Time for a new bird

This picture was taken back in 07, the first year I stayed in Deming NM. This is a Curve-Billed Thrasher and they just love the yucca seeds. This was my first year out RVing and everything out west was so new to me. Little did I know about things back then, here is a link, about  Deming, NM , the post was back in Oct of 07. I had been full timing a whole 2 months 🙂   This is the best part of having a blog, I can look back and see what was going on at a given time. I remember I was really loving my birding then because about every bird I seen was new to me.

Well, I can see all the times except those times I went for long periods of times without posting, but for about the last 3 years or so I have posted near everyday, so now I can always see what was happening on a given day and I like that ideal.

I will not be exercising today, I will let the knees rest after the hard ride yesterday and ride again tomorrow. I did get out and do my hamstring stretching this morning and I may take a little walk this afternoon but it will be a very short one.

The weather is almost hot today! Wow, it feels nice. I may have to pull the blinds to keep the sun out on the south side of the RV and open some windows and air vents to cool down the RV. I am betting March will be a hot month here in Wellton. All that makes it time to start thinking about a cool spot for the summer. Somewhere above 8000 feet in NM maybe?

I am frying me some chicken, a big chicken breast. I eat a lot of chicken.

Caffeine/sweetener/ soda pop; I am soda pop free for about three weeks now and caffeine/tea/sweetener free for one week today. I do miss all my drinks but most days are not to bad.

Weight; still lock in at about 190 pounds 😦   I have not given up yet but it is getting very trying!

Have a nice day folks.

The last Tea

Since I was a bit lazy for two days this week, I decided I should get out and ride the bike today, so I put 10 miles on the bike and did my stretching. I had a good ride today.

Tea, this is it  …… the last day! I got a half-gallon left so I will pour a glass here in a few minutes and pour the rest down the sink, good-bye my tea friend! LOL. It seems like the mornings are the toughest to get through without tea now but when I get to tomorrow afternoon that could all change. 😕  I don’t really think it will be to bad seeing as I only drink one glass a day now. I guess it will be like keeping the weight off, it is the long run that will be hard.

We got a little sun today but the clouds are causing it to pop in and out. Beats the last 2 or 3 days, that had no sun at all.

I may run the generator far a little while. I got a couple of things to do, vacuüm and run the desktop for a little while to get all the software updated. I think I will do that now.

The desktop was not too bad out of shape but I am still running a few things, maintenance and such.

About to start on that glass of tea ………………… I am going to have that last tea with a good plate of fish. This one will be a nice big glass, 20 ounces  🙂

Ok I am half way through that glass of tea. As I was pouring the rest down the sink and watching that beautiful golden color disappear down the drain, I glanced over to my glass of tea setting on the counter and thought “Man, I sure hope I don’t spill that glass of golden goodness” and reached out carefully to moved it a little farther back from the edge to insure it was safe! ROTFLMAO. Yes I am that nuts!!! If one can’t laugh at one’s self ………….

It is done, I will have fond members of the The last Tea.

Folks have a nice day.   🙂

Just keeps raining

Wow, the desert is getting wet, very nice. It is a bit gloomy and overcast but still, the rain is kind of nice. It has taken the desert dust down to nothing and that is a good thing. The temperature is fine, so let it rain. The weather man says it will go on raining till about Wednesday and then back to sunshine.

I took a short walk for exercise today but I haven’t done any stretching yet. Kind of been a lazy day for me and that is OK, I have one of those now and then. For now I am just chilling out and doing my blog, reading around to see what others are up to and enjoying my one glass of tea.

I guess this is my second to last glass of tea? Tomorrow when I pour my glass of tea I will empty the rest down the sink …… bye-bye, my tea friend. LOL. I think, that giving up the tea and sweetener is causing me to have a few craving-confusions, I am always looking for something to eat. Of course that is not good for my diet but I think the cravings will pass after a few days of no caffeine and artificial sweeteners. After that happens I am hoping to get a little weight loss benefit from all this. I have come to the conclusion that artificial sweeteners can cause one to maintain some fat. Not real sure of this, but we’ll see if this helps. Hopefully so Photobucket , anyways.

You know, this is the most public I have ever aired one of my bad habits, I am sure I will feel really bad if I don’t beat this one! But of course, I will beat it!!!! But it will be OK, if you folks out in blog land hold my feet to the fire, ouch!

My battery on my laptop is about 3 or maybe 4 years old (like the computer) and it has a very short capacity time. Of course, my laptop is like my desktop it is a hog when it comes to power. It has a 17 inch screen with 1920 by 1200 resolution which drinks up the power pretty fast. I guess it is something I will think about the next time I buy a computer. I am always surprise by how fast I run out of power, of course it could be that any time I pick up the computer I lose all track of time. 😯 . Anyway, it is the time (Time on the computer) that I miss when not hooked up to electric the most.

OK, enough none-sense for today, so all you folks have a nice day.

