My Workout

I didn’t much think I would walk today after yesterday’s big walk but I found myself wanting a short walk this morning and the knees where okay with it, so I did a little walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi/// time: 42:29/// pace: 18:35min/mi/// speed: 3.23mi/h. Maybe I will take tomorrow off.
Update, late in the day my knees are feeling the walks, so yes, tomorrow will be a off day to give them their due respect.
Here is last week walking’s totals.
6 workouts
5 routes
29.5 miles
10.0 hours
3,338 kCal burned From what I have read these Kcal are about the same as a calorie.

This morning started out as gloomy as it could be, but it has now progress into a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and a nice warm temperature 🙂 The weather this winter has been just the best and I have enjoyed it greatly. I sometimes think about wintering in TX but I sure would not like to give up this fine weather.

Night folks