Pictures: Just a couple of duck shots from many year ago.

2 Duck 20d_5552

2 Duck 20d _6181

Weather: This morning brings cool temperatures and thick fog. The dampness makes my bone hurt 😦 I dislike humidity! Only another month or so 🙂 and than it will be t-shirts and shorts weather.

Update; The afternoon is just beautiful, sweet!!!

Walk: Tomorrow we will take us a walk with the ranger(Paul) to “The Citadel” I’ll take pictures 🙂 The walk is 3 miles round trip with some hills, should be good exercise.

Night folks

The only one

Weather: It is beautiful for now but the next couple of weeks could be the start of the cold. Over all, Sept is not too bad for weather in this area but Oct could really start to get cold I would think. Looking at the monthly averages it sure looks that way. Here is the monthly  averages for 

September and October, Brrr on October!

Exercise: I am debating that …… o_O

RV repair: I had to replace my fresh water fill receptacle, so I tender that duty today.

The old one.

The new one.


New one_1188

Camp Ground: I am the only one here, all the other sites are empty. Nice 🙂 I do enjoy the peace and quick however I think I would like at least one more RV here for the times when I leave, but for now I have no where to go.

Update 6pm; Another RV did show up, so there is two of us here now.

Night folks


Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.10mi, time: 39:53, pace: 18:58min/mi, speed: 3.16mi/h. For now, my normal morning walk
I don’t know how often I’ll be getting in the big walks or bike rides this summer, but I may be able to sneak in a few later on as the weather gets warmer and I can ride early morning. The 2 miles in the morning and the walking/riding I’m doing while working will be enough, but still I would maybe like a little more now and then.

Weather: The wind has been very persistent this spring and I guess that is normal. The temperatures are right on, just where I like them. The weatherman says we’ll get rain this weekend, it is really needed here, like all of the southwest it is very dry here at Storrie Lake.

Windows 8.1: I think that I now have all the kinks worked out of the computers from the updates. It is not unusual to have things go wrong when a big update comes out. On this computer (the Desktop) it was Firefox and it’s fonts, and on the laptop it was the mouse-settings not staying set. It takes a little while to work out kinks.

Night folks

Mobile Software

Weight 184: Looks like I beat the carbs back a little 🙂 for today? LOL.

Mobile software: I have been playing with Firefox Mobile browser and I’m begaining to get use to it. I have used Dolphin pretty much since I’d had Android but I’m thinking of changing to Firefox just for the benefit of the add-ons. Dolphin don’t have many and I’m finding out that Firefox Mobile has come a long way. The features I’m looking for most are to do with privacy. I found a new add-on for the Mobile and computer that I like a lot and it is ” Self Destructing Cookies”. This add-on eats up the tracking cookies as they are added. I have always use setting to delete cookies when exiting the browser but have never found a way to delete cookies as I get them and this add-on seems to do that, neat. I really like that it works on device and computer both, many of Firefox’s add-ons don’t.

Walk: Only a short one today and a stop in the middle too. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.13mi, time: 01:06:41, pace: 31:18min/mi, speed: 1.92mi/h.

Weather: The temperature is starting to come on now, pretty strong with it making it to near 90°. It is 89° in the RV as I type this. The air is so dry that it don’t feel like it though, and that is a good thing.

Night folks

The big walk

Today I took the red bus for a ride to many of the overlooks. I took a few shots and posted to Flickr, here is a link to my set and I will just be adding to this as I go along.

The plan!

Heads up folks, I will more than likely not be making a post for tomorrow, I will be busy looking at the inside of the Grand Canyon! Wish me luck on this one guys.

I am going to walk down to the river and back tomorrow. About 19 miles with just a little down hill and a little up hill, LOL.

This afternoon I am making my walking bag for my little trip to the river tomorrow. I am trying to stay light while taking the things I need. This is going to be one hellfire big walk folks and I have a little fear of it and at the same time, I can’t wait to tackle it 😯  ! I am no fool and I know that this walk will be very difficult and challenging for my age and condition. I am in the mind-set that this will be the biggest physical challenge I am ever going to face in my older years. I look forward to the challenge while at the same time I have the up-most respect for the difficulty of what I am about to do. I am not scared to death but I do have a healthy amount of fear. I am up to it, but I know I will be digging deep for the last miles up.  Should I get to the bottom and just be unable to start back up or decide for whatever reason I want to stay the night …..  I have a camping permit that I picked up today, this is only in case!  So mind you, I am thinking safety first.

The knees are about to catch hell tomorrow, “sorry knees”  😦 , I’ll take a little “light” pain medication, just in case. Don’t think I want nothing to heavy while on the side of the canyon 😯 !!!!

For those of you who don’t know here on the south side there will be about 5000 feet differences in elevation from rim to river, lots of down and lots of up. The temperature for me tomorrow could range from about 30° in the morning to as high as 85 or 90° at the bottom during the day, a good swing. Temperatures on the river vs temperature on the rim can vary as much as 20°  , so if it is 70° on top it could be 90° on the bottom. Mind you, I have thought about being down at the bottom at night, the temperature could be as low as 50° , so with that in mind I should not need to much to stay warm, just in case. I am not a camper so staying at the bottom will not be my first choice.

OK, enough for today, send me your good wishes folks!


