Western Bluebird again

Pictures: A couple more Western Bluebirds.



Theme : Well okay I think that I am about to settle on this one, “Toujours”. As far I can tell the word is French but I can’t seems to get a solid definition for it. Anyone know this word? Maybe forever or always?

Weather: It has been really nice here temperature wise and will be good for a while yet. I think about moving sometimes but I am enjoying the weather so much. My next move will likely be to an area that is much warmer. The elevation here is almost 7000 feet and the area I am looking at next is only around 4000 feet which will mean a big change in temperature. Weather changes in short distance is a thing that I like about the southwest part of the US, one can drive for a hour and be in a totally different climate, however, temperatures are still hitting near a hundred in the area I’m consider, so I’ll wait a bit.

Data: Looks like I’ll be going over on my data limit 😦 Man, I wish these wireless carries in the U.S. would lighting up on the cost of data. I think maybe there are some trends that feels like it is going to get a little better, I sure hope so.

Photoshop CS2 Free?: If you try the links I give you in a earlier post and didn’t get nowhere you might try this one This one to Adobe with download link and serial #.

Night folks


New theme

Blog update: I am still playing with the themes and I like this one “Scratchpad” except the header is a bit larger than I like and each post don’t have the number of comments or a place to start one ( you have to click the post to leave one or read the others). However, I think I will let this one ride for a bit and see if it grows on me.

Update; back to “Hemingway Rewritten” theme. I like everything about this one except the header image size ….. again! Yes, I can crop the image but the space dedicated to the image remains 😦 Well, when you do free you can’t fuss too much about it all 😉

Update; Now to “Big Brother” theme. Much smaller header image 🙂 and still very open.

Pictures: Today’s pictures are of a Female Black-headed Grosbeak.



Weather: We are getting a hard rain today. We get a little about every day but some days it really comes down and today is one of the “coming down days”.

Exercise: I have been a little lazy for the last two days but today I did get out for a 2 mile walk.

Night Folks


It is about 9 am and I am up and kicking, although not all that high. Life is good. Okay, I am going to get the old dude weather thing over early today : shock:  It is a tad cooler than I like and there is some of that old humidity that I so dislike, all of which gives me a constant little shiver, brr. I always feel cold.

Afternoon 1pm;  Still cool and now overcast, this weather makes me sad! LOL. Say, do you think life is pretty good if all you have to do is to complain about the weather? Okay I feel better now, I can move on to something else in my blog 🙂

I have updated my apps today on Google Play. I had a lot of apps that I no longer used and you can delete them by going to the play store click on show all apps and then hit the x by the apps you no longer want Google to save for you. One needs to do this now and then because after trying out a lot of apps that list gets kind of long. I think I am like most other folks I have a lot of apps but there are only a few that I use a lot.

Also today I have played around with my Android browser ( Dolphin) because the update to Google’s new OS Kit-Kat(4.4) has broken a couple of things in it. Well, let me rephrase that, the Dolphin update for the new OS Kit Kat is what broke the plugins/and other things. One, the pinch-zoom no longer works the same and two, my Lastpass add-on disappeared. Lastpass is important to me so I had to find a workaround. The problem was some old themes I had install for dolphin many moons ago. These where themes I had installed through the Google store and not add-ons, so it took me a while to figure it out. So ….. If you use Dolphin and you have updated and lost your Lastpass addon go to the play store and uninstall any themes for dolphin you have installed, and it will let the Lastpass app work again. The pinch-zoom thing is something I just have to live with because I see no way to get the old way back. After some support help from the folks at Lastpass, they tell me that Dolphin will be getting a new update soon, to fix things.

Exercise; I added a slow walk to my day. I was out for over an hour but just kind of strolling along and taken a few pictures. At least I was moving a bit. I need to move some to help loosen myself up, I get mighty stiff if I don’t keep plenty of movement in my day. I am slowly adding back a little stretching, and it is much-needed. Here is one from my walk.

Night folks