Dead app

RIP MapMyWalk: The MapMyWalk app will no longer work on my old Thunderbolt Smartphone 😦 Okay it is time to give up the Thunderbolt. I only use it as a pocket tablet anyways so I guess things will work out. I don’t have a mobile phone because I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous monthly cost to have one, so for a phone I use Verizon Home connect and I kind of like the ideal of leaving the phone at home 🙂 But I do like to have a data connection with me … so some kind of device that I can carry in my pocket is the thing I,m looking for. A smart phone that is not connected to a carrier would do the trick like the Thunderbolt but a newer one that will work with modern apps. For now I just put the MapMyWalk app on my Nexus 7 and stuck it in my back pocket, but I would like a smaller device for that. So ….. I am on the lookout for something that will work. Maybe a iPod or Smartphone of some sort. At any rate I have needed to let the old Thunderbolt go for a while now so now is the time, RIP Thunderbolt!

Exercise: I took a good walk, just to walk off my frustration of not being able to get the MapMyWalk app on the Thunderbolt, and that I did, no more frustration 🙂 I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 5.30mi, time: 02:04:07, pace: 23:25min/mi, speed: 2.56mi/h. A nice walk.

Bird of the week ….? : Okay bird of something …. it is a
Curve-billed Thrasher.
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBThrasher1.jpg
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBthrasher2.jpg

Night folks

Great Walking

There are some good trails to walk on around here and I have enjoyed them too. I walk with my friends some and then I go out for a walk later with just me for some adventure :0  ! I had a great walk this morning and I might add to that later today.

I am enjoying my stay here at Blue Water a great deal, it really helps that I have friends around. The problem with having friends around is, that we do things together and it makes the time just fly by, a nice problem to have …………. I think  😉

I have pull the trigger on the new Air-Card. I order the Millenicom MiFi device (it is the Verizon Jetpack 4620LE) and it has been shipped so I should be getting it mid week or so of next week. After getting it set up and dropping Verizon’s Air-Card, I will only have the Home Connect Phone with Verizon and that will only cost me about $20.00 a month. The MiFi device from Millenicom will run on the Verizon network (Millenicom is a reseller of Verizon Data) and it will cost me $70.00 a month. So with everything, it will cost about $90.00 a month and that is down $40.00 from what I was paying.

Phone ……………  here is what I am doing about a cell phone. I still have my old Thunderbolt and it will still do data on WiFi. OK, as long as I have WiFi (mine or others connections) I can do all the data stuff. I have added Google Voice and Talkatone app and I can make and receive calls from my Thunderbolt! No, it is not as good as a pure cell set up and has to have a data connection ………….. but hey man, the stuff is free!  If I just got to talk with someone and I have to be away from my RV, they will be given my Google Number and I will carry the old Thunderbolt and my new MiFi Jet-pack, and that will allow me to chat, for now. If I come to a point where I feel like I need a cell phone I will get something cheap and just buy minutes. When I was doing all my cell phone needs like that, before the smart phone, it only cost me about $10.00 a month and I talked all I wanted. I am not a big talker and when I want to have a big long-winded conversation in the future I will just wait till I am home in the RV and talk on my new unlimited Home Phone Connect. Maybe this is a long road to save just $40.00 a month but I can use it just now. I will miss my smart phone but I’ll get over it 😯 !

My friends and I plan a trip into the city (Grants) tomorrow and that will give us something to do for a day. Time for everyone to do a little shopping.

Have a good night folks.

4 off, after today

I will have 4 days off now and I look forward to it. Last week I fill in for a lady one day and she got hurt on another day so another lady and I split that day. The other person working in the office is still in training so I help her a little(not Much) on another day. So in my 4 days off I was doing something with the office 3 of them. Maybe this week I can have all my off days to myself.


I am back at the bike riding and this morning I did a shorter ride of 11 miles. I did do about two of those miles at a faster rate just to get the heart going a little. This week I am going to try to do shorter but faster rides on the bike and see how that goes. The long miles are taking a toll on my knees, and I am still trying to find the right combination of distance, speed and number of days to ride.


I am watching the Thunderbolt Forum news closely for the gingerbread update. HTC (the maker of the phone) says it is coming in Sept. They are running out of time. I keep checking for the updates on my phone to, and this morning it is telling me that the service is unavailable. Making me think something is going on. Maybe not.

The morning has flown by and it is time for work, later.

Rested for a week

I have taken a week off my bike riding and I will start back on Monday. Why??? Because my knees got to bothering me a good bit and I don’t want to cause them any more problems! The knees are feeling pretty good now and I think I will be ready to ride come Monday. I will be adjusting my riding pattern in a way that will allow 2 or 3 days off in a roll so that my legs can rest and recover. I am not sure what that will look like just yet but I am thinking on it. We’ll see.


