Walk today

Pictures: A couple of Killdeer shots.

Killdeer 20d _8765

Killdeer 20d_0648

Weather: The last two days have not been the best weather (little cool) but still not as bad as I expected. It is raining a bit today too.

Update; It set in raining about noon and has not stopped at near 8pm.

Exercise: I did get out and walked for about 2.5 miles. My app don’t track well without data connection, so no tracking.

Night folks


Cool Saturday

Cool Saturday, yes today is a cool one, so winter is coming to the desert. I have not gotten out for my exercise just yet but I will take a walk a little later and I may give the stretching a break for the weekend. Don’t like the cool morning much but at least it is not freezing temperatures.

2:45 PM  OK I got my walk in and it was about 3 miles or so. I did a little stretching but not a lot but I am OK for today. Tomorrow will be lazy Sunday so I will give the old body a rest.

Check the tracking on my Windows 8 copy and it is setting in Las Cruces. I hate that, LOL. I can’t play till Monday!

Birds; Had a fellow pull in beside me who is a birder and a photographer, so I got to talk a little birding, that was nice. By the way the Bird of the Week has been updated.