Spares Sun today

The sun is only getting out behind the clouds a minute or two now and then. Looks like we are in for a few of these kinds of days. I didn’t see the sun today till 2pm. We’ll make do 🙂 , it is still as warm as it can be, near 70° . I have fired the generator up and I will let it run for an hour or so, for now. Later on this evening I may run it again for a couple of hours. I have always been very sparingly with the generator, maybe it is time I get some good use out of it.

Exercise has been done, with 10 miles on the bike but I will miss today’s stretching I think, just to take a little break. No reason ……….. just being lazy maybe? I might find some energy here in a bit ……………

Enjoying my one glass of tea for today 😀  I could have done without it today but I will go till Monday and then give it up. I sure am sucking this for all it is worth, you think?!? LOL, I will give it up Monday, my mind is set.

I am going to be a bit sparingly on the computer power today. Later.

Light on the exercise today

I took a short ride on the bike today, around  7.5 miles, and I did it at a very slow pace. No stretching just yet either, maybe later. I did do a few things around the RV. I cleaned the solar panels, filled the fresh water tank, empty the gray tanks, checked and added water to my batteries, and lastly I ordered my mail to be sent general delivery to Wellton. That has been about it for the day, a slow one for me. It is around 3pm and I am just now getting on the computer to blog. I did turn it on earlier today but decided that I needed to do some of the chores, so I got right back off the thing and did my duties 😯

I am finishing off my one and only glass of tea for today, and today I took a little smaller glass. I am staying with the plan on this no Caffeine/sweetener thing, and Monday will be my first day in years with no caffeine in my day, wow. I am sure that I will miss my old friend caffeine for a while, LOL. Well, at least till my body and mind gets use to the ideal. I am thinking at this point, that my mental addiction will fight me harder than the physical addiction seeing as I am down to one glass a day and still look so forward to having that one glass of tea, so much. No matter, I am set in my mind, and it will be. If I put it in my blog, it has got to be so!!!!!! LOL.

Man, I am drinking a lot of water now, with it being my main drink. I think some days I am drinking 2 gallons a day …………… so all that drinking and emptying takes up a lot of my day! LOL. Well at least water is a thing you can’t over do ……. at least I don’t think you can?!?!?

The temperature today is fine, but it is a bit overcast, with the sun popping in and out from behind the clouds. I am hoping that we will get by on only one cold spell this year. That would be nice, but I bet Feb will have a cold spot or two. Hey, we could get lucky.

Cooking, I spend a lot of time cooking on this Atkins diet. I cook 4 to 5 times a day, seeing as all my meals have meats. Cooking causes a lot of dishes, dishes cause a lot of dish-washing, using up a lot of my water. I guess dishes are my number one use of water.

I went out and did my stretching so I am fit for today.

The evening is here so I think I will go out and enjoy the last of the day.


Sometimes things don’t work

My Dolphin web Browser has stopped working on my Android Phone 😦    …………. Oh well, I just loaded Firefox Mobile and I am back in business. The Dolphin Browser stopped working after an update on my older smart phone (HTC Thunderbolt), however it is running fine on my newer Nexus 7. Go figure! I like Firefox pretty well too, so it is not to big a deal. I did have to set up the sync feature in Firefox, both on the laptop and the smart phone so I could get my bookmarks on the phone. I use the Xmarks Plug-in to keep my bookmarks sync across all my Computers and devices, but it does not have support for Firefox mobile.

Tea/Sweetener; My last day for two glasses a day, tomorrow starts one glass per day. I have given up all caffeine and sweeteners once before but the last time I was able to drink juices and milk ……….. however ……… this time I am doing a diet (Atkins) and I will not be able to drink much of anything but water, or at best, very little of other kinds of drinks. Tough fight ahead, for an old dude that just loves his bad habits!

Ah shucks, got a little bit of overcast skies today. Can’t complain too loud, the weather has been beautiful, overall, and is not all that bad today even with the clouds. I think it is time to get up and out, to enjoy some of that fine weather.

Exercise; No, not today, I will chill out for today, maybe I will do a little stretching but that will be all.  I will get back on the program tomorrow.

This is all for today, later.

Early start

I got a nice early start today. Not sure what I will get into today other than the normal things I do everyday. Yes, my life is just too exciting, LOL. I like the slow pace most of the time but now and then I do get a little bored with it all.

It is supposed to hit in the 70s today, so if the wind stays down I will take a nice bike ride later on, and maybe a short walk to go with it. My knees are doing better now that I am keeping my bike rides to around 10 miles a day. I really like the longer rides but I will have to do them much less often, if I want the knees to behave.

Water; I picked up 14 gallons this morning. I don’t use a lot of water when I am out in the boondocks. I use maybe 4 gallons a day, about a gallon for my bath, and 2 to 3 gallons for dishes. I do cook 3 to 4 times a day so there is a good many dishes. I drink at least a gallon a day but that is water I get from the machines, 5 gallon for .50₵ and it is filter water. The water for the RV is just city water, which ain’t too bad here in Wellton.

