Bird: I found another shot of the Pyrrhuloxia, but it is not very good.
I took this bird picture in Cloudcroff NM. Williamson’s Sapsucker.
Williamson's Sapsucker_6935

Weather: We have clouds and thunder again, so maybe some rain ……

Update 2pm: Finally a good rain and it feels good.

Near 3:30; The rain is still coming 🙂 About 4:15 and the rain has stopped, it was a good rain.

Night folks

So Far, So good

Bird: Last Northern Cardinal for the week.
Cardinal photo CARMR.jpg

Wild flower.
Ky photo WEEDICFK2.jpg

Weather: Nice and cloudy here at noon and a little thunder can be heard off in the distance, maybe we’ll get some rain this weekend yet.

Diet/weight: I am really picking up more and more vegetable and fruits in my diet and I like it, hopefully the scales will too 😐 so far, so good. I have really cut back on red meats too, well pretty much all meats but red meats for sure. I still eat a good bit of chicken and tuna. Added a few beans to my diet too and just a little bit of grains. We’ll see how it goes.

Busy park: It is busy here this weekend lots of folks coming and going. All my RV slots are filled up so not much for me to do but wait till tomorrow when they all hit the road and then it will be cleaning time. Sunday is my busy day.

Night folks

Rain, rain and rain

  The rains that comes just before night fall sure puts a chill on the air. Yesterday evening got right down chilly, I even slept with an extra blanket last night. This morning is coolish too, very overcast and damp feeling. Hopefully we’ll get a few spots of sun here and there today to warm things up a bit. I sure hope so. Just checked the weather again and it looks like the rain could keep going through the weekend 😦   Come on, give me my fair weather, LOL. Guess I’ll just make do.

Need to start going through my winter clothing and see if I have any thing that fits. I have at least a couple pair of pants (blue jeans) that I brought in the last couple of months. I don’t think I have any slacks that I can wear. I have one long sleeve shirt and maybe one sweatshirt that I picked up this week. LOL, yes I am bragging with all my heart!! It is so good to be able to fuss about all my clothes being too big 😉  I think I will go now and weed through some of them and add to the Good Will bag.

Hey, they might be a bit old ( like 6 or 7 years) but I found a couple pair of slacks that fit, LOL. There, that gives me something to feel good about in this old gloomy weather 🙂

Still learning new things about swiping keyboards. I am using the Google keyboard on my nexus 7 and it works very well for me, today I learned that if I double tap the space bar I get a period at the end of my sentences , handy.

Update 9:45am; Little peeks of sunshine making it’s way through the sky 🙂
Update 2, high noon; The rain has set in, it is coming down at a pretty good rate now.

Looks like we’ll about to get a big one, ugly clouds coming this way, lots of thunder and lightning coming with it.

I think tomorrow will be better, later.