Yet another busy day

This one should hold me for a while ………… I should be able to slow down a little and get back to a nice slow routine again. This morning I went off to have the oil changed on my truck and a few things checked out. Before being stuck at the garage most of the morning (nobodies fault, just busy like all garages, and I like this one) I went and sent my Nexus 7 off to Asus ( the maker of the device) to be repaired. I have no ideal how long this will take. I did this at Fedex and it cost me over $20.00 to send. The last thing I did in town was to pick up a friend and grab some lunch at Windy’s and then stopped at Walmart for a couple of things. At any rate, by the time I got back to the RV and then went out for my walk the day is just about gone. Just a few busy things that needed to be done, now they are 🙂 .

Trying to let all the folks I know around Deming, know that I am back in the area for a short spell.

Looks like we are in for some cool weather here in the Deming Area over the next few days, down in the 30’s at nights, just a bit of a change from AZ, LOL. I don’t think that kind of temperature will last long here in Deming. However the wind will go on for a while. It is always windy here in the spring.

I have a lot of email to catch up on, so I think I will start that now. Later.

Watching Woodpecker

As I sat here blogging I am watching a Gila Woodpecker steal little sips of sugar-water from the humming feeder, a very over-sized Hummer. LOL. I also had a Verdin try for some sugar-water. Maybe later I will put out some seed feeders.

Update 2:30pm; the Gila Woodpecker has come back to the Humming feeder a lot today.

I took a two-mile walk this morning, even if it is my lazy Sunday  🙂  I did not stretch yesterday and I have not today but I will later.

OK, It is now later (yes it is!    😉    )and I have done some stretching. I have a friend that drop me a comment on my blog about her doing some yoga so that got me to thinking more about it all, yoga and stretching. Well………. as it turns out the internet is just full of yoga stuff (never guess that, right?! LOL) and I have found a woman who I like, with her way of teaching it. Here is a link to a start that I am going to try for my old stiff hamstrings. I have watch a few of this lady’s videos and I think I like her way of doing things, she has a ton of these videos. So if you folks don’t hear from me in a while and find my RV park out on the desert with no movement going on ………….. come check on me to be sure I am not tied up in a knot and can’t get loose! OK? Today I just tried the above out a little and maybe tomorrow I will try to make it my main stretch, doing it over maybe 5 times? We’ll see.

Today started out very cold but warm up to an OK temperature. Tonight will be another cold one dropping to 37 according to the weather man, after tonight the nights are only going to drop to about the mid 40s. That won’t be to bad and the days are to be really nice with temperatures coming to near 80°, fine weather.

Weekend ………

It is the weekend and it feels the same as it did all week, not sure if that is good or bad, but it is.

Down here in the desert the temperature is giving us a little break, staying in the low 90°’s. Next month the temperature should start being at a good place with some 8o’s for the high day temperature. I like the 8o° for the day and 60 or so for the nights. Sept and Oct should be the best months to be here in Deming, temperature wise. Man! I must be getting old ………. there I go talking about the weather again LOL!

Update 3:30pm looks like we are a bout to have a storm. That is OK.

Internet/4G; I know I have talked about it for the last two or three days but it sure is nice to have high-speed internet! If you have not read my blog for a couple of days I am talking about Verizon turning on 4G LTE speeds here in Deming. It you are one of the people who use the WiFi here at the Ranch, I don’t think there is much help on that front, if you are a light user the Ranch WiFi is fine. On the other hand if you have Verizon you all good here at the ranch.

Nice time of year

I like this time of year here in lower NM because the weather is just good. The rain has cool things down and the temperature is fine, it will reach almost 90 today but in the dry of the desert it is not too bad.

Work went well yesterday with the day moved by pretty fast, I think that today will do the same.

While reading George blog this morning I see he is talking about shocks and that is something my truck could use. I need to look at prices for shocks. I think I will order my own and then have them installed. I will at least know that I am getting something worth having, unlike the last two I had put on at Bogart’s here in Las Cruces 2 year ago. Those shocks where the best for the shop to make money with and not worth a darn for my truck. Be smart and stay away from this place Bogart’s Towing Service, Las Cruces, NM. Money suckers!!

Weight/Exercise; I am still hanging in there even without getting the exercise I need. I am missing a lot of days on exercise and that is bugging me. I want to get a steady pattern going and keep it going. I am getting maybe three days a week and I need at least four, plus I need to do a lot walking at work and when the park is busy I don’t get out of the office enough to walk much. It is good that the park is busy, keeps me in a job 🙂 , but I like getting out from under the desk for a bit during the day. Maybe today will be more rounded for me. I like to take maybe 5 minutes a day and do a little stretching too and I don’t get to that on many of my days. Need to work harder on exercise and stretching.

Time for work, Later.

Great ride

Had a great ride on the bike today (10 miles) and excellent stretch afterwords. I feel fit …………. all 240 lbs of me, LOL. Maybe tomorrow I will do Google Tracks on my bike ride.

Wow, it is almost hot here in the desert today! The temperature is around 80° today and the sun is shining bright. It has stay pretty warm out in the desert this year and that is way I am here. I think March will get me to moving on to other places when the temperature heats up.

I have been reading about folks who are living out of country (US) and really enjoying life cheaply, is this something I could do and is it something I would want to do??? Big and interesting question, for sure.

Well I think I will do a little more stretching and maybe some cleaning around the RV (it is in need of such) so later.