12:30 and my exercise is done. Just got back from my bike ride ( 10 miles). Later this afternoon I will do a little stretching to finish things off.

Just finished off my first glass of tea. Man oh man, I think next week when I am trying to get by on one glass a day, it is going to be a fight! Bad habits are hard to break!

2pm; My stretching is done, now maybe I will take a short walk now and that will be good for today. The walk will be more for pleasure than exercise, it will be more like a stroll, while I do a little bird watching. I think  I will  do that now and when I come back I will be ready for my second glass of tea 😉

All you folks have a nice day.

Going to be hard

As I sat here having my first glass of tea, I am thinking, “man it is going to be hard to give this up”. I just love the taste, and no more than I drink you would think it is no big deal, but I really pour the artificial sweetener to it and that is the part that I want to be rid of. Unfortunately I don’t even want it without the sweetener, so maybe it is not the tea but the sweet taste that I am liking so much? No matter, by the end of the month I will drink no more tea. I have committed to staying off all sweetener for at least a month or more, and if I do start back with the tea I will keep to 2 or 3 glasses a day. Hopefully, I can adjust and just stay off the drinks with added sweetener. I will not start back on soda pop for sure, too much bad stuff in it. Next week will be only one glass of tea a day, as I slowly cut it out completely.

It is beautiful outside and I think it is time for a bike ride, 12:30 pm.

3pm; Exercise and stretching done for today. Rode the bike for 10 miles and did my usual hamstrings stretching. I may take a little birding walk here in a bit too, just to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, I think I will do that now. 🙂  Later.

Heat wave?

Wow it is almost 50 ° and it is only 11am. I like it, and tomorrow should be even better. The weather man says it will make 62 today so maybe I will get to ride the bike for exercise. I will give it another 2 hours to see where the temperature and wind is, and then decide.

Computer/updating/bandwidth; I updated LibreOffice on the laptop yesterday and it was a big one, little over 200 mbs. Updates uses a big part of your bandwidth when you only have mobile bandwidth type provider, in my case Verizon air-card. I get 5 gigs on the card. I do have the smart-phone from Verizon too and that is where I try to keep my video type downloads. I use more on the phone than the air-card, on the phone I use near 10 gigs a month.  I will be switching to someone else when my contract is up this spring. The air-card will go first and in its place I will probably get the Millenicom 20 gig plan(which rides on the Verizon backbone ) it will cost me $20.00 more a month but I get 15 more gigs, a good deal you ask me. The Verizon smart phone is just too costly and I will drop it at some point, and look for something cheaper. I know I won’t have the unlimited data on it no more but with the 20 gig from Millenicom I can do what video I do on the laptop. Maybe for a smart phone, I will look at T-Mobile if they go ahead with plans to drop their subsidized phone contracts and go with cheaper monthly plans (this is rumored to be happening).  Best part of Millenicom is they have no contracts. Not sure how the new plans on T-mobile will work just yet.

Just got done with my stretching, after a 10 mile bike ride. I enjoyed being back on the bike after all the cold weather keeping me from riding. I feel like I have satisfied my need to move, for today. My knees fuss some during the ride, but not to bad after the ride, so hopefully they won’t get to hurting much, later on this evening.

On my second glass of tea for the day, and it sure taste good 🙂  . It is of no matter, next week I will be cutting back to one glass a day. Once off the tea I will give it a month to see if my weight moves any at all, if not I might  allow myself to go back to a couple of glasses a day. I know that I will miss my tea 😦 . First I must break the habit before I can allow myself to start it again, LOL!

It sure has been a fine day, weather wise. Tomorrow promises to be even better. I think I will get out and enjoy some of this fine weather.

Later folks.

Better Weather coming

Hey, this kind of weather just totally upsets us old men and no matter how hard we try not to talk about it, ………. it is to no end, we just must! LOL, been cold as all get out and it is about to break, finally, its about time, thank goodness I say.

Click for larger image
     But hey, just check it out ………. look at them seventies. That’s what I’m talking about!

♪♪♪ It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now, till I am ever so warm again ♪♪♪ LOL

OK I am over my old-man weather talk. Photobucket   I am ………. till tomorrow.

Exercise; I walked down to Jack in the Box again today, about 3 miles round-trip. I may get out and do my  stretching here in a little while, seeing as the wind is not trying to blow the RV away today. OK,OK no weather talk. Tomorrow I may be able to ride the bike in the afternoon, and that would be a good thing.

3pm; Added a little stretching to the day, mostly hamstrings. What do you think …….. is my days just too exciting? Well OK, I won’t over do it, life is good! LOL

About my caffeine/artificial sweetener habit; I am down to two glasses of tea a day now. I am pretty happy with that, and hope to be free of it all in the near future.

Weight/diet; Staying with the program but my weight is staying about the same for now, just under 190 pounds.