I have gotten into the habit of going to McDonalds every morning. It is not too bad a thing because I eat only a bacon biscuit and if you have ever had one you know that there is no bacon to speak of so I am basic having a biscuit and a drink. The drink is problem the worst of the two because I am having a large diet soda and that can’t be good for the stomach first thing in the morning. I go back and forth on drinking soda and know that it would be better not to drink the stuff.

I think I go more out of being bore and wanting to do something, than going for the food. It fills a hole of time in the morning for me. It would probably be a habit that needs breaking.  LOL. I get a lot of those …….  habits that need breaking!


It is staying hot here in Las Cruces with temperatures running near a 100° every day. We did get a really good rain yesterday afternoon and that help cool things off for a bit. Man I would like to see this heat break.

Internet/ Smartphone news

It looks like I will get to enjoy some high-speed internet before I leave here! Here is the link that says it is coming on 15 Sept! On the smart phone side the Thunderbolt should be getting an update within the next 2 or 3 weeks that will make a nice improvement. So all good tech stuff coming soon!

Where to go next summer

Yesterday morning I was just speaking of rather or not I was going to return here next year ( or that I would like to see and work other places) and  was asked by the owner yesterday afternoon if I was going to return next summer. I told her I did not know. I have enjoyed working here this summer and I don’t think I can find a much better job or better folks to work for. Still I would like to see other places and do other things …………. so it is one of those we,ll see things.

It is time for work, later!

The weekend

The weekend is moving on by pretty fast. I manage to stay busy doing this and that’s around the office and the time melts away. Today will be the same.

This is Saturday and I will not ride the bike today, let the legs take a break.

Baby Computer

I am updating my apps on the smart phone (Thunderbolt) today. The smart phone is just a baby computer that needs all  the time the big computers need LOL. I do love messing with the thing. There should be a OTA (over the air update) coming soon and the update will be GingerBread, it is a OS (operating system)  update and after that I may do a thing call rooting the phone . That is like a hack to the phone that let you do more with the phone them Verizon wants you to do. I like that kind of thing LOL!

Resting today

I am resting from exercise today, no bike ride. I will get a little exercise walking around the camp ground today as I am working but that will be it. I should have plenty of energy to get things done LOL!

Smart Phone

My Thunderbolt downloaded a big update last night and is still working this morning so I guess it went well! Hopefully the update fixed some of the little bugs the phone had. This leading edge tech stuff can be trying sometimes!! I do love it though ……….. LOL.

Air Card

My air-card is doing fair with only a few dropped connections. I still have no back for this card. I have talk with 3 different tech support people and each one has told me they would get back with me but none of them have so far ………………. time to make a fuss?!?!?! No that would not help me and it would just cause me more pain than them. LOL! I will keep at them till I get the back for my card or a new card, one of the two.

Near time for work, Later!

Morning Folks

I have not been blogging a lot for last two days because of my new toy the Thunderbolt, and working the afternoons. I hate the monthly service the new toy comes with but I love the toy. I can check my email or pop on the internet in a flash! I have not got into the Apps just yet. I still need to read a little more about the Thunderbolt and Android apps. I’ll do that when I have time Monday.

Also I need to call Verizon and insure that all the discounts that the kids said I get at the Verizon store are in fact in places at the Verizon billing place, if so I am all set and will keep the service and if not it(the Thunderbolt) will go back.

The Air-card I will keep for sure because I think it works better( a tad faster) than my old one which was one of the first ones out. (USB 720).  Unfortunately I lose my unlimited data with the air-card ( down to 5 GB) which is OK I guess since my average is 4 GB a month. I have been known to go over though and if I do that it will cost me $10.00 per GB. I remember one month that I used 7.5 GB and that would have cost me about 30 dollars more that month if I had not had the unlimited, so it may happen ever now and then. Hopefully not much!!


I want to thank all the readers that stop in on my blog each day. I have notice that the hits are up on my blog and I am somewhat surprised because I don’t think many folks know about my blog and let’s face it I am not the most exciting writer! LOL! No matter ………….. thank you to those that enjoy reading my silly writings!

As I do more and more with the blog I am slowly becoming more open and share more with you. Mind you I will never become as open as some but I try to at least let a little human show. Even though I am gotten to be an old grouch as the years have pass but I still have some of that human stuff left! By human stuff I mean youthful wishing, desires and simple excitement. LOL Yes all you old devils that read this know what I am talking about ………. try hard and you can remember!

Anyways thank for stopping in to read!!


Still have not found the stuff inside me that will make me do some kind of exercise on my off days from the bike. I need some upper body things going on and I don’t think typing counts! I do maybe ride my bike about a mile a day while working but I need upper body. With food I am doing OK for first two meals but I am still losing it on the evening meals. I am eating better foods but still a bit too much food. Slow changes …………. will be a winner in the end, I am getting a start on it. Mind you, I will never say that I am on a diet but I am going to change my eating habits. Much different!

OK I will now spend some time cruising the net and then off to work, so everyone have a great day and I ‘ll be back tomorrow with more none-sense!