will start my 3 days on and 4 off, the 3 on will be a long weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday but them I will have 4 days off in a roll, in which I will like very much. It will give me time to do some things when I want to or some of that chill out time I like.

Not sure what kind of day it will be at work today, busy or not, hopefully I will be able to get out of the office some, to mess around doing a little work outside. I like to do  some outside as it gives me some exercise. This year I walk a lot more while I am working and that helps with exercise, which I need. Last year my weight kept me off my feet more, too much walking last year and my knees would make a big fuss. My knees still kind of fuss if I do too much but I can do a good bit more this year than I could last year without the knees hurting. A good thing indeed.

One thing I will do at work today is read some of the Electric meters and that will give some walking time. (If it has not already been done). Hopefully I can remember which ones to read, I am sure I will figure it out.

Weight; I am doing OK on the weight front, I have had a little stand still for about two weeks but I think I may be moving in the downward direction again. In weight loss you get those little stand still now and again. Hopefully this one has passed.  The over all weight trend is down, thank goodness. It is so hard for me to push back from the table, but we are doing pretty well.

Tablet/Smartphone; Did you know that I use both my tablet and smart phone at work? I am a terrible speller so I use them to help me spell by using the Dictionary app and I also use them to help people find places that they want to go to. Very handy indeed. The first year I worked here I had neither and I was always getting ask where this or that was and I just had to say “I don’t know” and now I can say “wait I will see if I can find that for you” and that is much better. I do find most everything that people are looking for, where a street is, a kind of store is, post office, banks and so on. It is good to be helpful when you can. LOL, a new skill for me!

OK time to head for work, so have a great day folks.